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I froze. What else was I supposed to do when a completely hot guy that confuses you to no end kisses you unexpectedly? I felt Fang's lips mold against mine and his hand traveled from my cheek where he was holding me in place to behind my neck. I felt him bury his hands in my hair and distant gasps and laughs from the flock. It wasn't long at all before I found myself kissing him back. Hm, there's a story to tell the grandkids, I thought your grandfather was a jerk and then he kissed me in truth or dare as my first kiss. Not that I'm planning on marrying Fang that is. I mean yeah, he's dark and mysterious and can actually keep up with my moods and violent acts and he's sweet and real and not to mention hot, but, why am I even thinking this?! I'm kissing this boy and thinking about marrying him? What's wrong with me?

But as I felt myself get lost in the kiss, my arms circling around his neck by pure instinct and pulling him closer, I knew that the feelings I had for him wasn't just the feeling a 16 year old girl has for a celebrity like Brad Pitt. He's kind of old now, too. That's just gross. Why the heck am I thinking about Brad Pitt when I'm kissing Fang?

I felt Fang run his tongue over my upper lip, asking for entrance and I gasped, efficiently letting him in. I heard whoops and excited screams in the distance but ignored them. Fang's tongue tangled with mine and he started sucking on my bottom lip when I realized that we had an audience and I would rather not give the flock a big show of my make out with Fang, so I reluctantly pulled away and teased, "Whoa, there cowboy. This is our first kiss, I'm not going further than that."

I looked into Fang's eyes as he chuckled a deep chuckle that I fell in love with. I realized that he had some golden flecks in his black eyes that seemed to be a bit brighter than usual, "Way to break the mood, Max."

I had almost forgotten that the flock was still there from looking into Fang's eyes until Iggy spoke up.

"Nuhuh, you don't talk about the mood, because you were never in it so you don't know when it broke," I scolded the white guy as Fang chuckled quietly and pulled me to him so that my back was leaning against his chest as he played with my hair.

"We all know that the mood broke when you stopped the make out session," Iggy wiggled his eyebrows at me and I turned to Ella who was giggling by his side.

"Ella, what do you see in this perv? Honestly?"

Ella smiled up at Iggy and then turned back to me with a teasing light in her eyes, "What do you see in Fang?"

I raised my eyebrows at that, not answering out loud. He's hot, he's sweet, he's not a player, I don't know when exactly I came to that conclusion, he just made it possible to see that he's not, he understands me, the list goes on.

Ella seemed to be rethinking her words after my raised eyebrow and then shot a look at Fang over my head before mumbling, begrudgingly, "Point taken."

I smiled, "Aw, is someone jealous that I have a better boyfriend than her." I realized my mistake when Ella smirked at me and I felt the warm breath of a certain type of tooth whisper in my ear, "So I'm your boyfriend then?"

I felt my ears heat up and felt Fang's chest move with a silent chuckle as he moved the hair from my ears and saw the red in them.

"ZOMG! Max and Fang are dating now! Iggy, our plan totally worked. Now they are going to grow up and get married and have like a bazzillion violent kids. ZOMG Max can I be the god mother? Oh that would be so cool! They would call me Aunt Nudge and like when they need boy advise in high school since you are like totally inexperienced with that I can give them advice and then my kids will be all cute and play with them and- sorry."

Nudge's overwhelming rant was silenced by Gazzy nudging Nudge and then she blushed as he said, "Nudge can only be the godmother if I'm the godfather."

I wasn't listening to all of this, I stopped listening to her rant after she mentioned, "A plan, Iggy?" I turned to him with an evil smirk on my face and a raised eyebrow.

Iggy visibly gulped at my hidden threat in the words, "Erm, yeah, we knew you guys were perfect for each other," I started standing up and he continued with his explanation as I slowly walked to him, he started stumbling to his feet, too, "and we knew that-" He was caught off guard when I pulled him into a tight hug and whispered a quiet, "Thank you," in his ear.

He relaxed and patted my back, "No problem, Maxie. Gotta look out for the little girls in our Flock."

I pulled back and smiled at him, "Thanks," my face darkened considerably, "and never call me Maxie or a little girl again. There will be consequences."

He gulped again and nodded his head like a bobble head. I nodded, acknowledging his response and made my way back to Fang who welcomed me back into the embrace with open arms and a sweet kiss to my temple.

I nudges Fang with my elbow, letting him know that he should thank Iggy and Nudge as well, "Mph," He grunted when my elbow made a harsh impact with his abdomen before thanking Iggy, "Yeah man, thanks," He mumbled out the gratitude, but of course the Igster heard him.

"Yeah, I just know that you wouldn't have had the guts to ask her out on your own, so I figured that you needed some help."

Fang scoffed, "I would've gotten around to it."

I giggled and turned to put my hand on Fang's cheek and look him in the eye, "Oh, Fang. We all know that you wouldn't have had a pair to get the courage."

He narrowed his eyes playfully at me, "And who was the one who kissed the other first? Iggy didn't even have to dare me to, I just did."

I didn't have any answer to that, so I just turned back around, with a scowl on my face and settled my head against his sturdy chest as the game continued without me paying attention.

"You're still so cute when you are mad," Fang whispered in my ear and placed a soft kiss underneath my ear. I shivered involuntarily and he pulled me closer to him.

As the flock started doing stupid dares and revealing truths, I just sat with Fang and thought over my feelings for him. I felt like this feeling wasn't just a crush or puppy love. I would never admit it, but I enjoyed his teasing and conversations even when I thought he was a player. I loved that he knew just how to handle my temper and how far to push me before I cracked or how far to push me until I came out stronger. Just a look from him across the soccer field made my stomach jump and my head turn a bit to mush. I always thought that these feelings were a weakness, but even if I was weak with my feelings around Fang, we were strong as a whole. Like when it felt like we could read each other's mind on the field and perform tricks like pros in order to reach our goals. His quiet demeanor didn't come out as scary or threatening like some people might see it, but I see it as a figure of knowledge. Of observing the way people live and who really counts to be in his life.

I looked around at the Flock who had been Fang's friends first and studied each one of their movements. They didn't move in a way that was to keep up an act or like they had a plan underneath their eyes. Oh, whoops, my bad, Gazzy does, but he always does, it's just who he is. None of them ever did anything to impress other people. They just acted the way that they were. They didn't fake anything in their personalities. Their demeanor clearly stated, "This is me, take it or leave it." Nudge with her rants that she never tried to admonish or change, she's just an understanding girl who says what's on her mind, willing people to except her or neglect her. Gazzy with his numerous crimes. He doesn't care if someone thinks he is obnoxious or stupid, he's the little prankster and he loves it. Angel, more superior than I ever thought a teenage girl could be. She could fit into any group at school while being herself, but she chose this one because none of us fit in with any clique besides ours. We were all nothing alike, if you saw Fang walking from one side of the hall with his dark clothing and dark clothes and dark demeanor, you would never guess that he was best friends with Iggy on the other side of the hall in his mismatch colorful clothes, white skin, white hair and all around pale features. You would never know that they grew up together until they met up halfway in a crowded hallway and interacted with each other in such a way that it's hard to remember why you thought they would ever not be best friends. Iggy makes all the jokes he wants. He'll just scream random things in the hallway just for himself and not care who hears it. Like "Bipolar fried chicken!" (inside joke. One of my friends is the opposite of me by demanding attention while I'd rather not have any attention on me)

Fang, he's just, emotionless to the outsiders. Observing their true characteristics before joining into a conversation of sort. I realized that there was nothing that I didn't like about him. He was perfect for me. I could never live without him after our meeting. I loved him.

I almost audibly gasped at this realization, I loved Fang. It felt as natural as breathing to think that. How could I not love Fang? My body must've tensed when I realized this, for Fang leaned down and whispered in my ear as Gazzy and Iggy were having a burping contest, "What are you thinking about?"

I couldn't just tell him yet, it didn't feel right yet, "I'm thinking about how wonderful the Flock is." I whispered back semi truthfully.

He chuckled lowly, "Yeah, that one that Gazzy just ripped definitely defines amazing."

I giggled quietly and leaned against Fang again, taking in his scent that wasn't cologn which I loved because I hate cologn. No, he smelled distinctly like Fang. Like pine trees and soap and a musky scent that I can only define as Fang.

I wanted to stay in his arms forever, in his arms, I forgot that there was a raging blizzard outside, that Gazzy's latest blow was stinky enough to make eyes water, I didn't even care all that much when Iggy and Ella started kissing and whispering to each other. I didn't want to break them up because that would mean that I would have to get up, and I didn't want to do that.

I was so comfortable that I didn't realize I was falling asleep until I was carried away into sweet dreams almost as sweet as the reality I was living at the moment.

One and a half months later

It had been a blissful 6 weeks. There were still small annoying encounters with Dylan, but this time, Fang was by my side the whole time. The rumors about all the girls started dying out when they realized that he actually was dating someone, me. Although I still heard rumors that Lissa started about her and Fang dating and a couple about him and some Brigid chick. I never believed them, though. Because the girls that dared to touch my man in the hallways were always brushed off by Fang, and, or, yanked by the hair by me and then I would kiss Fang on the lips while I still had their hair in my hand so that they remembered that he was mine. Fang always thought this was the funniest thing and teased me about him being "My man" at which I would remind him that that meant that I was his girl which would result in make out sessions that I had absolutely no problems with.

We have yet to tell each other that we love each other, but by the way that Fang looks at me sometimes, I swear that I know he does, just as my love for him as grown fonder if that's even possible. We have only lost one soccer game in the season because Dylan decided he would intercept the ball when I passed it to Iggy. Idiot.

Since it is our Junior year, our teachers are already pressuring us to start looking at colleges and decide what we want to be. I have decided that I want to be a pilot and so the second semester of Junior year and all year Senior year, I am taking an engineering class. I love the air and the feeling of flying. I'm planning on getting a skydiving license once I turn eighteen so I can do that. Fang has decided that he wants to be a pilot and help build planes. He shared the same joy as I do for flying. In fact, the whole Flock, apart from Ella, wants to be something that involves the sky. Nudge wants to study birds and their ways. Gazzy wants to study our solar system.

Iggy wants to figure out how to build flying bombs or just satellites for the solar system, but mostly bombs.

Ella wants to be a genetic scientist, without and I quote "All of those freaky mutant things that crazy scientists make that is see on TV."

That's the difference between the two of us, she doesn't mind needles, having stayed with mom at the vet building while I was out of there at the mere mention of needles.

Of course Ella, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel aren't Juniors or Seniors yet, so they aren't as stressed or involved in studies as Iggy, Fang, and I are, but we make it work.

Right now the Flock was gathered at Fang's house in his bedroom, draped across the floor, the bed and some other odd places like having our legs dangling out the open window and our head resting against the wall upside down until our face is red enough to look like a monkey, not mentioning names *couchGazzycough*.

We had been doing homework and studying for finals for over an hour and my back was getting sore from leaning over my book for so long. I was sitting with my books in my lap with my feet dangling over Fang's bed. Fang was positioned on the floor, sitting cross legged, his back was leaning up against his bed with my legs dangling on wither side of him. He was currently tapping his pencil softly on his book to a silent beat. This innocent act didn't fool me, though. He had been tickling my bare feet every now and then, causing me to shrink and the flock to look at me strangely while he acted innocent again. I didn't have the heart to change positions though.

He knew that my foot wasn't my most ticklish spot, but was the runner up. He knew that my most ticklish spot was my hips and he found comfort in walking up behind me, silent as a shadow, and pinching them and giving me a scare.

Back to studying, though. My back was killing me from being bent over my books for so long. I figured that I needed a break, so I stood up silently, not wanting to distract the strangely quiet flock from their studying. Fang looked up at me, questioningly. But as I stretched he got that I was just sore and looked back to his books. After I was stretched, I silently made my way out of the room, leaving all of my work there, a silent indication that I would be right back. I made my way down the stairs and to his large kitchen. His mother was still at work and his dad had died when he was younger and so the house except for Fang's room was empty besides me.

I had been over so many times, that I didn't hesitate to grab a cup out of the cupboard and walk to the other side of the kitchen where they had the kind of fridge that had water and ice too. I ignored the ice lever and filled my cup up with water. I hated ice in my drinks, it just took up the room that could be filled with invigorating drinks and I hated hit when I tipped my cup to drink with ice in it, the ice would slide against my mouth and hurt my teeth with the coldness of it.

I was standing in front of the fridge, drinking my water slowly as I looked at the pictures on is fridge. They were always the same pictures and I found myself never tiring of seeing Fang as a little kid at a water park or his school pictures as he grew up that he didn't even smile for.

It was here, in this position, that I felt the shock of warm hands n my hips and squeezing gently as I took a sip of water. I went to shriek at the, unfortunately, familiar feeling, but with the water in my mouth, I ended up choking and coughing as Fang laughed his butt off from behind me. I finished my choking fit as Fang was calming down and glared at him, "I hate you."

I teased, he knew I didn't, it was a common thing that I said to him when ever he did that. I turned back around to refill my cup. The rest had spilled out when I was coughing.

The cup was almost full when Fang wrapped his arms around my waist from behind, setting his head on my shoulder and kissing my ear lope softly before whispering, "That's a shame, because I love you, Mazimum Martinez."

I froze, again. How can this boy always take me off guard? The cup was full now and I lifted it up from the lever. I had heard the complete honesty in his voice as he said that. So I gently set my cup down on the counter beside the fridge and turned in his arms to wrap my arms around his neck and twirl my fingers in his dark hair. I pulled a little closer, enough so that he could clearly see my eyes and I let my walls down, so that he could see all of my feelings that I portrayed as I whispered, "I love you, too, Fnick Ride."

I was about to call him by his nickname, but since he called me by my full name, I figured I should call him by his real name. He smiled slightly, happily before bringing his arms from my waist and gently cupping my face for a kiss that was different from the rest. While our first had been almost of a promise, a lot of our others were to show possession or just plain need. This one was full of love. My arms slid from around his neck to behind his back, so that my arms could be in a more comfortable position. This kiss didn't need to be open mouthed or heated to show what we meant to each other. It was just full of pure bliss.

That is until I heard an all too familiar voice, "Fnick? I like that. Hey Fnick stop eating Maxie's face off and come up and study."

I pulled away slightly in shock of Iggy's unwelcome voice.

Fang growled slightly, "Go away, Iggy." He mumbled loud enough for him to hear before kissing me again, this time with more need in it. I happily returned the kiss.

I heard an annoyed sigh from Iggy, "We all have a problem that we can't figure out and you guys are the smartest so we need your help."

I lifted a hand and waved him away as Fang flipped him off from over his shoulder. I smiled slightly into the kiss.

Fang brought his hands from my cheeks to my waist and my arms returned to their previous position of around his neck as his tongue entered my mouth.

"Max, if you don't stop than I will follow Fang's example and go make out with Ella."

This got me, he knew I hated that she was dating Iggy, let alone making out with him. So I pulled away from Fang softly yet quickly and noticed his groan of protest as he started kissing my neck, "Sorry, Fang. I have to go pummel a white kid."

Fang chuckled and let go of me, "Okay, just let me watch."

I grinned and nodded before stepping around him and stalked up to Iggy. Iggy turned on his heal and sprinted out of the house, myself close on his heels, screaming profanities at him.

Soon the rest of the Flock joined us in tackling each other in the front yard and throwing a football that Fang left out at each other. Lissa came out of her house to see what was going on, only to run back inside when I sent the football flying her way.

I felt Fang's arms around me as he picked me up and swung me around. I laughed loudly and he whispered in my ear, "I love you."

I smiled, wondering how I got so lucky, "I love you, too."

He gave me a peck on my lips before pulling out a water gun that I hadn't seen him pick up and spray me with it, holding me in place while I screamed, before losing his grip on me and running away from me.

"Fang Ride! This isn't over!" I shouted after him and ran to the boy I love, except I want going to hug or kiss him like in the movies or other books, no, I was going to torture him so much that he will beg for me to stop, because that is just another way we show our love.

The End

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