Chapter 1 "one hell of an intro"

Kozak awoke his head aching his ears ringing, he had no idea what had just happened all he remembered was talking with 30k before a massive force hit his body, as his eyes began to open all he could see was a large fire and the limp bodies of 30k and a few other soldiers that had been in the area. His ears rang for at least another minute as he struggled to even make sense of the situation when they did stop ringing all he could hear was the crackling of the flames, he picked himself up and groggily stumbled to 30k checking his vitals he could tell he was still alive but judging by the severe burn up his right arm and shoulder that may not be the case for much longer.

Kozak's adrenaline surged as he picked up 30's lifeless body and moved as fast as he could away from the flames towards what appeared to be a desert knoll. His legs ached as he move in a slow jog his body still in pain from the explosion. After what seemed like an eternity Kozak feel to his knees and gently placed 30 on the ground on his unburned side. Kozak didn't notice the extent of the burn until he analyzed it closely, torn and singed black fabric punctuated the predominantly bloody and charred skin. He grabbed some gauze from his and 30's BDU's and wrapped it as best he could before reaching for his radio and praying for someone to answer as he broadcasted the situation.

12/11/24 0100 hrs

6 hours earlier

"check your gear ladies and gentlemen drop zone in 10" Bear ordered in his thick Irish accent

Dingo grabbed his helmet off the empty seat next to him placing it on his unkempt dark black hair clicking in the strap avoiding his thick stubble, he made sure his BDU and body Armour were on him properly, rolled up his shirt sleeves and checked his ACR making sure his TAC scope was properly calibrated "combat ready sir" he called out in his light Aussie accent

Widow fixed her cap on to her short brown and put her tactical sunglasses on, checked her BDU was fastened properly to her hoody and checked her M110 "ready sir" she proclaimed in her prominent Russian accent

Ring-tail ran his hand through his buzz cut red hair before placing his beanie and headset on, he checked his Armour and grenade belt before placing his hood over his head and putting on his goggles and face mask adorned with a kitty mouth with the tongue stuck out, finally he checked his FN2000 and made sure the under-slung grenade launcher and red dot sit were properly attached " good to go sir" he excitedly announced in his British accent

Fox placed her helmet on her head making sure not to get her short black pony tail caught, she made sure her BDU was stocked with extra ammo before refastening her suppressor to her P90 and checking her laser sight was working " ready sir" she said in her distinct Latin accent

Lynx placed his headset on his dark brown hair, checked his gear and made sure his M249 SAW was loaded and cocked " I'm good" he shouted in his french accent

Bear gave his BDU and M16 one last check before making sure his Boony hat was secure on his bald head

" green light in 5 check your chutes" the crackled voice of the pilot declared

they all prepared their chutes, the green light came on "GO, GO, GO!" bear ordered within seconds they were all out the plane flying through the air for a second they forgot the world as they looked upon the beautiful vista of Vietnam. The cold air stung them as they reached terminal velocity only a few seconds before they had to open their chutes. They hit the ground a few dozen meters away from each other, they moved quickly through the brush of the jungle ready to face the enemy ahead.