(G201 30/05/2014 via Roll20 - AP(GM), Mira)

[Some notes taken while I was away visiting K.] [Written by AP ;) ]

(DAY 219)

During the time that Rollo was off visiting the Lizardman camp, Mirabella conducted a comprehensive
search of the refuge and came across a secret stairwell, leading down into a basement area. She lit
her lantern, since the area was (obviously) dark. She saw a brazier, which she then lit and that light
revealed a corpse, a sickle, a heavy mace and a legend written on the wall, in what looked like blood.
The legend said "slash the flesh, hammer the bones".
Mira took this to mean she should strip the flesh from the corpse and hammer the bones down. She did
this on one of the corpse's arms, with no obvious effect, other than a mushy, pulped corpse arm.
Deciding to leave the corpse alone, she started investigating and opened an adjoining door. To her
horror, she was confronted by a zombie! Quickly, she loosed a number of arrows at it, to little effect.
After a few more arrows, she had an epiphany. Perhaps the legend on the wall referred to slashing
zombie flesh? She ran to the sickle, pick it up, and proceeded to hack the zombie into gently quivering
chunks, finishing with a mighty upwards blow that beheaded the wretched creature.
During the rest of her investigations, she encountered more zombies and not a few skeletons. The skeletons
also proved resistant to her arrows, and she had to go back for the mace to finish them off.
Her continuing investigations led her into a corridor, where she failed to spot the trigger for an arrow
trap! Luckily, her rogue reflexes meant that she took very little damage from this trap, and she spent
some time investigating it and determining that it could be reset.
She continued along the corridor, past an alcove, unfortunately, without checking the alcove and found
herself with 4 zombies bearing down on her! She managed to hold her ground for a while, but the zombies
sharted pushing her backwards and she fell into an unseen pit trap. Luckily, it didn't have spikes at the
bottom, and she was able to scramble back up and out the other side, leaving two zombies in the pit, clawing
at the air. Resolving to be more wary and alert for traps, she continued her search. First though, she
returned to the surface for healing and backup in the form of Sylvia. The 2 of them then returned to the basement.
Over the course of their investigations, they encountered yet more zombies, skeletons and a couple
of chests of loot!