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(G1 11/04/08 OR)


Arrived at Tashluta!
Saw a young chap at the dock. Not a local, Name of Raz-something or other. Hired him to take my
sea chest to a good inn nearby. He selected 'The Bent Goblin' How was it bent? Who knows.
Raz showed me around the local bazaar. Examined local architecture. Also noted cobblestones - will have
to find out how they do masonry here, as the stones had rounded edges in the Waterdeep style, but
were of a smaller cut, Interesting!

Bazaar had many games and stalls that one might see in the north. Questioned some vendors but they
were not very forth coming. Raz and I tried our hands a few of the games.

There was a commotion when a dozen or so 'stirges' got loose.

I managed to capture one, and gather the body of another. The live one was going to be difficult to
keep though as they appear to feast only on human blood, so we decided to drown it in the taverns
fountain. I shall stuff it later.

For further notes on the stirge dissections see Beast Journal Entry #167

In the evening myself and Raz sampled some of the many drinks and dishes of the region. I found the
ales to be the best as the wines tend to give me the gripe.

For further notes on these drinks and dishes see Regional Food / Drink Journal Entry #223

Went to bed for my first night at the inn. Bed clean. Room quiet.