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"Shit" Liz murmured

"Elizabeth Sutton, will I be forced to wash your mouth out with soap?" Joe warned

Liz hung her head as I glared at the tablet

Zach was being held up by two men dressed in black, his bare back had strips of blood lined across it. One man had a whip in his hand, and Zach had a pool of blood in front of him as it leaked from his mouth.

Liz's face went pale and she looked like she was going to puke. Bex couldn't tear her face away from the screen and Macey looked like she was frozen, with a mixed expression of shock, pain, and pure fear.

"What- what did they do to him?" someone stammered

I was too late to realise that it was me.

And I knew full well what they did to him

"They tortured him?" Joe asked, I wasn't sure whether I could bring myself to say yes so I stayed silent.

There was a tall man with rings on each of his fingers was facing away from the camera, expecting someone.

Probably me

I pulled my hair back in a pony tail and grabbed my comms off of the table.

"Their early" I muttered as my phone started ringing


"I trust you've seen our little, puppet if you will" said the voice

I waved at Liz and she started a trace on her tablet, she did a sign to keep him talking.

"He's not a puppet" I snapped

"OH but he is"

"What have you done to him?" I asked disgusted

"We had a few questions for him" he laughed and a shiver flew up my spine

"You won't get away with this" I growled

"Oh but we have, you have 15 minutes" he said, and hung up

I looked at Liz expectantly and she shook her head

"Let's get going" Macey said checking the clip in her gun as she headed for the door

"The swat team are in position and on standby, we'll all be on comms, the others will assist the swat team, and I'll be right next to you" Joe said reassuringly as I followed Macey out the door.

I slid the comms into my ear and head Liz say "Good luck guys, and try to all come home"

It should have been a joke

But in our line of work

There's no such thing


"Right, Cam- I mean, chameleon, we have a visual of you pulling up" Jonas stammered

"How's my hair?" Macey asked stepping out of the car

"Like a radiant ball of sunshine" Bex mocked

"Don't mock me Rebecca Baxter" she said in mock stern as grant slid Bex out of the car carefully.

At this point Bex would be attacking Macey, but she didn't seem to care, she was busy staring at grant.

Mental note: Quiz her about it later (If I was alive)

"Solomon, were going round to join the swat team, you keep her alive, or I. will. Kill. You" Bex warned down the comms

Joe chuckled

"I don't doubt that" he smiled a little, but it quickly faltered as we turned the corner and caught sight of the exchange spot

Zach's face was bowed down as he spat out more blood with every step I took. I stopped stepping for a moment. Just to see if he was chocking up blood because of me, because despite being one of the best spies of the C.I.A, I was still aloud to have doubts.

We stopped about 10 metres away from the man with all the rings. As he turned to look at me, I froze. His black eyes bore into my flesh and his intertwined fingers showed him at ease.


"You came" he said in mock happiness

"Hard not to" I snapped glancing around the perimeter, (extremely subtly) to see if he had brought any extra men.

Zach's face lifted up and he spat out one more dollop of blood before staring at me square in the eyes. I felt a warm pang in my chest, and at the same time, something twisted in my stomach.

I bowed my head the tiniest bit at him. And that nod said more to him than a million words.

He winked back and I could see a smirk playing on his lips.

"You and the boy walk to the middle and swap over, we get you, the C.I.A gets him" said the man

"How did you find out we were C.I.A?" Joe asked

"Right Chameleon, we've got you on surveillance, we'll try not to lose you" Liz said down the comms

"Such a big organisation such as the C.I.A, I'm surprised there aren't more moles" he smiled

I momentarily froze processing the information.

Great, another mole in the C.I.A, that place was like a broken pipe, leaks everywhere.

"Who are you?" I asked, aware that there were no people surrounding us.

"Your worst nightmare"

"Then where are the red nose, creepy face paint and massive red poker dot shoes?" I asked

"Really Gallagher girl, you're afraid of clowns?" Zach joked, which earned him a punch in the gut from the bold man

"Hence why I'm slightly scared of grant" I smirked

I heard grant say "hey" down the comms, but I blocked all those voices out as Zach stared at me squarely in the eyes.

"How did you know that we were C.I.A, I mean we could have been any random couple" I said as Joe gave me a glare to shut up

"I mean, for all you could have known, we could have been totally innocent" I rambled on

"Cameron, I'm surprised you don't remember who I am" he said raising an eye brow

"Sorry, that's not my name, you must have me confused with someone else" I said slowly the man snickered

"Desperate attempt to hide your real name" he smiled and I felt the tension in the air hit maximum as he pulled his gun.

I felt Joe tense

"Too bad it won't serve ay purpose" I said pointing at the gun

"Au Contraire" he smiled and surely enough Liz yelled down my comms "CAM! WE'VE LOST THE OTHERS! AND THE SWAT TEAM YOU HAVE TO FLIPPIG EVACUATE!"

I flinched and the man pulled his gun up to Zach's head

"We knew you were never going to go through with the exchange, I simply bought you here so you could see you boyfriend die" he laughed

GOD, was this man ASKING to die?


I glanced at Joe and he looked like he was torn between whether he gave me up and whether he gave Zach up.


"I'll go" I said finally and I heard Zach gasp and glare at me

"Wise choice, Miss Morgan" he said, a smug smile threatening his lips.

I snorted and threw my gun to the floor

"Cam, DON'T. YOU. DARE" Bex threatened behind me, not even out of breath from her run

"I have to" I snapped pulling out my comms and dropping it to the floor.

"No you don't" Joe said

For some reason, I felt like Joe had planned this with Zach, like he knew it was going to happen, I HATE BEING OUT OF THE LOOP.

I unzipped my black cat suit and pulled out the gun I had slip down my waist and threw that to the floor

"I won't let you do this" Joe said grabbing onto my sleeve

"you have to" I begged looking at him, and something snapped inside of him, maybe it was something he saw in my eyes, or something Zach had told him, but he nodded and said "We'll get you out"

"Joe! You can't let her do this!" Zach protested and the man with the rings punched him across the face

"They'll kill her!" he exclaimed and something painful twisted in his face

"Shut up Zach!" I said sharply as one of the men dragged Zach to his feet with his arms still bound behind his back.

I took a step

Zach took a step

I took another

So did he

As we reached the centre Zach stared at me with mournful and bloodshot eyes

"I'll save you" he promised

"I can manage" I murmured, a smirk threatened his lips and he walked towards Joe and I walked toward my captor. His yellow teeth etched into a grin.


He himself slapped on the handcuffs that scratched sharply against my wrist and I felt his breath in my ear.

"Who are you?" I whispered

"I am the circle" he laughed manically and loaded me into the car behind him.

And as he shut the doors I couldn't help but wonder what horrible fate this man had planned for me or maybe even by the orders of the circle.