July 20th 2364

Chapter 1

Nervous-very dreadfully nervous I was. I couldn't remember the last time I had felt like this.

Oh wait, back in 2008 on earth when I had waited outside the classroom of that German boarding school. But this wasn't about spending five years at a Bavarian Gymnasium in order to do my Abitur. School had always been a piece of cake for me. And about my other posts-all I had to do was defending people from all over the galaxy in fair, 24th –century, federation standard trials! Not that difficult. This was a starship. The federation's flagship! The captain wanted someone for diplomatic and legal advice on board. I was just a lawyer. I didn't even know whether I was qualified for this. How would the crew get along with me? I'd read the files. Except for the second officer all of the staff was humanoid or at least full of blood a vampire can drink without getting sick, apart from one or the other Vulcan. Green blood-yuck! Just thinking about it made my stomach turn.

Most people were scared of me and especially of my fangs. Sure, my sisters worked on the same vessel as I was supposed to work on, but did anyone know what they were? They also had the credit of being born fully human. I on the other side was born half-human and half-vampire. Believe me, when I tell you that that's not easy with a family mostly consisted of narrow-minded vampires. To procreate outside your own species was an insane thought.

"Commander, the Enterprise is here, are you ready for transport?"

I flinched as the voice of the man behind the transporter console interrupted my musing.

"What? Oh yeah. Sure I'm ready. Energize!" Damn! I could feel my cheeks getting hot.

The chief gave me an amused smile and activated the controls.

I hope you liked it. I have another chapter on my computer, but I wanted to wait for the reviews.

This phrase comes from "The Tell-Tale Heart" by E. A. Poe. I think it fits.