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There is a beehive at my neighbors house so I see A LOT of bees.

Theme: Bee
Rating: K
Status: None

"Beast Boy!"

"What? What's the matter Cy?" asks Beast Boy as he runs in the kitchen, but then stops in mid run as he sees his covering teammates under the kitchen table.

"Uh, am I missing something?"

"Get that thing away from here!" Robin says trying to make it sound like a firm order. But it sounded more like an urgent plea.

"Yes friends, please remove the monstrosity." says Starfire, hiding behind Robin's cape.

"What they said." Says Raven in monotones voice but with a tab bit fearful eyes, trying to hide behind Cyborg's bulky form.

"What are you talking abou-" Beast Boy stops as he sees the 'monstrosity' on the counter.

"Seriously guys, a bee? You all are afraid of a small bee?" Beast Boy asks with 'are you kidding me' face.

"Yo man no bee is stinging me tonight."

"You're most metal! Where is it going to sting you?"


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