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"How did you find me?" it was the first question Kise dared to ask when Aomine finally entered the highway, far away from Kise's apartment.

Aomine was tapping the wheel, obviously nervous about something.


"I said, how did you find me?" Kise repeated the question. Aomine groaned when a woman driving in front of him made a fast turn, so he almost crashed into her. Kise lunged forward, but his safety belt held him in place. Aside from the uncomfortable feeling he had, everything was alright.

"Kuroko did, I don't know the details," Aomine answered after a pause and sped the car up. Kise sighed. Having a normal conversation after events like this was impossible. He himself was shaken up by the fact that he could've easily gotten shot. Thank God, he didn't.

"I called the police beforehand," Aomine said. "Akashi will be on a shooting suspect list for at least three days until he can get himself out of it. We have some time to prepare –"

"Prepare for what, Aomine?" Kise lifted his eyebrow. "For how long do you think I'm going to follow your stupid rules and stay inside of the house, hm?"

"Kise, I know it's hard, but –"

"Look, I am sick of being trapped in a god damn cage. First you, then Midorima. We can hire a fucking army of body-guards for me, I don't mind paying for them, as long as I can walk freely."

Aomine hit the brakes at the next stop light and glared at Kise.

"We're fighting to keep you alive and you're whining?"

"If you say you know me," Kise blurted out. "Then you should definitely remember how I hate being trapped in one place."

"So you suggest hiring a shitload of people to protect you?"

"Or we could go out somewhere and I can have one day free of this whole madness," Kise said.

Aomine accelerated and stayed silent. Kise figured the talk was over and he looked out the window, following streets quickly appearing and disappearing.

Until Aomine slowed down and started parking the car near a quiet street full of shops and restaurants. Kise questioned Aomine's actions, when the tanned one unbuckled his safety belt.

"Alright," he said. "We're going on a date."

Kise immediately blushed.


"You heard me," Aomine said, pointing at Kise's belt. "Hurry up, before I change my mind."

Kise got out of the car and watched Aomine dialing a number. Apparently, Aomine needed to report everything to Kuroko and Kagami.

"I'm taking him on a date," he announced and Kise rolled his eyes. That idiot was always like this – making Kise blush whenever he told their friends what they were doing. Once, they had a few plans for the evening and Aomine straight-forwardly told everyone he's going to bang his boyfriend later. Fortunately, Kise was prepared for it this time. He wasn't as shy as he was in high-school.

Aomine ended the call and walked around the car to meet Kise's eyes directly. He was fairly close, but not as close Kise wanted him to be. He put his arms on the car, pushing Kise back, until Kise leaned on the door.

Kise's heartbeat fastened instantly.

"Okay," Kise said, putting his arms on Aomine's chest, trying to lure him away from such close body contact. "What the fuck is wrong with you today? We just got out of a near-death situation."

"Which is why I'm breaking my own rules," Aomine half-smiled and put his hands on Kise's waist. Kise was aware that many people were watching, but screw that, Aomine's hands were on him.

"Does that mean you forgive me?" Kise said, staring into those blue eyes.

"Nope," he chuckled in response. "It means I'm starting out new."

Aomine leaned in and brushed his lips on Kise's cheek. Kise's eyes widened. "I'm taking you to a restaurant," Aomine whispered into his ears and brushed his fingers over Kise's abdomen ever so slightly. Kise let out a shagged breath.

He couldn't believe what was happening. And it was awkward for him.

What could Kise do? He was so heart-broken when Aomine refused to listen to him, when they abandoned each-other, and now they were all lovey-dovey again? It was not okay. But Kise was too afraid to ruin this so called 'date', since it meant he could be with Aomine, just like old times. His brain was screaming 'something is wrong' but his heart was drawn to the blue haired man.

Aomine intertwined their fingers, once again earning a blush from Kise's side. Kise remembered the smooth feeling of Aomine's skin whenever they walked hand in hand, but this was far better than ever. They were grown men now. Who knows how their views and skills changed? Kise already knew what great kisser Aomine had become, but what about his personality? The loving side of Aomine?

They chose a nice little Italian restaurant a few shops from where Aomine parked their car. After ordering two meals of the day, they asked for a bottle of wine. Aomine filled the glasses with red liquid and they bumped them for good luck.

Kise listened to Aomine talk about the wine, until he couldn't keep it in him any longer.

"Aomine, stop," he asked and Aomine shut his mouth. "I don't get you."

"Why?" Aomine said and sipped his wine.

"Just a week ago you were disgusted by the idea we could be together again," Kise said, his eyes focused on the napkin he was folding over and over again. "And now you're taking me on a date?"

"Look, I promised you I'd do that," he answered.

"I know, but you're acting different from before," Kise bit his lip and gazed at Aomine. He finally saw the look of Aomine's in broad daylight. He wasn't bullshitting Kise.

"Let me tell you this," Aomine said and Kise suddenly felt his leg being caressed by Aomine's feet. Kise blushed again. "I've had enough of hatred for six years. And it seems that I can't get away from you and my own feelings. So why run?" he smirked. Kise took a deep breath, for Aomine was slowly making bodily contact with Kise underneath the table. "After Midorima stole you from me, I realized I was just lying to myself the whole time. I can't forget you. And neither can you forget me."

"Are you saying that you want to try again?" Kise asked, gulping some saliva down. This was making him nervous, but in a good way.

"You could say that," Aomine answered and put his head in his palm, smiling mischievously.

Kise felt Aomine's caresses intensing. Well, two can play that game. Kise removed his shoe without Aomine noticing and pushed Aomine's leg away. Aomine was confused for a second, until Kise leaned back casually on his chair and straightened his leg, as to make Aomine an easy target.

"Oh no you don't," Aomine suddenly realized, but Kise bit his lip playfully and slowly made his foot waver on Aomine's leg, going farther up, massaging his thighs, and earning a quite interesting reaction from Aomine.

Kise wasn't surprised to find Aomine hard.

"Oh yes I will," Kise chuckled and placed his feet firmer on the now quite big bulge.

"What are you doing," Aomine whispered, looking around to see if anyone saw what they were doing.

"Jesus, calm down, it's not like you don't enjoy it," Kise teased.

"Ooh, not there!" Aomine hissed, but Kise made a slight O with his mouth and smirked at his love-interest.

"Ah, what is wrong, Aomine?" Kise laughed. "The wine has gone bad?"

"It's like high-school all over again," Aomine murmured and Kise felt Aomine's hips buckle, when Kise brushed a very sensitive area.

But then, the waiter arrived and placed the food in front of them. Kise immediately retrieved his foot and glanced at Aomine, who was kind of breathless by then.

Kise smiled.

They left the restaurant after an hour and a half, Kise sliding his hand into Aomine's and thanking the waiter for this great food they had. Kise felt full and slightly happy with himself and the little stunt he pulled off in the restaurant.

It was quite weird holding hands with Aomine, but Kise learned that Aomine wasn't lying about his feelings. The blue haired one was truly overcoming his stupid rules and slowly forgiving Kise for what he has done.

They reached the car and lingered for a while, before climbing in.

"Thank you," Kise whispered and after hesitating, wrapped his arms around Aomine's neck.

Aomine buried his face into Kise's neck and breathed into it. Kise shuddered from the feeling. Aomine drew back, but his hands were still placed on Kise's waist.

"I'd love to end this date with a higher note," Aomine quietly said and Kise knew what was going to happen instantly. The look on the tanned one's face didn't lie.

And oh, how Kise wanted it to happen.

It was calm and contained, this feeling before the kiss. It was slow and orientated, no sickeningly awkward talk, no claiming of who was whose, or this idiotic hesitation because of their unfortunate past.

Aomine was the one to close the gap between them. As soon as Kise felt Aomine's lips next to his, the soft feeling of skin against skin, the whole world belonged to him. The kiss itself was not hungry. It was a promise, a truth untold. The sweetness of it seemed to erupt with so much passion, there was no need to deepen it. Aomine just placed fluttery kisses, nothing more nothing less. And it drove Kise's mind mad.

When Aomine drew back, leaving two or three inches between them, their eyes met. Kise could see Aomine's sparkling with life, glimmering in the shade of the setting sun. It took Kise's breath away.

"Fuck it," Kise whispered and this time, leaned in himself.

Aomine was taken aback by the fierceness his lips met. Now, it was hunger. Now, it was more than a promise, it was a word of a true meaning. No bounds, only Kise's feelings acting upon themselves.

Aomine didn't try to hold himself back. He was as much drawn into this fierce kiss as Kise. Kise wrapped Aomine tighter, his hands in his hair. Aomine groaned into the kiss and Kise felt something hot poking into his lip. He granted entrance and soon their tongues were entangled, roaming, searching for something they longed for so many years. Aomine lowered his hands and pulled Kise's belt to him, so as to make their bodies glue to each other even more.

Kise put their foreheads together, staring intently into Aomine's eyes, when they needed some air. They were both panting, searching for oxygen. Kise smiled sheepishly and finally retreated from Aomine, leaving him dazed in his ex-lovers passion.

"High notch it is," Kise said and opened his side of the car, sitting inside without another word.

Aomine smiled to himself, looked up at the infinite skies and slowly made his way to his side, opening the door and sitting.

He felt alive.