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Aomine touched Kise's shoulder and he jumped on his seat, alarmed. Aomine shushed him almost in a second and Kise's eyes filled with tears again.

They were parked in front of a little hotel Aomine knew no one would find for a while. He woke Kise up, so it wouldn't look strange seeing him carry Kise on his back.

"I'm here," Aomine said and Kise didn't answer.

They climbed out of the car and Kise waited until Aomine payed for three nights in the hotel. Fortunately, Aomine was rich, so he got two king sized beds – one for him and one for Kise. They climbed up the stairs (for the hotel was only four stories high) and Aomine lead Kise to the hotel room they booked.

Aomine opened the door with a magnetic card, and showed Kise to go in first. So he did.

The hotel room was basically a small flat. It had two rooms and a kitchen, one bathroom and a little hall. Aomine closed the door after himself and followed Kise with his eyes. The blond ran to the bathroom without a moment's wait.

He didn't close the door, so Aomine walked in and found him hunched over the toilet. He was trying to gag, clearly feeling sick enough to empty his stomach. Aomine rinsed a towel with cold water and waited until Kise was done with his problem. He handed him the towel and Kise thanked him, wiping his face and his mouth.

Kise stood up, leaned over to the sink and washed his mouth. Aomine didn't seem to be disgusted by his ex-lover's weak moment. Kise was grateful.

Kise looked over to Aomine, who was leaning to the door and eyeing Kise.

"Come on," he said, his voice low. "Let's get you to bed."

Kise closed his eyes for the moment and nodded.

They went to one of the bedrooms and found a double bed with white sheets. There was a little mind on top of the pillow, but Kise took it and put it on the nightstand. He jumped onto the bed and covered himself with that glorious white. Aomine helped him get comfortable and was about to leave, when he felt something tugging his shirt.

He looked back and saw Kise's eyes from the covers.

"Don't go," he pleaded and Aomine stood there for a few moments, feeling deep regret that Kise had to endure this life.

For once, Aomine didn't mock Kise. Without a single word, he climbed into the bed and brought Kise close to him, wrapping his arms around him, drawing the pain away. The blond clung to him as if he was his lifeline. It wasn't until Kise felt secure enough to sleep did he actually close his eyes.

Aomine felt Kise slowly drifting off to sleep, so he took the time to understand what was happening between them. The way he felt about Kise was not normal. He was so scared to lose him in the ruins, he wasn't even sure what he would have done if he found Kise dead, instead of Murasakibara.

He inhaled the sweet scent of Kise, enjoying every bit of it. He knew he would be there for Kise, even though he still felt hurt as hell by the fact Kise betrayed him once. He didn't give a shit that Kise slept with Akashi. He just needed his old Kise back, not this depressed and lonesome creature in his hands.

Eventually, Aomine nuzzled his head on the pillow and followed Kise's path. He fell into a dreamless sleep.

Aomine suddenly felt his throat burn. He opened his eyes and had to get used to the darkness surrounding him. He felt Kise breathing calmly next to him. Apparently, they both liked their distance while sleeping, so Kise just rolled over, still holding on to Aomine's hand.

Aomine coughed silently and unraveled himself from Kise. The blond immediately crouched into a ball, as if he felt cold. Aomine climbed out of the bed, and found his way to the kitchen. He poured himself a large glass of water, gulped it and felt his throat getting better. He looked at the time – the clock showed it was only three a.m.

Aomine filled the glass again and decided it was best to go back to Kise's room. He missed the warmth that kept Aomine sane for this night.

When he walked into the room, he saw Kise lying on his back, sleeping, but his face was lit by the dim lights from lamps outside. Aomine stopped in his tracks and his heart fluttered. He has never seen a person as beautiful as Kise. He was like an angel fallen from heaven. His blond hair was half covering Kise's sleeping eyes, his chest was rising and falling with ease. Aomine moved closer and took a good look at his ex-lover.

Then, he had a craving. Kise's lips never looked softer than in this moment. Aomine slowly moved onto the bed and stared at the blond. He inhaled and inched his face closer to Kise. He lingered there, admiring Kise's scent. It was so true, so real, that he felt like he could just sit here forever. Until, of course, Kise inhaled louder. Aomine's head felt dizzy and he couldn't take it anymore. He moved forward and pressed his lips to Kise's. He tasted like honey and home. Aomine leaned back, his face unchanged, but his heart thumping hard in his chest. He decided he needed to try it again, just once, and then he could go back to never touching Kise again. He wanted to make sure… So he drew their lips together, holding his hand on Kise's chest for additional feeling.

That's when Aomine felt movement and found Kise kissing back. It was just butterfly kisses, but it lit a fire like no other in Aomine's heart. He opened his eyes and saw Kise's closed ones. Something wasn't right.

Kise pushed Aomine on his back, ravishing the tanned one's mouth. Aomine gained full access to Kise's lips, their tongues attacking one another, tasting the saliva. They couldn't seem to stop. Aomine wanted more, he needed more of Kise. Kise tangled his his hands in Aomine's hair and Aomine's hands ended up beneath Kise's shirt. He hear Kise moan into Aomine's mouth and a hotness erupted in his whole essence just like a breath of air in a place with no oxygen to save his life. Kise demanded more.

"Aominecchi," Kise breathed out and Aomine bit Kise's bottom lip. Kise grinded to Aomine and the tanned one groaned in approval.

Kise opened his eyes and froze. Aomine looked at him in question and saw Kise's eyes widening. The blond blushed furiously and jumped off of Aomine.

They were both panting, still feeling the aftershock of their passion. Kise kept staring at Aomine.

"Am I dreaming?" Kise asked. "I must be dreaming."

Aomine shook his head and licked his lips nervously. He sat up and moved farther away from Kise. The blond looked down and saw his shirt wrinkled up, exposing parts of his skin. Aomine's hair was staring at different directions, reminding him of a kitten in a storm.

Kise fixed his shirt and his hair. Aomine coughed and wiped his lips.

"I'm sorry, I thought this was a dream," Kise apologized and covered his eyes. "Oh my god, this is so stupid."

Aomine was about to say something, when Kise rose up and was about to leave the room. He still felt the heat of Kise on his lips. Aomine understood that Kise couldn't be all by himself at a time like this. He killed a man. He would be miserable alone. He made a decision already.

"It's alright," he said and Kise turned to look at him. "Come back to bed. You can't be alone."

"Are you sure?" Kise said, nervously tugging his shirt.

"I won't touch you again, so let's talk."

It was very awkward to both of them, but they both knew sleeping in separate beds would make things worse. Kise felt the need to kiss Aomine again, for he was disappointed he thought it was a dream and didn't enjoy it more. He didn't know what happened to Aomine, though. He was sure he would find out, but being embarrassed as he was, he couldn't bring himself to ask.

So they lay, keeping a slight distance between, and talked.

In the end, they both fell asleep again.

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