December 10

I grabbed my Dwarved sword before heading out of Segram, a bar near the village Sunotice, in Vendoo. Coming up to the old lady that served as the bartender, I requested a jug of Argonian ale. I figured I could chug a jug before I headed hometown of Elegru. The taste of the frothy beverage sent a sinister chill down my spine as I thought about what I would do next. My plans were to visit some friends of mine, and then maybe do some hunting... assuming I could rent a bow. My name is Rulenar the Second, named after my grandfather who fought in battle against oblivion.

I headed through the pub's door, shivering slightly as the bitter wind rushed through the chinks in my armor, lingering for only a second or two. I raised a hand, looking around, and a carriage rolled up beside me. Climbing inside, I handed the driver 10 gold pieces to take me to Elegru. Halfway through the trip, though, I decided to hop off and take a small hike up the tall, snowy mountain behind which stood my beloved hometown. It didn't take long to make it to the top of the mountain, but I had to be careful for fear of falling to my death. Twice, wolves tried their luck against me. I'll stay here for the night, find an even surface, cool down a bit... even though it was freezing cold.

December 11

I woke up today to a few warm rays of sunshine, but the happiness I had inside of me was almost immediately vanquished by the fact that all the food I had packed with me was gone. Taken by the local vermin, most likely. It is quite demotivating to wake up and discover the absense of food. Luckily, the vermin that had presumably robbed me of my food had neglected to loot what I had in the small rucksack on my back. It was not enough to keep me sustained for long, but I savored the taste of the cold bread while it lasted.

Though part of me wanted to head back to my house in Markarth, I forged on. As I headed down the mountain at a run, I tripped over something, sprawling face-first into the cold snow. Picking myself up from the ground realized that the object that had caused me to fall was a skeleton - what it had been before its demise I did not know, for I was never very good at recognizing the remains of creatures, or anything in that field.

Although, slaughtering things has always been an inspiration.

I looked back at the skeleton, and noticed that strips of meat still clung to its bones. My hand went to the hilt of the sword at my waist as I looked around furtively. It was very likely that a troll had destroyed this creature. More of them could be around here, in the mountains. I headed on, but more slowly now, more cautiously, hand in a tight grip around my sword. After a few minutes of relative silence my grip relaxed - I wouldn't find any trolls for a while.