OK so here's my new Logan and Veronica story. This takes place during the poker game. This is a different version of how things could have went. This will more than likely be released slower than the other stories just because I've got so many going on right now. I'd love to know what you think so let me know if a review, OK?

Was there anything better than kicking the asses of the frenemies she's had in the past? Veronica was surrounded by four guys, 1 of them she currently loathed with a passion. Another of them she had loved for over a year but he had spent the past year avoiding her like the plague. The third one had been a frenemy but could be considered more or less a friend now. And the fourth…well, Connor was just hot and she loved his abs.

Veronica had just finished dealing a hand and was putting her cards together. She glanced over at each of the guys. She couldn't tell what Logan was trying to pull by his expression. He kept it stoic but honestly out of the last 8 hands, he hadn't won any of them. He glared at her periodically which made her smirk to herself. She knew that as soon as she mentioned she'd never played poker, the first thought that was running through Logan's mind was that there would be no way in hell she'd be getting her hands on the 5 grand pot.

Veronica then glanced at Duncan who had a terrible poker face. He really did convey his emotions while he looked at his cards. Veronica actually found this hilarious. She never had to worry about losing a hand to him.

Weevil had been having some halfway decent cards but hers always seemed to be better. He had managed to win a couple of the hands though. Weevil was rather impressed at the luck Veronica was having.

Veronica then smiled at Connor. God, he was hot. She had tried to maintain her composure though. He was the one that had won the other game. She then glanced over at Logan who couldn't maintain his distaste over watching the two of them. Apparently Connor liked the attention Veronica was giving him because he grinned back at her. He then smirked at Logan because he knew how much it pissed him off.

"So tell me Connor." Veronica started as she looked at her cards and the pre-flop card. She debated what to bet. She had excellent cards in her hand. "How well do you know Logan and Duncan?"

"Well, I've known Logan longer than I've known Duncan. I've known Logan from doing movies with his dad…"

Logan rolled his eyes at the admission.

"And Duncan I've known from these games."

Veronica nodded as she placed her bet. Logan raised, Duncan and Weevil checked.

The next card was dealt and Veronica raised then.

"How long have you known them?"

Veronica glanced at each of them. "Duncan I've known since I was about 9. His sister and I were best friends."

Logan's face became stone cold at the mention of Lilly and Veronica groaned. "Take a chill pill, would you? Geez, Logan. And Logan I've known since I was 12."

"So you guys are good friends?"

Logan snorted and Duncan choked on his iced tea.

"We used to be." Veronica admitted as the next card was flipped over. This hand was looking excellent for her too. "Things had changed. Duncan and I used to date and then we broke up. Logan became a jackass the day after Lilly died."

Weevil snickered at that and that earned him a death glare from Logan.

"I did not."

"Oh you did too. A week after she died when my dad accused Jake of murdering Lilly you gave me an ultimatum. Did you really think I had a chance to go against my dad?"

"I would have."

"Of course you would have." Veronica snorted as the last card was dealt. "You can't stand your dad. Let's play devil's advocate. Let's say you had to decide between your mom and your friends then what would you do?" Veronica's eyes stared at Logan. Logan sighed as he knew she had a point.

"I rest my case." She told him as they laid their cards out. Veronica won yet again and slid all of the chips to herself.

Veronica smirked. "A little impressed aren't you?"

"You must be really unlucky in love." Connor commented and Veronica laughed.

"You have no idea." She admitted. "My relationship with Duncan was just the tip of the iceberg."

Weevil dealt the next hand and yet again Veronica won. "You know what's funny? If we were playing strip poker, you two would probably be naked by now." Veronica smirked.

"No we wouldn't." Duncan argued.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure you would. If not that, I'm sure you'd at least be in your boxers."

"Gee, I wonder if you two are wearing the same design again." Weevil commented.

"I heard about that. Seriously can't you two do something more original?" Veronica snickered.

Veronica's phone started to ring then.

"Turn it off." Logan told her.

"Shut up Logan. This is my dad. Hello?"

"Hi honey."

"Hey dad." She told him as she watched Logan shuffle the cards. "What's up?"

"Where are you?"

"I'm in Logan's poolhouse kicking his and Duncan's asses at Texas Hold 'Em. Why?"

"Since when do you play poker?"

"Since I gave myself a 3 hour crash course earlier today."

"Listen, I just arrived at the Echolls house…"

Veronica frowned. "You're here?"

Logan looked up at that then returned to tend to the cards.

"Why are you here?"

"Well, I thought that the stalker was here tonight. Listen is Logan by you?"

She sighed. "Yes, he is. He's sitting right next to me dealing the cards. Why?"

Logan frowned.

"Well, there's a commotion in here."

"Logan, stop messing with the cards." She whispered. He wouldn't though so Veronica grabbed his wrist. "Stop it." She hissed. "What kind of commotion?"

"The stalker lady who was after Aaron stabbed Lynn."

"What?" She rose from her seat She still had Logan's wrist so she let her grasp on it go. All of the guys looked at her with wide eyes. "What happened?"

"I guess she was trying to protect Aaron so when she went to stab Aaron, Lynn got in the way and she stabbed her."

Veronica quickly shut her phone and grabbed Logan by the arm. "Come on, we have to go to the main house. Some crazy lady just stabbed your mom."

"What?" Logan's voice shrilled.

"Yeah, that's just what my dad said. Come on."

Everyone flew from their seats and ran into the main house. As soon as Keith had hung up from Veronica, he called for the ambulance. Logan started to push people out of the way.


He knelt beside his mom. The crazy lady stabbed her in the abdomen.

"I'm…I'm fine Logan. It'll be OK." She grabbed his hand and gave it a quick squeeze.

Ten minutes later the ambulance arrived and took Lynn to the hospital to have tests done and see if she needed to have surgery. As they waited to hear, Logan stayed far away from his dad. He knew this was all because of him and Logan despised him with a passion for that. Logan looked down the hallway and saw Veronica slowly inching her way towards him. Her father was behind her. Logan's face went bland. He wasn't sure what to make of her showing up.

"Umm…Aaron?" Keith went over to him. Logan looked up. "I'm sorry Logan. Your mom's strong. She'll be fine." He tried to reassure Logan and Logan solemnly nodded. "Aaron, I just got done talking to Lamb and he has arrested the waitress who stabbed Lynn. She's being held without bond."

Aaron, who had been leaning against the wall, stood straight and cleared his throat. "Umm…thank you, Keith."

"They found the weapon hidden under the table."

Aaron nodded.

Veronica stood by Logan. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah fine." Logan mumbled and turned away from her.

Veronica couldn't help but pity him. It was true that they could be considered adversaries; Veronica was trying not to think about that though. Logan glared over at his dad.

"Excuse me…Mr. Echolls?" A man dressed in green scrubs had made his way down the hallway.


"I'm Dr. Reichmuth. I am the doctor that has been attending to your wife."

"Yes doctor? How's my wife?"

"She's doing well. She will however need surgery to repair the damage caused by the stab wound."

"Is she going to be OK?" Logan asked.

"Yes, she should be once we're done. She's being prepped for surgery. She has lost some blood and will need a transfusion."

"Tell me where." Logan told the doctor.

"Logan…" His dad started and Logan's eyes turned dark.

"Shut the hell up with whatever excuse you're going to give me, dad. We're only here because of you and the fact that you can't keep your pants zipped."

Aaron became irate then and Keith had to stop him from trying to hit Logan. "Aaron," He told him in a low voice. "It would not be wise to do that. There's a security guard down the hall that is currently watching you."

Aaron flipped around and saw the security guard standing there with his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed on Aaron.

"Logan, I won't consent it."

"Have you got a better idea, dad?" Logan snapped. "Her blood type is rare and I'm a match and regardless if you approve or not, I'm 17. I don't need your consent. " He turned to the doctor. "Tell me where." Logan repeated.

The doctor nodded and led Logan down the hall to the lab. Veronica watched him walk away and a small smile crept onto her face. It was nice to see that he was doing whatever he could for his mom. She wasn't surprised in the least though. Logan loved his mom. Of that she was sure. She wished she could say the same about her own mom.

"We're going to go." Keith announced to Aaron. "Aaron I'll keep you updated about what's going on."

"Thank you Keith. I appreciate it."

Veronica had a hard time falling asleep. She heard her phone beep at 12:38. She sighed as she flipped the phone open and read: U can come get ur money 2morrow morning.

She sighed. She wanted to ask him how his mom was doing, how he was doing but ultimately she just decided to respond with: OK I'll b there around 10


Veronica slowly exhaled. She started to think about when everything fell apart. It did hurt her…a lot actually when Logan made her choose between her dad and her friends. She didn't want to but her dad had always been there when she needed him. He never abandoned her unlike her mom. Veronica wished she could make Logan understand that things weren't so black and white as he made them seem. There was gray.

She thought he was beginning to understand just how complicated things were now. She had heard that Lynn made it through surgery great and a lot of it had to do with the fact that Logan donated his blood to her. His mom was his rock…much like Veronica's dad was her rock.

Shortly after 10 the next morning, Veronica made her way to the Echolls' house. Weevil's grandmother, Mrs. Navarro, had let Veronica in the gate. She spoke to her a few minutes and Mrs. Navarro had told her that Logan was in the pool house. She made her way there just as she had done a couple days before. Logan was there again playing video games.

Honestly he looked like hell. If Veronica had to guess she would say he hadn't slept at all.

"Hey." Veronica said quietly.

He glanced over at her for a second. "Hey."

"How's your mom doing?" She tried to put her hand on his shoulder but he quickly winced and shrugged it off.

"Wouldn't know." He told her shortly.

Veronica looked confused. "Why not?"

"It doesn't matter."

"Of course it does. What's going on?"

He was quiet which irritated her.

"My dad's being a dick and told the hospital not to release any information to me."

"What?" Her eyes grew wide. "Can they really do that?"

"Since I'm a minor he can do whatever the hell he wants." He paused the game and got up to get Veronica her money. He went to the drawer and handed her the roll of money. "Here you go."

"Umm…thanks." She told him as she unrolled the money and counted it.

"Seriously? Are you so petty that you have to count it make sure it's all there?" Logan asked her, annoyed.

"Shut up, dumbass." Veronica snapped as she counted out the money and stopped when she got to two thousand. She handed it to him. "Here."

"And what is this?"

"It's your two grand."

Logan stared at her confused.

"You know, the grand for yourself and the grand you put in for me. Here take it. I don't want it."

"Why the hell not?"

"Because I needed three grand to buy my dad his dream Christmas present. I have three grand now." She flashed the wad at him.

Logan sighed and handed it back to her. "No, keep it. I don't need it."

"Yeah, honestly, I don't need it either." She turned to walk away.

"Veronica you won it fair and square. Just keep it." He held the smaller wad out to her.

Veronica sighed and very reluctantly took it back. "Fine. I'm only taking it back because I'm tired of fighting about it. It's not because I need it."

"Whatever you say."

She groaned. "I'm trying to think of why I'm even trying to be nice to you. So far my mind is blank."

"Mine is too."

"You know, in the spirit of Christmas I was going to try to figure out a way to get you in to see your mom at the hospital but now…" She spun around on her heels to head for the pool house door.

It took Logan three seconds before he stopped her. "Wait."

Veronica very reluctantly stopped.

"Why would you do that?"

"I told you; it's in the spirit of Christmas." She slowly walked back over to him. "And maybe I also know how much your mom means to you."

"My dad is at her bedside. You'll never get past him."

Veronica smirked. "You leave that to me."

This story will cover not only Veronica and Logan's friendship, but it's going to cover Aaron's abuse of his son too. That will be brought up in future chapters. Kind of why I mentioned when she touched him, he winced. Anyway, please review OK?