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Chapter 23


I ran out to meet Caius. He had two vampires with him.

"Welcome Alpha. I assume since you are here that Jane and Alec failed. I am impressed."

I phased human. I didn't want to but I needed to talk to this guy.

"I assume you are Caius. You have come to try to destroy my tribe."

"No, I have come to destroy your tribe. I do hope you put up a good fight. I didn't travel all this way for you to lie down and die easy."

He had a baby face. He looked like an arrogant, spoiled brat.

"So you brought, what? Twelve vampires with you? Not very confident of your own abilities are you?"

"If you mean, am I ignorant enough to take on a pack of Wolves by myself, then no I am not."

"So you are the alpha of this group?" Behind my I heard the sounds of battle. Jake and Sam were behind me. That must mean the Cullen's and the rest of the packs were engaging.

"Yes, Yes I am."

"Then it is only fitting we battle each other, wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes." He smiled. He wanted this as badly as I did. The difference was he was here to have fun. I was protecting those I loved.

"I should warn you, that I have killed thousands of Wolves in the past thousand years. But not so many in the past hundred years. The opportunities don't come often. I won't make this fast."

"I will. Keep your men out of this."

"Of course."

The vampires started to leave. I suppose to join the battle. I was about to order Sam and Jake to attack when two vampires came flying in and attacked Caius's two. A blonde male and a blonde female. I had a suspicion these were Jasper's "Assets". I turned to Sam and Jake.

"Go. Protect La Push. I got this."

They stared at me and didn't move.

"Go! Now. That's an order."

They turned and left howling as they ran. I turned to face Caius and saw that his vampires had gone off into the woods, presumably with the two vampires that attacked them. I heard trees crashing. Must be them.

"So why don't you turn into a wolf so we can get this started."

I probably should have but all I could think about was my mother's words. Not every problem can be solved by turning into a big damn wolf.

I reached down to my leg and put on the shorts I had strapped around my ankle.

"Nah. I'm good. Let's do this."

"Uhm I'm confused. How are we going to fight if you don't turn into a wolf? I told you I didn't want you to lie down without a fight."

He moved within inches of my face. Everything screamed at me to phase and destroy him. But he had the advantage in fighting wolves. He knew our moves. But he didn't know these moves.

I hit him in the jaw with an uppercut and watched him fly back. He was on his feet in a second.

"Maybe you didn't know this but unlike the wolves Carlisle told me about. We are still strong in our human forms."

"Excellent. I enjoy fighting vampires as well. And I have never lost. This should be entertaining. The best of both worlds."

He moved forward and hit me in the face. I flew back but was able to get my feet on a tree trunk and spring back at him. I guess he wasn't expecting me to move that quickly and I was able to tackle him. He moved to bite me and I rolled off. We circled each other.


"Wish I could say the same. I've fought better than you. Maybe you have been in that castle sitting on your ass for too long."

He got angry as expected and charged only to be met with my arm. I wrapped around his neck and tried to twist his head. That wasn't going to work. He bent over and sent me flying into another damn tree. I couldn't get my feet there first this time and hit with the small of my back. I stood up and felt his fist in my face. Fucker is strong. He dropped me to my knees. I swept his leg. He fell but was up in a second. He threw me to the ground about twenty feet away. I stood up slowly. I felt blood in my mouth. I stared at him walking towards me.

"Wish you would have changed now don't you? I would have waited."

I swung and missed and he grabbed me by my throat. He lifted me off the ground. I had him just where I wanted him.

No really I did.

"How long does it take the werewolves to change where you come from?" I asked him using what breath I had left.

"About two minutes. It is quite disgusting to watch."

"Yeah? Well it takes me about half a second."

His eyes widened but I didn't see them for long. I phased and was standing on two legs towering over him. I was out of his grasp and I saw the top of his skull. And I bit. Hard.

His head came off rather easily. I threw it as far from his body as I could. His body dropped and I began pulling off the pieces. I didn't have a fire so I tossed them as far away as I could. A fire could be built later. I ran towards La Push. Mom was right as always. Some problems can't be solved by turning into a big damn wolf.

But some problems could.


"What is going on Esme? I know you are getting texts from Alice."

"The fighting is heading into La Push. Embry is fighting Caius."

"On his own?"

"Yes." She whispered.

Have faith in him Bella. At least I knew I would die if he did. And we didn't come this far to die.

"What about the people of La Push? The Elders?"

"I don't know Bella. Things are to fluid right now. Some houses have been destroyed but it isn't known if people were in them."

People were possibly hurt. I could help them. They would need help.

"Carlisle has a medical bag right? In his car?"

"Yes Bella. Why?"

"Stay here with the imprints Esme."

She was on me in a second.

"I will tie you up if you attempt to go there Bella."

"Those are my people Esme."



"No. I will not let you Bella."

"You can't stop me. I'm a grown woman. I will damn sure do as I please."

"The fuck you will!"


"Uh Esme. Did you just say…"

"Yes, and I am very sorry Bella. But I will not allow you to go there."

"Esme, I have too. And you know you would do the same if you were in my shoes. Now I have to go."

I turned around and began running to the door. I knew she could catch me if she wanted to. But to her credit she didn't. I heard her say "Please don't." I felt horrible. But this had to be done. I belonged there. I knew it. I didn't know why. But I did. I guess I would find out. I jumped in Carlisle's car. I looked in the back and saw the medical bag, or the Bella bag as he liked to call it. I hoped I wouldn't need it today. But I had a feeling I would.

Leah POV

There were fucking leeches everywhere. Apparently Embry told us two more had joined with red eyes but they were on our side. We should make these people wear shirts and skins. I had enough to worry about without giving someone friendly fire. I was currently in front of my house where my Dad being the idiot that he was, refused to leave. Jake was fighting vampires in front of his father's home. Paul was a war machine tearing everything he could get his teeth on to pieces. Embry and Sam were engaged in battle against two leeches. Houses were on fire. Smoke was rising everywhere and I didn't think it was vampires burning. Except for that one. Jasper just threw one into the fire. Pieces of him anyway. Into a house on fire. I was standing guard with Seth. A leech attacked him out of nowhere and I jumped on him. We had torn the leech to pieces within seconds. I would have given him a high five if I could have until I heard it. A gasp. Wheezing. And then nothing. From inside my house.

"Stay phased Seth. Protect the house."

I phased human and rushed in, throwing my shorts and shirt on as I moved. Dad was on the ground clutching his chest. He looked blue. I sniffed for a leech nearby but this wasn't a leech. This was a heart attack. He stopped breathing. I felt for a pulse and there wasn't one.

"Daddy? Please wake up?" Oh God I was losing it.


I turned around and through my tears I saw Bella.

"Leah where are the elders? Oh shit!"

"Bella! He's not breathing."

Bella ran out of the house. Dammit, don't leave me. And then she was back. She had a large bag with her.

"There isn't a pulse Bella!"

"Start CPR Leah." She was calm. I could be calm.

"I don't know how…"

"Chest compressions Leah. Anybody that has ever watched a TV show set in a hospital knows how. Start now."

I began counting. I couldn't remember when to stop.

"Bella when do I stop?"

"Don't stop!" She placed an oxygen mask over his face with some kind of rubber balloon behind it.

"Use one hand for compressions. You are strong enough. Use your other hand to squeeze this ball every five seconds."

She was ripping open packages so I did what she said.

"Stop compressions for a second Leah and let me check for a pulse."

I did as I was told and saw her feel his neck. She cursed and placed these two large stickers on his chest attached to some machine.

"What are you doing Bella?"

"Don't touch him Leah."

She pressed a button and my Daddy jerked. I heard another whining sound and she said clear. Then my Daddy jumped again. Then I heard it.

His heartbeat. It was slow but it was there. I saw his chest rise and fall.

"Keep the oxygen mask on him Leah, but don't squeeze. Let him breathe on his own. If he starts to slow down do it again."

"What now?"

"Carry him to Carlisle's car parked outside. You are going to have to drive us in to Forks Hospital while I monitor him in the backseat. Now go."

We walked outside and I saw hell. Houses were on fire. But the Cullens were surrounding a couple of leeches. The Pack was surrounding a few leeches. It seems we had the numbers. Seth howled when he saw us walk out. We didn't have time to stop.

I got Bella in and Dad lay out in the back and took off. I saw the Cullens tear up one vampire before I drove off.

We were doing just fine until I saw a flash coming up the road. Oh shit.


I saw her before we felt her. She hit the car on the passenger side and knocked us out of the road. Leah hit the side windshield and shattered it. It looked like it dazed her. The vampire got into the front of the car and stopped it. I'm guessing with one hand. I checked on Harry and he was still breathing. Barely. The door was opened and I was jerked out by my neck. I swear I am going to have cervical spine issues later in life. If there is a life. I looked up and saw I was in the grasp of a pretty blonde vampire. She was not smiling.

"Guess what Bella Swan?" You are my ticket out of here. It was nice of you to show up."

"Yep. That's me. Missus nice." I whispered. That was about all I could do since her cold hand was on my windpipe.

She threw me over her shoulder and was about to take off when suddenly we were surrounded. By Cullens and Wolves. Guess we won.

"Back off! She comes with me. When I get far enough away I will leave her. You try to kill me and I promise I will snap her fucking neck before any of you make a move."

Oh shit. This was not good. How did I get here? In the clutches of a sadistic little bitch who currently had her hands around my neck, surrounded by growling wolves and growling Cullens. A few days ago I was enjoying my honeymoon. It was a great time. There was sun, sand, a lot of sun screen applied all over by Embry so I didn't get third degree burns, water, sex, more sex, sex in new positions, sex in new places with new costumes. A lot of sex. Exactly the way a Honeymoon should be. So how did I get here? Oh yeah. I'm an idiot who doesn't listen and thinks she is invincible. Although recent history has proven I can survive some pretty extraordinary crap. I hope my luck holds.

"I don't believe for one second you are going to let her live Kate." Carlisle said, stating the obvious.

"You willing to take that chance Cullen?"

"Take me. I will go with you." I heard Embry say.

"Hell no. You killed Caius. I saw it. You stay the hell away from me."

I looked over and saw Jasper staring at her.

Her grip was loosening.

"Stop Jasper…"

"Calm down Kate. It will be all right. You can trust us. We have no problem with you. No quarrel. Let Bella go. There is no need for more violence. You can trust me. Nobody wants you hurt. We just want this over."

"You killed my family."

"That doesn't mean you have to die." Good point Jasper.

"You…you won't hurt me?"

"Of course not Kate. But only if you let Bella go. If you hurt her I will hunt you to the ends of the earth. There will be no place you can hide. You know what I am capable of Kate. You know you can't hide from me forever. Let her go Kate. Let her go."

"You swear it Jasper? You swear on your honor that you won't kill me?"

"I swear it Kate." Her grip loosed and I ran. I was going to run into Embry's arms until Paul stopped me.

"There. Now I want to leave."

"That's going to be a problem Kate." Jasper said smiling.

"You gave your word Jasper."

"And I will keep it. I am not going to kill you. I can't speak for Embry though."

I saw Kate look in a panic at Embry who had already leaped at her. She tried to grab him with her hands but it was too late. He ripped her head off.

"Carlisle! Leah's dad is in the back. We need to get him to a hospital. He had a heart attack. We got him back but his pulse is weak and his breathing is shallow."

Carlisle didn't ask questions. He reached into the back seat. Harry was still breathing. Carlisle took off. Leah came too and took off after her with Seth and Sam. I collapsed on my ass. My throat was sore. Soon enough I found myself in Embry's arms.

"What are you doing here?"

"I had to come."

"You know you saved his life? I'm so proud, but baby you had me so scared."

He wrapped me in his arms and it felt like home. But something was nagging…

"Shit. We need to check on the others! Give me a ride. Carlisle is gone and I'm the only one with medical training. Get me into the town."

Quil walked up and I jumped on his back. We ran to downtown La Push and saw destruction everywhere.

"Sam, Jake, go start fires. The rest of you pick up the pieces of leech and burn them all." Embry instructed the Pack.

"We have to get these fires out." I said staring.

"Forks fire department is on their way." He said whispering in my air.

I turned towards our house and my heart fell. A body was in front of it. On the ground. I ran but I knew it was too late.

"Bella don't." He closed his arms around me.

"Stop it Embry." At least that's what I think I said. I got out of his grasp. Actually he let me out. And there was my Quilly. His eyes were closed and he had a smile on his face. I fell to my knees. He was dead. He was still warm. I started CPR. At least I tried to. But Embry and Jarrod stopped me. I knew it was too late. They knew it was too late. Quil was crying. I heard him wailing. No that was me. I laid my head on his chest and cried so hard I thought my heart was going to burst. I couldn't breathe. I was hyperventilating. Embry was holding me and I felt other arms. I didn't know whose. But the warmth calmed me down. I saw Quil by his body and I bent over and hugged him. We held each other tight. But it wasn't going to make my Quilly come back. He walked into a house of vampires for me. And now he was dead. I laid down and him and placed my head on his chest. And I cried. I didn't know if I would stop.


The funeral of Old Quil was difficult. It was hell. Bella hadn't stopped crying in days. She would stop and then the smallest thing would set her off. Something in the house. Something that was said. The house was full of memories but she said she would never leave it. She wouldn't abandon his gift, ever.

Quil and Theresa were wrecks. It was the most solemn affair I have ever been too. Everybody loved him. But Bella…Bella needed him. I talked to Mom about this and she told me that Bella would have to learn to deal with grief and not drink. I didn't know if she was ready. Mom wasn't sure either. Both of us kept a close eye on her. And we both agreed not to interfere. It was her battle to fight. All we could do is be at her side.

La Push was basically destroyed. The gas pipeline story covered the house fires. Billy Black was considered a hero for ordering the evacuation. There is a fucking irony if I ever heard one. He tried to talk to me once more and I told him to go fuck himself. My family didn't need him. And he abandoned us. He didn't want us. End of story.

The houses that were burnt though held many memories that couldn't be replaced. But the houses could. A large disaster relief fund was set up. Since there was no natural disaster and it wasn't actually something we wanted the government to know about the relief fund was funded by the Cullens. They wouldn't take no for an answer and none of us could think of a reason to tell them no. Houses were being built in record time all over La Push. The clinic was also being rebuilt It got some wholes knocked in it when Emmett Cullen threw a vampire through it. It was now structurally unsound and what remained had to be torn down.

Harry Clearwater lived. Bella saved his life. Leah couldn't stop hugging her every time she saw her. Seth too. Bella would just remind Leah that she was the reason Bella was even there to do it. Funny how life works like that sometimes. Harry is recovering nicely. He will not be eating fried fish anymore. Or fried anything. But he is alive. And that is all that matters.

Bella. I would like to say that Bella took it all like a champ. And if this was a magical world where good always conquers evil with no casualties I would. But Bella still had nightmares. And she wouldn't eat. And she started smoking again. She put on a smile when others were around but I was scared for her. I felt her emotions and they were dark. I found her on the cliff. Looking out at the waves far below.

"I'm not going to jump if that is what you are worried about."

I guess she felt me near.

"Never crossed my mind. But you are clumsy."

She laughed. I walked up behind her. She was sitting cross legged on the ground. And in between her legs was a bottle of Jack Daniels. It was unopened.

"Want to have a drink with me?"

"Nope. Alcoholism runs in my family."

She didn't say anything. Just went back to staring at the waves. I wish I knew what was going on in her mind.

"I'll love you no matter what Bella. If you want to drink, it will hurt me to see you hurting yourself but I will love you. I will always love you. I'll leave you alone now. Just don't…trip."

I turned to walk away. This was her battle. I walked to the tree line. I knew I should give her space but she really is clumsy and I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

She stood up. She stared at the bottle in her hands. And she threw it in the ocean. Then she pulled out a pack of cigarettes and threw them after them. She started walking towards me. I couldn't move. I felt like crying.

"Where are you going?"

"To work. Carlisle is overseeing the construction of the clinic and I told him I would help him. Then I am going to a meeting. Then I am going home to cook dinner for us. I need to eat. Training starts back up tomorrow morning. You going to swim with me?"

"If you want me too."

"I always want you baby." She kissed me. I kissed her. I could stay like this forever. But she stopped.

"Time for that later. You want to come to the clinic? We could use some strong backs."

"Yeah. That would be…"

"Cool. I know." She was laughing. I loved her laugh.

"I'm not letting them beat me Embry. Not again. Today is an open meeting. You want to come with me?"

"More than anything."

"Then let's get to work."


I was lying with my husband in our bed. It felt so good. I hadn't drank. I hadn't smoked anymore. I was eating. I survived again. I started running again. As long as I kept my mind busy and my body busy I was okay. But I had a ways to go. I needed to learn to relax. Quilly had taught me some meditation exercises. It was time to put them into practice.

I drifted off to sleep in my husband's warm arms. I woke up to a cold room. I knew I was dreaming. But it didn't make it any less real.

"Hello Edward."

"Hello my love. I have missed you."

"I'm not your love Edward."

"I see more people have died because of you."

"Not as many as you have killed I suppose."

"Oh but those were yours too. You should have taken me back. I could have taken you away from all this and nobody would be hurt. We would have lived forever."

"Nobody lives forever. At least in this world."


I don't know what he was about to say. Because Old Quil walked up behind him and hit him with a staff. And then continued to beat him on the ground. And then Edward was gone.

"Quil what are you doing here?"

"I told you little Swan. I had your back in case these bloodsuckers tried to pull anything. I won't let them get you."

"But your dead."

He laughed. God I missed hearing that.

"There is no death little one. Only life. You won't dream of these creatures any longer. I won't let you. I see them around and I will hit them with my stick. Don't worry little Swan. I got your back."

"Thank you Quil."

"That's what I'm here for." He smiled at me.

"Will I see you again?"

"I will stop in from time to time. But you have a life to lead. And when this plane of existence is over for you and Embry I will be waiting here on the other side. But you have a long, long time to go before then. You have many great things to do. People to save, children to have, leeches to hang out with…"


"I know, I know. They helped out. But seriously Bella. I will be waiting here for you two when your times come. It won't be soon but you will love it here when you get her. People are big fans of yours on this side."

"I have fans?"

"You're not as big a deal as I am but you are very popular. Especially for a pale face. I will check on you soon. I love you little Swan."

"I love you too Quilly."

My eyes opened as the words left my mouth.

"Baby? You having a dream?"


"Was it a nightmare?"

"No. No it wasn't. I won't be having any of those any longer." I smiled and cuddled closer in his arms. It felt good to be wanted.


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