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He approached his three bodyguards in the hospital. He saw a nurse rushing to the ward he just left. He exhaled, regretting he left one of the best pair of scissors he has ever had. Akashi knew that Kise would avenge Kagami's death. He was not so sure he killed Kagami though.

"Sir, would you like us to assassinate everyone in the ward?" one of the guards asked.

Akashi glared at him and saw the bodyguard's frightened expression. Everyone was afraid of him.

"No, Runen, there is no need. Kise will come to me himself," he said, putting his hands inside of his pockets and moving out from the hospital.

He knew the bodyguard would not ask questions. But Akashi wouldn't share his thoughts anyway. Now that he lost his right-hand, there was no one to talk to. Sure, he could talk to himself as he often did, but his plan needed a listener. And he knew exactly who to call.

He flipped his phone open and dialed one of the speed dial numbers.

"Not today," he said immediately after that person answered. "I'm in need of your assistance elsewhere."

He stood silent for a while, carefully listening to nurses passing by and a few doctors frantically running toward the ward up in sixth floor.

"Yes, that was exactly what I wanted you to do. You know the plan already."

He hung up and sighed looking up in the sky. The bodyguards lead him to a black limo, in which he sat and remained utterly bored. Inside, he was boiling. Who was Kise to drag him into a ruckus like this. He was nothing but a brat. How was Akashi supposed to act when he killed his right-hand?

He remembered exactly they days when he decided Kise was good enough to become his toy. He knew that nothing would happen between them when Aomine Daiki was in the way. So he figured out a plan, which, amazingly, worked.

He bit his lip remembering the girl he paid money to fuck a drugged Kise. Akashi threw a party just for that reason, for he knew that on that particular day Aomine would have to be late. He told Kise his boyfriend called, drugged his drink and magic happened right as he planned. Sure, he yanked the girl off of Kise, comforting him, making him feel better. He was there for him after Aomine left him. He barely cared about Kise's feelings, he just wanted to use Kise's body and talent.

Akashi would have never thought that trying to make Kise his perfect copying soldier wouldn't work. He never really wanted Murasakibara in the first place, but he had no choice. Atsushi was a good soldier, but he wasn't enough. He couldn't do half the things Kise could. Kise only needed a single look at a technique and repeat it perfectly, while Murasakibara had to do a year of training and still, he wasn't as good.

Akashi had to figure a new plan out. He still wanted Kise as his personal toy. Of course, getting back the tapes was his top priority, but he found time to think about how to make a plan from two plans.

He got off the limo after they reached his mansion. Akashi immediately got up to his office, sat on the chair and looked out the window, deep in thought. He excused his bodyguards and reached for his phone again.

"You can start whenever. Surprise me," Akashi said and closed it without saying a word more.

He knew this plan was perfect.

Kise looked at the mirror and started shaving. He didn't look as good, since he had six days of unshaven beard. After shaving half of his jaw, he felt a slight sting on his upper skin.

He noticed a trail of blood flowing. Kise cursed and finished shaving, quickly applying a piece of a paper towel onto his little wound.

He got out of the bathroom, fully clean. Aomine was making some calls, asking around, and Kise felt safe. They haven't progressed at all, for Kise was still deliriously depressed because of Kagami. He didn't ask for Aomine's comfort anymore. He refused Aomine's suggestion to sleep together, because he knew it was hard for his ex-lover. Love wasn't in Kise's mind anymore. He was so worried about his friend.

"Kagami's going to be okay, the doctors are sure he will heal," Aomine said when he saw Kise going out of the bathroom.

"Oh," Kise said. He moved toward his bedroom and shut the door behind him. He wasn't in the mood to talk to Aomine.

That was good news. Kagami was not going to die. It was a relief, but it still didn't change the fact that Kise felt like shit for what he had done. He sat on the bed and exhaled loudly. There was nothing inside. He was numb, broken. He wondered where he had gone wrong. All these years and his life was going down the gutter.

Kise lay down and fell asleep almost instantly.

The next thing he heard, or rather felt, was a huge crash next to him, rough hands on his waist and the feeling of being carried. He was wide awake, his eyes searching for a clue of what was happening.

"Aomine, let me go!" Kise screamed, but then he realized.

It wasn't Aomine carrying him.

Kise started kicking, but he stopped when a white handkerchief covered his mouth. He felt dizzy and passed out.

Kise woke up in a different place. He was in a bed, that was for sure. Kise started rising from the bed, looking around, detecting where he was.

The room was painted yellow and peachy. There were barely any belongings there, except for a few plants and, curiously, there was a large cuckoo clock on the table next to his bed. He lifted an eyebrow and remembered that Aomine was left somewhere.

"Aomine!" he screamed, jumping out of bed and suddenly, his hand tugged and pain rummaged through his flesh. He fell on the ground, not even a centimeter away from his bed. Kise breathing in and out for a few seconds, until he found out what was holding him back. He was chained to the bed.

He felt unsafe once again. And then the doors leading out of the room opened, revealing a man of green hair.

He would've recognized this face anywhere.

Midorima Shintarou, the talented shooter from the Generation of Miracles.

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