I do not own Frankenweenie. This Frankenweenie drabble is in Victor's Point Of View. The characters are in High School.

How Could This Happen?

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I just can't believe it..Edgar E Gore committed suicide. I do not understand why he took his own life and according to the local news-paper he used a simple black-handled knife from the kitchen to slit his throat. His parents were confused as to why their Son would take his own life.

He didn't seem depressed or anything just his usual-self yesterday...He told me "Victor, I'm sure you'll do great things in the future because your really great at Science and stuff"...It was as if he was going to be move to another country.

Edgar and I became friends in the middle of middle school. In the 10th grade Edgar's parents were able to pay for a surgery to fix Edgar's hunch- back. It took months for him to completely recover from it. I noticed the other teens started to talk a lot more to Edgar after his hunch-back was fixed and Edgar became popular, but he always looked uncomfortable. Next month is graduation.

I look into Edgar's locker, a piece of paper sticking out from a book, and I pulled it out. There wasn't much written on it.

I Never Wanted To Be Rid Of My Hunched-Back. I Feel Empty Without It. I Feel As If A Piece Of Me Is Missing. I Said No, But My Parents Forced Me Into Getting Surgery (They wanted me to look Normal). I Never Wanted To Become Popular. I Would Rather Have My Hunched-Back Back Than To Be Popular. I can't take it anymore... -Edgar E Gore

I stared at the note. I never noticed that he was depressed for he was always smiling and never said a word about feeling empty or anything. I should have asked back then how did he feel about no longer having a hunched back, but I figured he would be happy for the other kids wouldn't tease him for having a hunch-back.

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