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The Doctor and Martha both laughed as they collapsed inside the TARDIS. They had spent the day exploring the random planet which the ship had sent them to. The Doctor had later identified it as Tenebra, the planet of darkness. The Doctor was extremely gleeful when he discovered that the planets name was in Latin, insisting that it was such an amazing language, and it was a stupid human mistake for it to be considered a 'dead language.'

Considering that the planet experienced night for 97% of its year, the Doctor deemed it highly improbable that they would encounter the native creatures. They were supposed to have been in hibernation, but it was just their luck that they had landed smack in the middle of the 3% of day time. The Tenebris were a primitive species with little tolerance for anything unfamiliar. Over the millennia, they had evolved to be bioluminescent, as well as developing impeccable sight and hearing. They resembled a large crocodile, only with many more teeth.

The moment the Tenebris saw Martha and the Doctor, they declared them hostile invaders and began to chase after them. No amount of reasoning from the Doctor had been able to convince them otherwise. The two had managed to reach the TARDIS seconds before being overwhelmed by the Tenebris. After the two of them had recovered from tripping while entering the ship, they burst into another fit of laughter.

"I love new planets! Never know what to expect. Dunno though, I suppose that I should really try to read up on my history. Almost got turned into food for the hatchlings!" The Doctor joked, glad to have had a day where nothing all that serious had happened.

"Time Lord flavour. Delicious!" Martha choked out in between laughs. That comment pushed the Doctor over the edge again, his attempts at failing to contain his giggles were useless. He stood up, helping Martha as well. As she stood up, she bumped the console, sending the Doctor's journal to the cold floor of the TARDIS. Martha bent down to pick it up for him. "Doctor, I always see you writing in this. What exactly are you writing about?"

The Doctor went silent again, the light mood already fading. "Letters." He replied curtly. Martha sensed his change in demeanour and gave him a questioning glance. "They're um, for someone." He noticed something spark in Martha's eyes.

"Who?" The curiosity in her voice evidently rising. There was a long pause. The TARDIS hummed more loudly than usual, almost prodding the Doctor to tell her.

"Rose." He muttered. It wasn't that he was ashamed of Martha knowing that he wrote to her. It was more that he had wanted to keep is private, something only between he and Rose Tyler. The Doctor noticed Martha's face fall a little, even though she tried to hide it. "I tell her about our adventures. I...I don't want her to miss it." Martha didn't respond immediately, nor did she look at him. She kept her eyes focused on the tattered book in her hands. She wanted so badly to open it and see what the Doctor was saying about her, about Rose, about everything.

"What sort of things do you tell her?" Martha asked quietly.

"I tell her what you and I do. The planets and times we visit, what evil person or creature we end up battling that day." The Doctor's voice had cracked ever so slightly when he had said 'her.' Martha just looked at him sadly. She handed the book back gently to him, giving him a quick hug after. She then excused herself to her room, knowing that both she and the Doctor needed to think.

The Doctor opened his mouth to speak as Martha left, but he kept silent. He always made her upset when he brought up Rose. Part of him felt like he knew why, but he chose to ignore it. That's what he usually did with complicated thoughts. Instead, the Doctor made his way to a room that he had not been in for quite a while. It was still where it had been all that time ago down the stairs, two rights and a left. The TARDIS hadn't moved it, knowing that the Doctor would need to go back.

He pushed open the door and was immediately greeted by her familiar scent. She had kept a bottle of her favourite perfume, constantly spraying it all over herself. He always pretended to gag, but he had actually loved it. Her pillows were still strewn across the bed, the sheets and blanket unmade. It's like she was here a few moments ago. The light pink walls were decorated with pictures of the two of them that Rose had taken at Christmas time last year. The rush of air from opening the door had knocked a single photograph down. It had landed front side down, revealing writing on the back. The Doctor hadn't noticed though, his mind was lost in memories.

He had been in here only a few times prior, never wanting to encroach on her personal space or bother her. He remembered one specific instance very clearly though.


"Doctor, c...could you come here please?" Rose's voice rang through the TARDIS. It had quivered slightly and sounded scared. He had immediately rushed to her room, concerned about what could possibly be scaring her. When he had opened the door, he found her sitting up in bed, her eyes wide with fear.

"What is it Rose? What's wrong?" He asked, his voice full of concern.

"I...I had a nightmare. It was about watching my Dad die. God I haven't had a nightmare since I was a kid." She whispered, both terrified and embarrassed. The Doctor remembered the day he had taken her back to be there for her father while he died. Everything had gotten so out of hand and he remembered how he had yelled at her. He still felt guilty over that. He should have never even taken her there. Wordlessly, he sat down next to her and gave her a hug. He had never exactly been good at saying comforting things. Eventually, he felt her relax slightly.

"Do you want me to go?" He asked, not really wanting to leave. He was perfectly content there. It felt right. She was comforting and reassuring, she made him feel safe.

"W...would you mind staying?" Rose's voice was still a whisper. He nodded and wrapped his arms around her. He pressed a light kiss to her forehead and the two of them had fallen asleep like that.

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