Chapter 3 "...into the fire"

Time slowed as Dingo looked down the barrel of an enemy's RPK he raised his ACR in response and pulled the trigger CLAK the sound of his rifle jamming rang harshly in his ears 'this is it' he thought to himself.

10/11/24 1627 hrs.

NATO Vietnamese forward operating base

Dingo raised his cigarette to his mouth and breathed in the nicotine and tobacco filled smoke, his eyes surveying the other people in the small briefing room he exhaled with a loud breath. The two men sitting in front of him were based on the winged daggers on their shoulders definitely SAS like him but from Britain, he had seen the brown haired woman behind him speaking to a Russian colonel so she was probably spetsnaz, based on the black haired women's accent she was south American most likely Brazilian, the man with dark brown hair was wearing a GIGN insignia. 'so SASR, GIGN, SAS, BFEsp and Spetsnaz all on the same op must be important' he thought to himself.

The door opened with a loud creak drawing everyone's attention to the two well-dressed men entering the room. "Sorry to keep you waiting" the tall, bald one said apologetically as he and the shorter, more unkempt of the two approached the screen at the front.

"Now you may be wondering why you are all hear today" the shorter one said as he activated the projector making what appeared to be a satellite photo with a large military base appears on screen. "this base is believed to be connected to an extremists organization known commonly as the 'Ronin' and you lucky winners have been selected to take it out."

The room feel silent the soldiers obviously expecting more from the G-men it was at least thirty seconds of silence and awkward looks before dingo raised his head "what exactly does this mean to us sir" dingo asked the two men. "To put it simply the Ronin have attacked Germany, Sweden and Italy and possible future targets include England, France, Brazil, Russia, Australia and several countries in the Middle East" the shorter one responded " that is why you're respective countries sent you here to ensure that they don't last that long" the tall one added.

The room went silent again as the soldiers processed this information "what's the plan?" They all almost yelled at the same time.

12/11/24 0123 hrs.

Widow hit the ground with a thud; she released her chute from her BDU and readied her M110. She moved through the jungle, her light gear allowing her to move quickly. Her AR showing her the path to a vantage spell check Australian point she chose from the satellite photos. After about ten minutes she reached a cliff face "son of bitch" she muttered as she prepared for the climb.

She dragged herself up the edge of the cliff, picked herself up and much to her relief saw her was vantage point only fifty meters ahead. "this is Dingo, objective in sight holding position'' she heard her Australian team mate whisper over the radio as she slowly walked toward the clearly marked objective making sure that no other marksmen had claimed the spot as their own.

By the time she reached her vantage point she was prone and readying her rifle she softly spoke into her com "this is Widow, in position" . She scanned the base looking for any patrols that may be approaching dingo's clearly marked position.

"dingo watch yourself two rifle men armed with AK's headed in your direction" widow warned, she saw the two men drop followed by loud gunfire

"what the hell?" she whispered to herself as the base's alarms went off, she scanned the base again to see all the men in the base running around looking for an intruder .

Widow looked back at dingo's position hoping they had not spotted him yet 'shit' she thought to herself as she saw the solider about to flank dingo's position. She breathed in, got a bead on him and pulled the trigger.

Dingo heart was beating faster than it had in his life. The body of the support gunner laid on the ground, blood and grey matter draining out the large jagged exit wound where his forehead was.

"Dingo move now" widow ordered over the com "roger" dingo responded as he un-jammed his gun and prepared to move to the building next to the fallen tree he was hiding behind. His legs launched him towards the building at an almost impossible speed as he got close he dived for it and rolled as he landed well behind the cover. He hugged the wall as he moved towards the edge of the wall which surprisingly was not being fired upon, he peaked at the enemies position they were moving towards him slowly, keeping low as to avoid widows sight 'two riflemen, four support gunners, an anti-tank gunner and a jeep armed with a mini-gun' dingo noted the amount of men in his head "Widow there's too many for me to handle solo, any update on the others positions?" dingo whispered far too preoccupied with tracking the enemies approaching movements to check their positions with his AR "we aren't far out give us thirty seconds" Lynx who had been very silent finally spoke "got it" dingo replied relieved that he had backup coming.

As dingo finally moved his head back into cover he heard the all too sudden sound of a mini-gun spinning up. His position was quickly peppered with rounds, as the concrete corner of the building turned to nothing but grey sand and rocks dingo moved further along the wall of the building.

Dingo kept his head down as the unending sound of rapid mini-gun fire punctuated the streams of orange whizzing past the side of the building.

"fire in the hole"

"ring-tail" dingo asked as the sound of the mini-gun was stopped by a loud explosion and replaced with various sounds of small arms fire.

Dingo checked his AR. Fox, Bear, Ring-tail and Lynx's position showing up as four blue diamonds against the building next to him "Dingo move on my mark" Bear ordered as dingo moved closer to what was left of the buildings corner "yes sir" dingo responded as Bear and Fox threw out two smoke grenades. The smoke from the grenades slowly grew thicker and thicker until it was so thick that no one could see through "mark" bear yelled on cue Dingo moved as fast as he could toward the building opposite.

He reached his team-mates relatively quickly and positioned himself at the end of the now five-man line against the wall, aiming toward the other corner waiting for anyone who may attempt to flank "nice of you to join us Dingo" ring-tail quipped as Bear formulated a plan "fuck you ring-tail" Dingo harshly responded.

"ok here's the plan; Dingo find any anti air weapons you can find and make sure no helicopters take off with the device, widow cover Lynx as he sets C4 around the motor pool, fox and ringtail your with me we're going to search for the device and Intel inside the buildings ok?" bear calmly ordered

"yes sir" they responded