There are a few notes about the OC at the end of the chapter.


Eva couldn't stop staring at the hourglass on Female's desk. In that place time was different, and that weird hourglass could sign both "hours" and "days". She knew that it was two months since she became a Cenobite. But that wasn't really useful if she wanted to know how much time passed on the Earth. Actually, it was totally useless, since those who lived in Hell couldn't die or grow old, so why bothering and looking at it? And wasn't like her parents were going to look for her. ANYWAY.
Hell was definitely different from what she thought. No flames, no devils torturing damned souls...actually, it was something in between a labyrinth and a huge office. Definitely, it was the most ordered place on the Earth...even if that place wasn't on the Earth. Their job consisted in sitting in their office waiting for someone to open the puzzle Box, then show the solver the ultimate pleasure, and then come back. Not exactly Eva's idea of fun, but she kept doing what they told her.
Actually, she didn't know how it worked, since nobody opened the Box during all the time she spent there, as a member of the Order of the Gash. Pinhead's order. He was the only one to have his own room, but most of the time he was in the bigger room with the rest of his team.

That day, a Cenobite came to visit them. She was a fat woman with nails around her closed eyes, and she kept hitting herself with her cat o' nine tails while floating in mid-air. The other cenobites called her Sister Flagellum, and Female explained Eva that she was Leviathan's spokeswoman. And that Leviathan blessed her with eternal sleep.
Eva shrugged, thinking about it. From what she learnt, sleeping wasn't a common thing among Cenobites. She was able to do it, but she wasn't sure whether it was a good or a bad thing.

And then someone opened the door of the dark room. She raised one non-existent eyebrow and glanced at the Cenobites who just came inside. What, they suddenly became famous and nobody told her?
The two tall Cenobites looked around, without making a single sound. They were two females with latex outfits and their stomach held open by thin hooks to reveal their internal organs. Their eyes were stitched, weird symbols were carved in their skin, and they had wires coming out of their chin that made them look as if their huge lips were always smiling. The same wires came out of their forehead as hair.
After a second of hesitation, they walked towards the desk of the fat Cenobite called Butterball.
"My precious babies. Finally you're here." Butterball licked his lips, placing his hands on their hips and pulling them closer.
The two Cenobites sat on his knees and playfully licked his face with their long, black tongues.

Eva closed her eyes, wondering if she really needed to know why those two had the guts (she shook her head at that non-intended pun) to lick Butterball's fat and sweaty face, and what they were going to do next.

Female's voice woke her up from her thoughts.
"What is this indecency?" she asked.
Butterball turned his head to look at her "Today these two little dolls started working for me. I even paid them, so let me have a bit of fun."
"Maybe you forget what we're doing here. Tell them to go away."
"Look, it's their first day of work. Even if I tell them to go away, time will pass. I paid for two hours, and they don't care if they're spending these two hours with me or not. It's not easy to control these sweeties."
Female stood up and looked at Eva.
"Call the Priest. I won't accept such a disgusting act in this place." not a single muscle moved on her face. It looked more like a mask.
"But Pinhead said nobody had to disturb him...Sister Flagellum..." the young Cenobite raised her shoulders.
"I think this is important enough to disturb him. Go, Eva."

Eva stood up and walked towards the corridor. She had no idea of what to say.
She knocked at the black door, and Pinhead's elegant voice answered that he was busy.
The young Cenobite took a deep breath and opened the door.
"Pinhead? There's something you should see..." she stared at him with an embarrassed expression.
"Eva, unless our lord Leviathan blessed you with a higher grade while I was away, you still have to call me Priest. And when I say something you have to obey. I'm sorry Sister Flagellum."
She tried her best to hide it, but Eva was about to explode and open Pinhead's stomach with the surgical instruments hanging from her belt. She hated that silly discipline. Maybe the fact that being turned into a Cenobite didn't change her character wasn't a good thing.
"I have to insist, Priest. The Priestess told me to call you, because she believed this deserved your attention."
Pinhead stood up.
"Eva, would you please explain me what you're talking about?"
Eva walked in the office. If she still had human blood in her veins, probably her cheeks would've been deep red.
"I'm sorry to disturb you, but...two...two girls arrived in the office, and...well, I don't really know how to explain it...Butterball...well, they started kissing him, and when the Priestess told him to stop, he said that the girls work for"
Pinhead raised one non-existent eyebrow and slightly tilted his head. That was absurd, but definitely not surprising. It was Butterball, after all.
"Sister Flagellum, I beg your pardon."
He walked out of the office.
Eva ran after him, don't knowing what to expect.
"Look, I'm sorry, but he refused to stop, and..."
He raised one hand to shut her. The situation was already weird enough.

In the other room, Female was sitting at her desk and was keeping her eyes closed and her arms crossed. Butterball and the twins kept kissing, ignoring her words.
The only one who had a slightly "normal" behavior was the Cenobite called Chatterer. Here and there he slightly turned his head towards Female, but Eva couldn't tell if he was worried or not. His head had been brutally disfigured, and the only ways he could express his feelings were writing or chattering.
"Butterball, this is not the right place for the Wire Twins. Here you have to respect order."
The fat Cenobite stopped squeezing the breasts of one of the twins and opened his arms. From the sound of his voice, it was clear that Pinhead scared him a little more than Female.
"Boss, I paid them..."
"Butterball, when we're working and I say something, that becomes law. You have no soul to tear apart, but I know many ways to persuade you to obey."
"Boss, it's not like someone is going to open the Box now..." a small drop of sweat appeared on his forehead.
"I never mentioned the Box. Please, do what I ordered you before I decide that you're not worth my time."
Butterball remained silent.
Before anything could happen, Eva felt herself dragged away. It was like hooks started tearing her from inside and rebuilding her somewhere else. Everything around her was empty.

Then she found herself in a small room with a strong smell of cigarette, together with the other Cenobites. The "Wire Twins", as Pinhead called them, were with them, too. Ok, that was a surprise for everyone.
In front of them there was a man. A puddle of blood was slowly growing under his body. Near him, another man with a knife in his hands.
"You opened the Box. We came." Pinhead looked at him.
"I...DON'T KILL ME!" the man shook his head, with his eyes wide open in shock.
"We have such sights to show you..." Female had a dreaming expression, as if she was foretasting something really good.
"I DIDN'T OPEN THAT FUCKING BOX!" the man cried "IT'S BEEN MY FRIEND! I...I...I killed him...BUT IT'S NOT ME! IT'S HIM!"
A small smile appeared on Pinhead's face. He slowly raised one of his hands to point at the Box.
"The solver of the puzzle has to come with us. His thirst for pleasure will be satisfied."
Female grabbed one of her knives "We can't go back to Hell alone."
A slight movement of Pinhead's head called the chains from the darkness. The man screamed when the hooks stopped, just an inch away from his face.
"Open the Box." it was an order.
"I...I can find someone else...who can open it for me..." he kept moving his look from a hook to another, as if they were snakes ready to bite him.
Pinhead slightly tilted his head to the left.
"I know that behind your words there's the hope to run away. You hope we can't find you, you hope to forget this..." he looked at the terrified man in front of him.
"I'LL FIND SOMEONE ELSE!" he fell on the floor and crawled towards Pinhead's feet "Please...don't kill me..."
"Forty-eight hours."
The Cenobites looked at their leader, puzzled. He just made a deal with that man?
"THANK YOU!" he hugged Pinhead's legs.
"Stop touching me, you useless being." he neither looked at the man.
Eva raised one non-existent eyebrow. That wasn't exactly what they told her. But if Pinhead said so, there HAD to be a reason...whatever it was.

When they walked out of the small apartment, she tried to ask him why he did it, but Female anticipated her.
"Priest, I don't understand your decision..."
"That man...he doesn't deserve to taste our pleasures. If he finds someone else, that's good for him. If he doesn't...these two days will increase his fear and his concern. His flesh will have a better taste."
"But we'll remain on the Earth for two days. I don't know if we can find a place to hide..."
"We will. And now, the time for work is over."
"Pinhead?" Eva immediately called him with his true name. For her it was a way to regain a few power on him. She wasn't his girlfriend only to feel treated exactly like the last Cenobite in Hell, damn.
Pinhead turned his head towards her.
"We need to find some empty house." the young Cenobite shrugged "And maybe think about what we could do during these two days. We can't go out and get drunk, we can't go shopping...what are we supposed to do? Waiting isn't really my thing..."
"It will be." Pinhead nodded once, without even looking at her.
She snorted and rolled her eyes.


Notes: yes, you can hate Eva. Even if the story is told mostly from her POV, you are allowed to hate her. Why she's with Pinhead? We're still trying to understand it. She fell in love for him, even if he always despised her. After a while he decided that she was a new kind of flesh, that he never experienced, so he brought her in Hell. He doesn't really love her, but he won't get rid of her until he manages to understand entirely how she works.