Chapter 2

Jack almost dropped the cat from surprise. "What?"

The cat jumped from Jack's arms and sat down next to him. "I can't die.

Jack looked at the cat and said. "That works out, because neither can I.

The cat looked at Jack and said "What happened to you to make you immortal?"

Jack looked down at the ground and said. "I was with a couple friends of mine and was facing some alien robots called daleks. It was just me all alone and I had to back into a wall. "They said 'exterminate'" and I said that 'I kind of figured that.' and then they killed me, but one of my friends was able to bring me back to life, but they brought me back so that I could never die again. Well I die, but I always come back to life." Jack stopped for a few minutes and then he said. "So, why can't you die?"

Binx looked at Jack and the rest of the Torchwood gang and said. "Those witches that you saw are the reason why I can never die. They had kidnapped my sister and made her drink some kind of potion that they had made and they sucked her life force out of her. Before they did that though, I tried to stop put a stop to it, but they turned me into a black cat."

Jack looked at the rest of the team for a few minutes before turning back to Binx and said "How would you like to stay with us for now?"

Binx looked at Jack and the rest of the team and then nodded his head and they all went back to the Hub and tried to figure out what they were going to do.