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Rise of the Kaizoukage

Chapter I: Neglected Child

It has been six years since the Kyuubi no Kitsune: Kurama was ripped from Kushina Namikaze, wife of the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, and had its power resealed into their newborn daughter Natsumi. Natsumi Namikaze was declared a hero to the village. Forgotten by his own parents was her older brother Naruto Namikaze the host of Kurama's soul.

Natsumi looked exactly like Kushina when she was six only her facial structure was the same as Minato's, the complete opposite of Naruto he looked like a mini Minato with Kushina's face. Both children had three whisker marks on each cheek due to Kurama's influence while they were in Kushina's womb.

Over the last three years Natsumi's personality has gone from being a kind child to a little bitch. When something didn't go her way she complained until someone gave her what she wanted. She bullied other children mostly Naruto. Overall she had an attitude that could rival the Uchiha and Hyuga together, yet no one seemed to notice.

Naruto's Life has been a living Hell specifically over the last three years. He had no friends save a select few individuals, the villagers hated him for something he had no control over and worst of all his parents were brushing him aside like he is not worth nothing. Most people in his position would have taken the coward's way out of running away and nurse his hatred for Konoha. Every advance he made to get his parents to train him along with Natsumi was turned down. Minato and Kushina kept saying they would train him when he entered the academy at age eight, and every time they went back to training their precious daughter. Yet through all the bad times Naruto maintained a positive outlook on life, never once did he complain to his parents about the beatings that he received from mobs, and he never gave up on things that mattered to him like trying to be part of his family. Yet despite this happy outside on the inside Naruto was almost at his breaking point.

Today was October 8th, Naruto was going to ask his parents again if they could train him or if he could at least join the ninja academy next year. But Fate has a strange way of creating its heroes.

"Tou-chan! Did you see that?" Natsumi called out as she finished her morning training.

"Excellent job Natsumi-chan" Minato said with a smile "Your as strong as your mother was when she was your age."

"Alright you two lunch is ready so come and get it!" Kushina called as she brought a tray of three ramen bowls to her husband and daughter. Once all three had eaten Minato asked natsumi to go inside so he could speak to Kushina in private.

Naruto was just about to go outside but he was stopped when Natsumi came in.

"Move it Baka!" She ordered as he stepped out of her way.

As she continued to her room Naruto reached for the door but stopped when he heard his father talking.

"You know what Kushina?" Minato asked his red haired wife "In two days at her birthday party I plan on allowing Natsumi to sign the toad contract" Minato told her. Kushina looked at him like he was insane.

"Don't you think that it's a little too soon for her to sign the contract?" she said in a concerning voice.

"Not at all, once she signs it I will begin to teach her the Rasengan," Minato said.

"Why do you want her to learn so much so soon Minato" asked Kushina.

"I won't have my child go out into the world and get herself killed because she wasn't prepared" said Minato

"I see that's understandable" said Kushina.

"But that's not all I think Natsumi will be better as the heir of our clan so I will announce on her birthday that she will be our heiress" said Minato shocking Kushina and Naruto who was listening on the other side of the door.

"But doesn't that title usually belong to Naruto?" asked Kushina still shocked that was Naruto's birthright. Naruto perked at this, his Mother actually sounded like she cared even for him even for a little bit.

"Yes but I know she would be better leader plus she is way stronger than Naruto ever will be." said Minato not realizing how royally he just screwed up.

"BUT ITS HIS BIRTHRIGHT YOU MORON! YOU CAN'T JUST TAKE THAT FROM HIM!" Kushina roared furious that her husband had called their son a loser with no potential. "JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?"

"As Clan head and Hokage I can." Minato said in a tone that ended their little argument "think about it Kushina. Who has the higher chakra reserves?"


"Who has been studying their tail off since they could walk?"


"Who is the stronger of the two?"


"And who would make a better Clan head?"

"Natsumi" Kushina said almost inaudibly

"Now come let's finish Natsumi's training for today" said Minato getting a silent nod from the red headed woman.

Hearing this Naruto ran to his room and locked the door. Using his small knowledge in sealing he threw up a sound barrier and let his tears fall freely. In one instant he had lost everything that was important to him and his world came crumbling down. Eventually he cried himself to sleep and awoke in a very familiar sewer in front of a familiar cage.

Kurama initially hated Naruto but after several years of talking they had gotten closer to the point where they could almost call each other brother. Kurama really did not like the fact that his chakra was sealed into a brat like Natsumi it was bad enough being sealed in Mito and then Kushina if he was completely sealed in Natusmi, Kurama had no doubt he would have grown a vagina from all the estrogen.

"So kit what do you want to talk about this time?" the large and intimidating form of Kurama said as Naruto approached his cage...

Flashback no Jutsu!

Three years ago October 10 on Naruto and Natsumi's fourth birthday. It wouldn't be fair to say Naruto's been completely neglected by those around him. For the first three years of his life He had an equal amount of spotlight on him. however it was this particular day in which everything began to fall apart.

That morning Naruto and Natsumi both woke up. At this point in time they were sleeping in the same room, right next to their parent's room. Both children flashed beeming smiles at each other before rushing to their parents' bed.

Lighitning fast the two twins pounced upon their parents and woke them up with a start.

"Mommy! Mommy!Mommy!" Naruto chanted as he bounced up and down on Kushina.

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Natsumi echoed as she jumped on their father.

A nice as it would have been to sleep in, as the son wasn't even up yet, the two hyperactive three, very soon to be four year olds were just too excited.

Between the matriarch and the patriarch Kushina was the first one to wake up, she beemed a smile at Naruto and Natsumi, despite the blond boy jumping on her for the last several minutes, before joining them in jumping on top of Minato. For the most feared shinobi of his time and often regarded as the strongest Kage to see Minato Namikaze in a position where he was completely defenseless like he was now was completely rediculus.

"Ok Ok I'm up! I'm up!" The blond Hokage said to his wife and two kids as he finally sat up. "So what's so special about today you two?" Minato asked his twins "why are you so hyperactive at this ungodly hour of the morning?" Kushina chuckled as she pulled both twins onto her lap.

"Silly daddy!" Naruto said "It's our birfday!"

"Really? I had no Idea." Minato asked with fake bewilderment "So how old are you two…wait don't tell me. Two…no three!"

"Heeheehee" Natsumi chuckled "Daddy iz so silly! We're turning four!" the little red head said holding up three fingers.

"Awwww that's so cute Natsumi-chan" Kusihna said kissing the little girl on the forehead, before nuzzling closely with Naruto.

The entire day went wonderfully for the entire family, little did any of them know, it would be the last day they would all spend together as one family.

That night at Naruto and Natsumi's party it seemed like the entire village was celebrating, there was a large festival, food and fireworks galore all over the village, however unbeknownst to Minato and Kushina many villagers were sending Naruto dirty looks, it wasn't a secret that Naruto held the soul while Natsumi held the Chakra, OK maybe it was a secret for everyone under the age of five, Minato wanted to ensure that his children had a normal life. They saw Natsumi as a heaven sent savior while they saw Naruto as the Devil incarnate.

Either way while Naruto received clothes, books and toys Natsumi was getting blunt ninja tools, while both of them got things they wanted, Naruto could help but feel hurt when his parents told them they were going to start Natsumi's training.

While everyone was busy celebrating Naruto walked over to Kushina and tugged on the hem of her dress. Kushina turned to see her son, he had a slightly disheartened look on his face

"Mommy why is Natsumi getting twaining and I'm not?" the four year old asked

"Well you see Naruto-chan. Natsumi has a lot more chakra than you…you know what Chakra is don't you?"

"Yes…you said it was a special thingy that is inside of all of us… and that it lets you do cool jutsu, like Daddy's telep-telipor-teliportion."

"basically" She said picking Naruto up "Because Natsumi has more chakra than you, me or even Daddy she needs to start her training early. OK?"

"OK…" Naruto said slightly bummed "When can I start training?"

"You can start next year." Kushina promised; a promise that would never be kept.


"Pinky Promise" Kushina said holding he pinky out to Naruto, who wrapped his own pinky around her's. "Now com'on its time for cake"

Later that night while Naruto was asleep in his new room, Minato and Kushina gave Naruto and Natsumi their own rooms today, as a sign they were getting older, the little blond couldn't help but wonder why Natsumi had more chakra than anyone, or why that made her more special.

Any who, over the next year Naruto began to slowly fade into the background. He didn't say anything at first because he didn't know any better, so when the time came for their fifth birthday, Naruto was stunned when the party was practically for Natasumi alone. There were barely any presents for him, no one wished him a happy birthday, as Natsumi had gotten to Minato and Kushina first that day, and the trio spent the day together, without Naruto. Heck the cake only said "Happy birthday Natsumi!" which made Naruto tear up.

Near the end of the evening Naruto approached his parents


"Yes Naruto?" Kushina asked while she was busy cleaning up

"Can I start training to be a ninja this year?"

"Sorry Naruto but Natsumi needs the training more…can you wait one more year?"

Naruto deflated, his mom just broke their pinky promise. "sniffsniff…OK…sniff…" He slowly trudged off to his room, shutting the door behind him.

While the blond slept his mind moved him into a sewer.

"What the? Where am I?" the blond wondered "I'm probably dreaming…yeah that's it!" He proceded to pinch himself "Ouch! Ok maybe this isn't a dream…

"Naruto..." a voice called out to him. while the better part of his mind told him to stay away from the voice, Naruto couldn't help but follow it. Soon the blond four year old found himself before a massive gate with a piece of paper with 封 (seal) written on it.

"What is this..." SHWAK a large claw poked through the gate in an attempt to skewer the young child. "AAAHHH!" Naruto stummbled back in shock as the silluette of a large dog like animal's head emerged from the darkness in the cage. From what he could see the Beast had peircing red eyes and shinning white teeth

"Who...What...are you...?"

"I want to eat you so bad...But this damn cage gets in the way...So you have come to visit me at last hmm?" The monster questioned "About time if you asked me. This is going in the books; My warden finally graces me with his presence."

"you...you're the Nine Tailed Fox aren't you"

"Ding Ding we have a winner!" The fox said in a ridiculously sarcastic tone.

"This-This is impossible... jiji died to kill you..."

"Ha!" The fox laughed "As if that pathetic old monkey could kill me. He merely seperated my soul from my chakra; sealing me into you and my chakra into you sister."

naruto's eyes widened. now it made sense; why his parents were focusing more on Natsumi more that him, why she needed the training more than him "Did you bring me here?"

"I did..."


"To talk...You are a rather interesting specimen Brat. Your family ignores you yet you do nothing. Why is that?"

"My family doesn't ignore me!" Naruto shot back "They love me just the same"

"Oh really?" The fox asked raising an eyebrow "look back on the last year of your life, they've been ignoring you. they don't love you. In fact they would be better off if you weren't around..."


"But it's true...Deep down you know it to be true."

"You're lying!" Naruto said trying to keep himself together.

Needless to say their first interaction was less than satisfactory. but over the next two years, whenever Naruto felt down, and he needed someone to talk to, he normally would confine with Kurama, yes the fox Told Naruto his name, mainly because he was sick of Naruto calling him Nine Tails all the goddamn time. Through all their little bonding secession The two developed a brotherly relationship that would stant the tests of time.

Flashback no Jutsu: Release!

Naruto told Kurama what he heard his father say just a few minutes ago. Kurama saw this as the last straw. Nobody makes his "little brother" cry except him though he would never admit it.

"You know what Kit that does it we are leaving NOW!" he roared "Gather everything that you may need for a long trip and get out of here ASAP."

"Ok Kurama" Naruto said as he left his mindscape. Once back in the real world Naruto packed everything in his back pack.

'Kit's lucky that his mother at least showed some concern IF we come back she may be able to redeem herself.'

"Hey Kit steal all of this clan's scrolls and the scroll of sealing they may come in handy or they may fetch quite a high price if needed. Also let's leave a good by present in the Hokage library." Kurama said with a sinister smirk that spread to Naruto's face as well.

That night when the Namikaze family was asleep Naruto woke up and placed his plan in action. Luckily for him everywhere he went there were no guards as if some outside force was willing him to succeed. Naruto snuck into the Hokage library and took the Scroll of Sealing and all his clan's secret scrolls. He then sealed all the scrolls into a small scroll and placed in his back pack. Then Naruto began planted remote paper bombs all over the place and left the building.

Reaching the main gate Naruto could not believe his luck once again. The gate was open just enough for him to slip through and both guards were sleeping on the job. Once Naruto was outside the gates he activated the bombs, and ran so fast it was like he wasn't even there.

KABOOOOM! The explosion seemed to shake the entire village waking everyone at once. Shinobi were scrambling to put the fires out as Minato arrived in only his pajamas. Minato was shocked someone had snuck into the village and blew up the Hokage Library. The realization hit him like a ton of bricks all the scrolls concerning the families of Hokage were in there along with countless other scrolls of great significance.

"I WANT THAT FIRE PUT OUT YESTERDAY!" Minato ordered concerned about his Clan scrolls. "SAVE EVERYTHING YOU CAN!"

Outside the Village Naruto was ecstatic he had done it and he was proud of it what he had done would severly cripple Konoha if their Hokage's clan could not learn their own jutsu.

"Alright Kurama where do we go from here?" Naruto asked he actually never though that he would get this far.

"Head east toward Mist. We are going to the ocean." Kurama replied

"What do you want with the Ocean?"

"The old man used to tell us stories about it. He described it as a land where there was only one rule: Be Free."

"So you want freedom more than anything right?"

"Right, freedom is what all us bijuu want more than anything. Freedom and being together."

"Well Kurama consider yourself free because that is where we are going." Naruto said with a smile that made Kurama start to tear up with happiness. "Hey are you crying Kurama?"

"No I just have something in my eye." He said even though he was clearly crying

"If you say so." Naruto said, not willing to continue and argument he wouldn't win anyway, as he headed east toward the Ocean and Freedom.

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