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"So you're saying that you came all the way here to warn Aomine about Akashi's troops coming to get me?" Kise asked and Kagami nodded.

"Shut up, you two," Aomine hissed and looked down the hallway.

"I am sorry I got involved, but I knew that Akashi was the one looking for you," Kagami said. "Why don't you explain why the hell are you so important to him?"

"Didn't you hear me? I said shut up," Aomine said.

They moved through the hallway and reached the staircase.

"I have something he needs, but that's none of your concern," Kise said and glanced at Kagami. "I just need to lose his tail and move to, I don't know, America or Madagascar."

"Oh my god, would you just fucking shut up when I'm asking," Aomine said angrily and Kise gulped some air down.

They ran down the stairs and Aomine checked if the coast was clear. Kagami followed Kise, who was holding his arm tight so as not to hurt it anymore.

"So he isn't up for having that 'friends with benefits' thing anymore?" Kagami asked quietly.

Kise noticed Aomine's shoulders tensing at Kagami's question. He didn't know that Kise was having sex with Akashi.

"I said I'm never getting back into his bed, but apparently, that wasn't what he wanted when I got the call," Kise said.

Aomine seemed to be pissed off for no real reason. He scowled at the both of them and led the way to the emergency exit.

"This might get serious, so Kise, if anything happens, stay behind me," he said.

"To get you killed? Hell no," Kise answered and Aomine let out a growl.

Aomine opened the emergency door and looked for signs of Akashi's troops. When he decided it was safe enough to go to Kagami's car, he gestured and they followed him out.

Aomine had a gun in his hands, concentrated on the job. He was one of the best bodyguards in Japan. Kise always wondered why in the world did Aomine drop his career as a basketball player for. He was in the Generation of Miracles, after all. Kise did it for obvious reasons, but Aomine's life was circled around basketball. Kise knew Aomine changed a lot in six years. But he didn't know how drastic it was.

They got into the car and Kagami started the engine.

Kise was sitting in the back and Aomine still looked out for danger. He was surprised that Aomine defended him so easily, doing everything he could to save his life. He hated him. So why did he help him?

"Aomine," Kise said and was instantly cut off by a loud bang on his right.

The window glass shattered into a thousand little pieces, obviously blown apart by a shotgun with a power so strong to actually blow safety windows apart.

"Drive!" Aomine shouted and Kagami stepped on it. He reached for the gear shift and fiddled with it while boosting the speed.

The shooting increased. Kise bowed down to keep himself safe, but he couldn't be so sure about his two friends up front. Aomine opened his own window, which, surprisingly, wasn't shattered yet, and started shooting toward the troops.

Kagami sped up and drove out of the hotel parking lot.

Kise was sure that the troops wouldn't take long to get into their own cars and follow them. Apparently, Aomine had the same thought.

"Kagami, when we reach the bridge, I need you to stop the car and we'll get out. I already called a friend who will pick us up. Understood?"

Kagami didn't say anything, but immediately switched lanes so as to go the right way to the bridge.

Kise had his hands on his ears, shivering mad from fear. He regretted the decision to take the thing Akashi so desperately needed his hands on. Maybe if he didn't take it then, he wouldn't be in danger anymore.

"What do you mean you can't be there tonight?" Aomine asked.

"I have a photo shoot, sorry, really," Kise reached for his lover's hand and squeezed it. "I promise you, I'll make up for it."


"Oh, I have my ways," Kise answered and smiled mischievously. Aomine grinned and kissed Kise passionately.

"Hello?" someone interrupted their kiss.

They both looked at the intruder in their locker room and Kise laid his eyes on the strangest red head he has ever seen.

"Who are you?" Aomine asked and put his arm around Kise.

"I'm the new addition to your team," the red head smiled. "Akashi Seijuro. Nice to meet you."

The only thing Kise found wonderful was Akashi's eyes. They were a different color.

Kise got out of the car. They hurried down the road to see Aomine's friend. They knew they were probably followed, but it was their only chance to get out alive.

"Right there," Aomine said and they sped up.

Kise gripped his backpack's strap tighter and kept up with Kagami.

Aomine held the car door open for them, so Kise jumped in first. He didn't dare look at the one who will drive, but as Aomine fell on his seat, the car started moving.

"What the fuck you got yourself into, Aomine-chan?" a girly voice erupted, and Kise finally saw who was driving.


He knew her face by heart. She was Aomine's best friend and the only one who could tell Aomine what to do. Her pink hair was wrapped in a bun, loose strings shifting on her shoulders.

Aomine pointed at Kise and Momoi's eyes widened on the mirror.

"Kise? I haven't seen you in ages!" she said and took a sharp left.

"Yeah, hi," Kise said and felt uncomfortable with the whole situation.

"What is he doing with you?" she shifted her attention to Aomine again. "I thought you gave up on him six years ago."

The last sentence was a whisper, but Kise heard it. His heart flinched and he felt disappointed in himself again.

"Anyway, seeing you guys are in a lot of mess, I'm taking you back to my place," she sang out and sped up a little.

They were silent for the whole ride, Kagami eyeing Kise and Kise judging himself. Aomine was looking through the window, probably thinking about ditching Kise at any moment possible.

Kise wasn't sure what he wanted more now – to disappear from this car or know what Aomine was thinking.

Akashi pounded into him relentlessly, without a single stop for breath. Kise was lost in his own thoughts, exhaling with loud puffs of air whenever Akashi hit his sweet spot.

He wasn't into sex today. He didn't know what it was, but being with Akashi just didn't satisfy him enough.

When Akashi finished, they both fell on the bed and Kise curled up in a ball, covering himself with a satin sheet.

"What is it with you these days?" Akashi asked and Kise glanced at him.

"Just not in the mood, I guess," Kise answered and closed his eyes. He felt Akashi getting out of bed and grabbing his clothes.

"Thanks for the fuck, then," Akashi said and Kise heard him leaving.

He never stayed after.

Kise missed the days when he would wake up next to Aomine. Then he remembered – it was Aomine's birthday.

He could've done anything to get back with his ex-lover.

Kise was sitting in the sauna, enjoying the change of atmosphere for once. Kagami and Aomine were discussing matters of safety in the dining room, while Momoi insisted Kise should take a shower and relax himself with some spa treatments.

Kise had this strange nagging feeling he needed to tell Aomine about what he stole from Akashi. But would that be a smart choice? He wasn't sure.

He got tired of the hot sauna and wrapped the towel on his hips. Kise opened the door to the changing room and was surprised to find Aomine standing there, half-naked.

Kise blushed and moved to find his own clothes.

Aomine didn't seem to mind his company. Kise was probably in the sauna longer than he thought.

"So what's the plan?" Kise asked and pulled his boxers on beneath the towel. He assumed that Aomine and Kagami were already done with their super secret safety meeting.

"You and Akashi, huh…" he heard Aomine say.

Kise stopped dressing himself and didn't dare look at Aomine.

"You wouldn't understand," Kise said and proceeded to unfreeze and picked his pants up, dressing quicker this time.

"Oh, I'm sure you fell for the rumors of how good he was in bed. I don't blame you," Aomine pondered.

Kise dropped his shirt on the floor and stomped to Aomine. They were pretty much the same height, so Kise looked straight into Aomine's eyes. And boy, was he angry.

"I did it to forget about you," Kise whispered furiously. Aomine didn't show emotion, but Kise could see anger in his eyes too. "Too bad it didn't help."

He got back to his shirt, grabbed it and ran out of the changing room, leaving Aomine staring at the place where Kise just stood.

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