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This is an AU, obviously.

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"Kise!" someone shouted. "Kise, no!"

He didn't care, he didn't listen. He gripped the shotgun tighter, sweat dripping down his forehead. His once shining golden hair was mushed with blood and mud. He wasn't trembling. He was standing as a rock, his eyes on the target.

"Leave him alone." His voice sounded harsh, dead cold.

"No, god damnit, Kise, run, now!" a voice erupted from a tanned man. He was pinned to the ground by seven guys, on the verge of life and death.

"Leave him," Kise growled. "Leave him, or I'll kill all of you."

The man standing next to his gang chuckled lightly. "You might try," he said, smiling. "But I highly doubt you would succeed without killing your friend."

Kise gulped down and inhaled. He slowly backed his hand away. The man was watching him, his smile broadening with every move Kise made. He thought he's giving up. What a pathetic human being.

Kise's attention was fixed on Aomine. Those blue eyes, staring at him in disbelief, anger and defeat. Kise mouthed 'sorry' and pointed the gun to his head.

"If you don't let him go, I will shoot myself." Kise said and the man's eyes widened. "And poof goes your plan, huh, Akashi?"


He was injured.

He held onto his bleeding arm and spit some blood on the ground. He had to reach his destination.

"Get your stupid ass together, for fucks sake, Kise," he mumbled and concentrated on sobering his mind.

He lumped a block and decided to rest for a second. He could already see the house he needed to get into, but the pain in his arm got worse. He gritted his teeth and leaned to a wall. Swearing silently, he huffed some air out of his lungs and inhaled again. It hurt a lot. He wasn't used to pain. Or getting shot, at that matter.

He rubbed his arm as if it would get better and moved forward.

One step.

Two steps.

Three steps.


Keep going, keep going, keep going, Kise.

He was almost at the door when dizziness shot straight through his head and he fell. Kise felt like it was an eternity, like he was floating on air. When he hit the ground, it felt like he was landing on soft cotton filled pillows. He smiled.

And the world went black.

Aomine was walking back to his home and carrying a bag of groceries.

He seemed perfectly normal, dressed in a suit and his hair was cut in a way that emphasized his face features. He had just finished work at a company he had a job in. Being the ace of their bodyguard force meant Aomine had a lot of money, so there is the answer to the suit question.

The suit itself was Giorgio Armani, one of the best ones on the market. Aomine was muscular and lean, so the suit matched his body type perfectly. Naturally, it would be strange to see a rich man like him walking and not driving a Ferrari, but Aomine liked the fresh air in the evening. He left his car at work and stopped by a little grocery store, picked up some fruit and refreshments such as wine and brandy. He admired his little neighborhood. It was silent and reminded nothing of his past life.

Not until he reached his house.

At first, nothing was out of place. He hummed a silly tune under his breath while fiddling with his keys, but then he felt something in the air. Suspense and literal paranoia caught in his chest, he slowly approached the house. He looked around – no thieves, no people, no dogs, no nothing-

Something was lying outside his door.

He noticed blood - a lot of it. And the boy, no, man, was strangely familiar from the back. He approached him and saw the man's back heaving up and down. Great, he was still alive. Aomine frowned in disgust and his paranoia vanished. He wasn't afraid of it. Aomine was used to things like this. Blood and guys knocked out cold were a daily activity.

"Huh –," he hushed and a loud grumble came out of the lying man's mouth. Aomine leaned in to see who it was and felt a tingle of utter fear running down his spine.

He knew exactly who this man was.

His whole world came crumbling down, all these years of preserving himself from the memories that haunted him, from his own feelings, everything died the second he saw the face of the man.

Kise Ryouta.

Aomine was frozen in his place, unable to breathe or think. Kise was deeply injured, as the blood was oozing from a wound in his arm. He was in a lot of pain, Aomine concluded through his foggy mind. He was struggling to decide what to do, but he couldn't just leave the blond man lying next to his door. He couldn't drag him away and forget about him now that he turned up without notice. Aomine rubbed his forehead. He was scared, so scared. He didn't want his world upside down again.

Kise felt light-headed. He thought that dying wasn't so bad after all. He could remember the swift comfortable fall, the sudden freedom from pain and desperation.

He felt something sting his arm.

Kise woke up and screamed in pain.

"Shush, jesus!" someone pushed a cloth into Kise's mouth and muffled the sounds he let out. Kise was terrified, his heart was beating like crazy, about to jump out of his chest.

Another sting and Kise had tears in his eyes. His vision blurred and the only thing he could see was blue hair bobbing up and down. The pain was excruciating. Kise couldn't concentrate on anything in particular, mainly because the stinging got worse by the second. He lost his mind and everything went blank.

The second time Kise opened his eyes, he found himself covered in white sheets, feeling warm and cosy. He could feel the little loops of pain radiating from his arm, but he barely noticed them anymore. All he could see was the room he was crashing in.

It was very neat and bright and it reminded Kise of the photoshoots he used to have in big and rich houses. He tried remembering more, but his head hurt like hell. He laid his head onto the pillow and slept again.

"Wake up." a voice said right next to his ear. Or so Kise thought. He lifted his eyelids and looked directly into dark blue eyes. Kise felt surprised and heat traveled into his cheeks. Suddenly, he remembered what happened. He got shot and rushed to a house he knew would welcome him, no matter the past the owner and he had. Kise smiled and reached for the tanned man's face. Aomine Daiki. As beautiful as ever. Kise had tears in his eyes, but stopped his hand midway. Aomine wasn't looking at him with care or peace. It was the look of anger. Fury. Disappointment. Kise stopped smiling.

Aomine was holding a bowl of steaming hot soup. He scooped some of it with a spoon and brought it up to Kise's lips. Kise sipped obediently. That's how the ritual went for about fifteen minutes. Kise didn't let his gaze down from Aomine, who was concentrated only on picking the spoon up and down to the soup. Kise's throat was burning from not eating for god knows how many days. He needed to think about what happened, but now his mind was occupied with the blue haired man only. Kise looked at Aomine's muscular arms, remembering how he used to cling to them. He breathed Aomine's scent in, so different from everything he ever smelled. He longed for an embrace, just like old times, but the look on Aomine's face told him not to even think about it.

When the soup was finished, Aomine got up and put the empty bowl on a little desk. He lingered for a moment and turned to Kise.

"I don't fucking care how you got shot," he opened his mouth. "I don't want to know what you were doing limping all the way to my house."

Kise gulped down his saliva and pleaded for an explanation with his eyes.

"I'm going to take care of the wound for as long as it takes, but don't you ever expect anything else from me," Aomine started walking toward the door. "You're nothing to me. Nothing."

Kise clutched the sheets and lowered his head. He knew this was a bad idea, but he didn't know what else to do. It wasn't his fault. He needed Aomine at this particular moment. He knew he would have to walk out of this house when he healed, but then what? He'll get killed. Maybe he was better off this way.

"Once you're healed, I will call Kagami and he'll take you," Aomine said while opening the door.

"No!" Kise shouted and immediately shut up.

Aomine glanced back and Kise could see the interest in his eyes. But then he saw nothing. Hollowing nothing.

"No," Kise breathed out. "When I heal, I'll get out by myself. It's alright."

Aomine nodded and closed the door behind him.

"Thank you," Kise said, but silence met his words.

Kise was hurting. He brought his knees up and hugged them, crying quietly because of his actions in the past. Nothing was the same anymore. Even the person he once loved so much has turned his back on him.

He wished he was dead.

He truly wished he was dead.

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