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Kise woke up in the morning and found himself lying alone, the heat he fell asleep in long gone. He looked around and saw nothing of Aomine's clothes or basically anything that would prove he was here.

He grabbed his head and leaned forward. He could still feel the taste of Aomine's lips, so soft and sweet against his. He knew that he has never felt this way before. Even the kisses they shared when they were sixteen would never match with these. Aomine was more experienced, that he got out of their kissing. Kise brushed his fingertips on his lips, clearly wishing he wasn't half-asleep. He wanted to be drawn into that heat again, explore everything Aomine had.

Aomine was standing in the little kitchen of their hotel room, preparing food. He was carefully stirring rice and preparing different sauces. He wanted to forget how he lost his sanity for a second and kissed Kise. It was not his intention. It was just temporary. The feelings he had for Kise were not real, he was in the moment and that was it.

They talked about how Kise felt after breaking up with him, how Akashi treated him, how his job went. Kise was very tactical – he never asked whether Aomine had anyone else beside him. He thought about telling him, but then he decided Kise didn't need to know that kind of information.

Truth is, Aomine couldn't get enough of one night stands. He would take anyone willing, have a good night and never call them again. It was his choice. He didn't want to get involved with anyone further, for he still felt he couldn't forget the pain of Kise. He felt betrayed, his first love ruined. He wasn't sure he wanted to go through that scenario again.

He particularly remembered just one night of countless strolls through night clubs. He met a girl, a bit younger than he was, but there was something about her he couldn't really understand. He felt drawn to her. Later that night, when he was finally caught in her embrace, hearing her soft moans in his ear, he understood.

She had golden hair and golden eyes. He finished very quickly and left without a word. He felt embarrassed, but maintained himself and tried forgetting the night ever happened.

Was he still in love with him, after all this time? He sure didn't want to lose the golden haired one. His piercing eyes and amazing body lingered in his mind. Aomine felt a shudder down his spine when he heard 'Aominecchi' in his head. It was just a whimper, a soft cry for more, but it turned him on like no other.

He placed two plates on the little table in the kitchen and filled two cups with hot coffee.

"Hi," he heard and turned to see Kise scratching his head, looking quite shy after yesterday. Aomine gave him a little smile and gestured to sit. Kise did.

"Wow, a feast," Kise said, his eyes glimmering in morning glow. Aomine felt himself getting hot, for he noticed too many details about the grown man. He changed so much.

Aomine looked at Kise's plate and groaned. Kise raised his eyebrow.

"Sorry, I forgot you hate peas," he said and leaned over on the table, grabbing a spoon and scooping every single little pea out Kise's plate. When he was finished, he looked up and saw Kise breathing really hard and staring at him for no apparent reason.

"What?" he asked and Kise smiled while looking very nervous.

"You still remember?" Kise said and closed his mouth shut. But all Aomine could see was his flushed face and he felt his heart trying to bump its way out.

"Why wouldn't I," Aomine joked, trying to keep things calm. "You kept bugging me about it since we were fourteen."

Kise lowered his head and started picking his food with his chopsticks. He took a mouthful and chewed slowly, sometimes glancing at Aomine. Aomine kept to himself while eating, so Kise couldn't get the conversation going.

He knew Aomine would've never cared about him or his god damn pea hatred. So far he had one thought in mind – he was growing on Aomine once again. It left Kise breathless in a new kind of way. Oh, how he wanted to climb on the table, shove everything away and kiss Aomine fiercely.

Instead, he continued on eating.

After they ate, Kise showered and Aomine went out for a little bit of shopping, they were sitting in the living room.

"Hey, can I at least go out and take a walk?" Kise asked. "I'm in a cage here, never seeing sunlight."

Aomine rolled his eyes when Kise made a dramatic hand movement over his forehead.

"Tomorrow we'll both go somewhere, how about that?" Aomine said and Kise smirked. "Hey, it's not a date."

"I didn't say it was."

"I thought you thought it was."

"But I didn't say it."

"Would you want it to be a date?"

"I didn't say it was."


Kise paused a second and flipped the tv off. They weren't watching much of it anyways. Kise kept glancing at Aomine and Aomine was occupied with his phone.

"Do you want it to be a date?"

Aomine let out a breath and looked at the blank screen. He wasn't sure if he wanted to start something with Kise again. Maybe going on a date and seeing how it went wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.

He opened his mouth to say 'yes' when his new phone started ringing. He glanced at the screen and frowned.

"Who is it?" Kise asked.

"It's Kuroko," he said and pressed the green button.

Kise watched him listen. Aomine's eyes started widening and his hand was suddenly pressed against his mouth.

"Is he okay?" he asked and Kise immediately felt something was way off.

"Are you sure?" Aomine whispered and exhaled. "How bad is it?"

Kise knew the horror in his chest was about to be released. He knew that something terrible happened.

"Okay, I'll call you back in a second, need to tell Kise," he said and hung up.

He turned to Kise and did the unexpected. Aomine reached for him and brought him closer. Kise instantly felt the warmth of Aomine's chest.

"Kise, I don't know how to tell you this," he started and Kise inhaled, hoping for the worst. "Kagami has been injured. Badly."

Kise gripped Aomine's shirt and buried his head into his chest. "Will he be alive?" Kise's plea was silent, but loud enough for Aomine to hear.

"Akashi found out about Murasakibara," he said and felt Kise shuddering against him. Clearly, Kise was still faking he felt okay about killing the violet haired one. "And he wanted vengeance immediately. He would've killed Tetsuya if it wasn't for Kagami."

Kise had a lump in his throat. He couldn't speak, for he feared he would start crying.

"They managed escaping, but Kagami is in a very bad state," Aomine rocked Kise back and forth. "Tetsuya is sure he'll get through. He said he won't leave him for a second. It will be alright. He said he would tell us the whole story later."

"Can we see him?" Kise asked and felt Aomine's grip softening.

"When he is better and it's safe enough. Or main priority is you now," he said and Kise climbed into Aomine's lap, knowing his world is slowly falling apart. He would have never thought that Kagami, his strong best friend, would be attacked and would nearly die. And because of him.

He has never felt guiltier than he did now.

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