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Rise of the Kaizoukage

XLVIII: Beauty and the Snake

"Finally, I made it to the top." Zoro said as he finally summited the sheer cliffs that were the wine glass shaped Island. "I need some booze." He said to himself. The top of the wind glass was very impressive in terms of size and wild life. A multitude of beasts grazed on the grass and leaves from the trees without the fear of any land predators.

"GROOOOO!" Zoro turned to the source of the noise and saw a large purple brachiosaurus. Its skin was covered in patches of dark purple and it even had plants growing out of its back. There was a small drunken hue under the creature's eyes and its tongue even hung out its mouth.

[Bacchusaurus – Reptile – Capture Level 67]

"HIC" The beast hiccupped like an old drunk as it looked at Zoro.

"You wanna fight?" Zoro asked the creature unsure if it would even respond

"HIC!" It retorted as if challenging Zoro. SHWAK Faster than it could register Zoro sliced its head clean off. Some of its blood managed to splatter onto Zoro's lip and its taste stunned Zoro.

It's a beast whose bodily fluids are all alcoholic. The taste of the blood is that of perfectly aged red wine. Its stomach acids and urine is made entirely of 60% and 90% alcohol content respectively. The saliva was perfectly aged white wine. Its meat tender and soaked in all different flavors of booze.

"Don't hate me for killing you." Zoro said "But you've answered my prayers for booze, maybe there is a God." Suddenly Zoro tensed as he felt something come his way.

[Insert Zebra's Anger]

"For a small-fry you still make a huge racket!" Zoro turned around drawing one of his swords but found nothing there, except for a lone figure walking towards him. All the beasts on the plateau bolted for hiding places as of afraid of this man.

This dude was a monster. Not only did he stand at 255 cm (8.3 feet tall) but he had a half 'Glasgow smile' going all the way to his left ear, his hair was dark purple and slicked back. He had a large number of vertical wrinkles on his forehead a scowl that made his dark purple eyebrows practically invisible and cast dark shadows around his eyes. His body was just a mass of muscle and scars; he truly was a monster in appearance. He wore a dark red-brown muscle shirt, dark grey military patterned pants and black boots that went up to his knees.

Zebra of the Four Heavenly Kings had arrived.

"I didn't expect to see you here" The man said "ya little shit."

"What the hell are you doing here you bastard, you wanna fight?" Zoro demanded

"I was going to ask you the same question, but if it's a fight you want I'm all for that." Zebra replied with a sadistic grin, itching for a good fight. "This time that little fucker isn't here to interfere."

"That'll make this all the more interesting." Zoro replied tying his bandana around his head and placing Wado in his mouth before pulling out Sandai Kitetsu and Shusui. "Try to make this at least a challenge for me."

"Sounds like someone is getting cocky." Zebra said as he flexed his arms and gripped his right shoulder. "If ya' wanna die so bad, I'll gladly drive ya' to extinction!"

"Huh?" Zoro and Zebra turned to see the headless Bacchusaurus get back to its feet. SPLURT out of the stump that was its neck grew three cobra heads.

"HISSSSS!" The three heads hissed violently at the two combatants, spitting out venom as they did.

Hearing something Zebra and Zoro looked around as a swarm of strange creatures flew up from the inside of the Island.

There must have been at least a thousand of them and they all looked the same. Each one was a yellow green sphere with a small tail a set of wings and only a wide gaping mouth.

[Swarm – Unknown Beast – Capture Level: 39]

"Cocky little shits." Zebra said as the creatures flew towards them. The sky around the Bacchusarus and Swarm went seemingly black. Through the blackness the beasts could see a wide toothy maw and a pair of glowing red eyes draped in a long black cloak and carrying a scythe. 'SHIOTO!' A sound only the beasts could head. Each and every one of them fell to the ground dead.

'He did something.' Zoro thought to himself 'What the hell did he do?'

"Now it's our turn to play." Zebra said returning his attention to Zoro, his half Glasglow giving him a savage and sadistic grin "You little fucker."

[Insert Zoro - Battle Theme]

"Santoryu…" Zoro put his hand swords over his mouth blade and swing them forth a forward descending slash with them. "Ul-Tora Gari!" Behind Zoro an aura of a tiger head about to chop on its prey appeared. Unfortunately for Zoro, Zebra caught his blades with his hands while two large black arms that were covered in scars grappled with the tiger head.

"You're pretty strong." Zebra said.

"Back at you." THWHAM out of nowhere Zoro brought his knee up at blinding speed and slammed it into Zebra's chin. Zebra let go of Zoro's blades and allowed the swordsman flew back from the attack.

WHAM Zebra blitzed Zoro and punched him across the face before throwing a right cross and a left hook. Zoro responded by swiping his swords across Zebra's stomach but no visible damage resulted. Specks of blood hit the ground from both combatants, yet both remained largely unfazed by the other's attacks.

"SuuuuuMACHINE GUN VOICE!" Using a staccato shout Zebra unleashed many small sound bullets at the swordsman.

"Toro Nagashi!" Zoro leaned toward his opponent and using two of his swords he blocked the small sound attacks while twisting his body around continuously moving forward and dodging each attack until he was right on top of Zebra.

'Onsoku Idō' Suddenly Zebra was behind Zoro with his hands clapped together above the swordsman's head. VRMMM a bubble appeared around Zebra's fists moments before he brought the hammer down. "Sound Knuckle!" Zoro rolled out of the way at the last second just as the attack struck the ground. KROOOSH around the point of impact a large crater formed from Zebra's attack.

CLICK Zoro gripped his swords tightly as he cocked them back to attack.

"SUUUUUU…" Zebra inhaled deeply.

"Senhachiju POUND HO!" VOOOOM Zoro yelled as he unleashed three gigantic compressed air slashes that spiraled for Zebra.

"VOICE MISSILE!" Zebra screamed unleashing an equally large blast of sound at Zoro.

KABOOOOOM the two attacks collided in a spectacular explosion that was heard and resonated throughout the entire archipelago.

[End Song]

Meanwhile in the Gourmet Desert Robin and Naruto were continuously walking around looking for a way out. The desert was set up in such a way that even though it looked completely flat unbreakable wall of sand rose in front of them, forcing them to follow set paths like it was a maze or something.

The biggest problem with this desert maze was that the sand was highly magnetic, making it near impossible to use either a compass (which wouldn't work on the Grand Line anyway) or a Log Pose.

"God I wish I could smash these walls." Naruto said "And what the hell's up with that voice?"

Flashback No Jutsu!

"Are you two lost?" Naruto and Robin looked around after hearing a voice "You look lost to me."

"Whose there?" Naruto asked as Robin crossed her arms, ready for an attack.

"I know! Let's play a game to pass the time!" The voice said "Do you like games? I love games!"

"Well I am a fan of games." Naruto said "OK we'll play!"

"That's the spirit! The Name of the Game is Maze!"

WOOSH A powerful gust of wind blew all around Robin and Naruto "Make your way to the center of the Maze and you win."

"But there is no maze!" Naruto exclaimed looking out at the flat desert

"Oh but there is." The voice replied "The walls will show themselves when you get too close…" WOOOSH a wall of sand rose out of the desert around Naruto and Robin, forcing them to only go in one direction.

VRRRMM Naruto created a Shadow Clone and formed a spiraling blue sphere in his hand "I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THESE WALLS!" He yelled as he slammed the blue sphere into the sand wall. KA-BOOOOM The attack blasted a hole in wall. WOOOSH but in a matter of second the hole filled back up. "Oh, Come On!" Naruto was getting frustrated, if this desert was teaching him anything it was to have an eternal hatred for sand, deserts, heat and mazes.

"No cheating." The voice said in a mocking tone.

Robin, who was smart and had put her sunglasses on at some point, crossed her arms. "Mil Fleur Gigantesco Mano" She said BLOOOM beneath Robin a giant hand grew out of the sand and carried her to its maximum height, unfortunately the sand walls rose alongside her on all sides, blocking her view of the surrounding area. The giant hand brought her back down and then vanished in a flurry of petals. "It appears that the maze won't let us cheat." Robin replied "All we can do now is find our way through the maze without running into any monsters, or getting separated."

"Looks like we've got a smart one here, you should listen to her more often Blondie."The voice said in an amused tone "Oh, and try and not get eaten by the monsters. They are quite hungry after all."

Flashback no Jutsu: Release!

"GURAAAAA!" A large beast emerged from the desert sands in front of the duo. It snarled viciously before making a move to eat them.

"Spank!" Robin said thrusting a hand forward. BLOOM-SMASH a Large hand grew out of the ground and smacked into the monster's head, completely obliterating it. "The only way out is to find the center of the maze, and win this game. Let try and not get eaten along the way."

After what felt like hours of wandering around aimlessly and smashing sand monsters Robin and Naruto arrived in a strange area, no sooner as they entered it four massive sand walls erected all around them, boxing them in completely.

"Congratulations, you won." A voice said out of the blue. It sounded childish, young teen at the most. Robin and Naruto looked around for the source of the voice but couldn't find it. "Did you have fun with our little game?"

"Game!?" Naruto wondered "A Sand Maze of death is a game to you!?"

"Didn't you have fun?" The voice got deep and slightly dark. "I practically set you two down the easiest path and this is the thanks I get?"

"Who are you?" Naruto demanded "Show yourself!"

WOOOSH Naruto suddenly felt someone appear right behind him and sling an arm over his shoulder. "That is a very rude thing to say." The voice whispered right into his ear. "If you were nicer maybe I would…" Naruto immediately spun around drawing Harusame as he did and slashed at the voice, only for it to not be there. "All I want is to play." The voice said from behind them once again. Robin and Naruto turned around and came face to face with the owner of the voice.

It was a young adolescent teen, maybe 16 years old at the most. He had shaggy brown hair that was combed to the left. He wore a dark green shirt that went down past his waist and had the sleeves rolled up, that looked like it was hand sown from green cloth fur and leather as well. Underneath he wore a green skin tight mesh shirt. Around his waist was a big brown belt with a brass buckle, his pants except they were dark green in color. He also wore dark green-black boots as well as leather bands around his wrists with intricate leaf patterns inscribed on them. Tucked into the left side of his belt was a small knife. His face looked quite handsome complemented by his green eyes.

Robin looked at the young by with intrigued eyes. Something about him was familiar, but she didn't know what.

"Who are you?" Naruto demanded

"Oh, did I forget to introduce myself?" The boy asked raising an eyebrow "I'll tell you what. If you win the next game I'll tell you my name."

"And if you win?"

"I might tell you my name." The boy replied "And you have to play another game."

He gave them a devilish smirk which cast dark shadows around his green eyes, making him appear devious and mischievous. He extended out his left hand towards the pair. SNAP he snapped his fingers and suddenly powerful winds burst forth in all directions with the mysterious boy being the epicenter. Robin and Naruto shielded their eyes from the sand as it all rushed past them.

When they opened their eyes they were no longer in a desert. Instead they were in the middle of grassy clearing surrounded by a thick dark jungle, but unlike the mirage from before, this jungle was all real.

"What was that?" Naruto wondered aloud

"It appears to be some kind of Devil Fruit Ability."

"Here's the game." He said smirking like a devil "Hide and Seek. You hide and I seek. No rules, except for two."

"And what is that?" Robin asked cautiously.

"First rule is No Adults Allowed!" He replied looking and pointing directly at Robin, the woman's eyes widened in realization a moment too late. SNAP with the snap of his fingers Robin was gone without a trace.

"ROBIN!" Naruto screamed. In a burst of anger he charged the boy, cocking back to slice off his head. Only for the boy to no longer be there. WHUMP a leg swept under Naruto and he fell to the ground. The Blond pushed himself back up and looked for the boy.

"And the other rule…" the boy suddenly was directly behind Naruto "No Weapons if You Hide!" VWIP Harusame and all his ninja tools vanished without a trace, he was completely defenseless aside from his Devil Fruit Ability and his Chakra abilities.

"Now, Let's Play." The devilish child said as he vanished instantly from Naruto's sight.

Meanwhile Sanji was running through the forest in search of Nami after hearing her scream of terror.

"You shitty bastard!" Sanji said to himself addressing Luffy of course "I'll rip you apart of anything bad happened to Nami-swan!" Suddenly Sanji noticed something and screeched to a halt before looking at the direction he had just come from "That sounded like…ROBIN-CHWAN!" Sanji yelled suddenly believing Robin was in serious danger, even though she was more than capable of protecting herself, besides Naruto was with her. "HANG ON ROBIN-CHWAN I'LL SAVE YOU!"

But once again right before the cook could head off towards his 'Maiden in Danger' another voice caught his attention, this time it was much closer than he had anticipated. Sanji jumped up into the air just as a large rat frog hybrid burst through the trees in an attempt to swallow him whole.

"Shitty Rat-frog" Sanji said as his right leg caught on fire "Flambarge…"

VROOOOOM Out of seemingly nowhere a streak of magenta and pink cruised right underneath Sanji and devoured the strange frog in an instant. The speed and mass of the streak was so intense that it created a powerful suction and pulled the poor cool along with it.

"WAAAAAAAHHH!" Sanji yelled as he reached out and grabbed a hold of something solid. If felt similar to a scale. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING!?" As if it were listening to Sanji it stopped short causing the poor cook to go flying forward.

STOP As if by magic Sanji suddenly froze upside-down in midair. Somehow his hair still covered his right eye. "What the-"

"Who the 'ell are you?" Sanji looked to see three faces looking at him. The first and most noticeable was the face of a gigantic snake looking straight at him.

The snake was massive in size and length. She was covered in pink and magenta scales and had a pair of great big yellow eyes. They stared down Sanji as if they were sizing him up for lunch.

The man was a tall man standing at 187 cm (6ft 1) with a very effeminate appearance. He wore a pink-purple shirt and pants, covering it with a blue vest as well as blue bands on his fore arms and lower legs. His hair was long and flowing downwards reaching easily to the back of his knees and it was colored white, blue, green and pink along each strand. His face was rather sharp and defined while his skin was light in color, his eyes were blue these features made his overall appearance highly attractive and quite feminine.


"How dare you!" The man on the snake's head said "Quinn isn't a big ass snake. She is a magnificent and beautiful Mother Snake."

"Hey wait a minute." Standing next to the feminine man was a young girl. "Isn't he Sanji from the Straw Hats, big brother?"

She was a light skinned girl with short black hair and blue eyes. She wore a red gi top with green borders and no sleeves and a pair of short black tights. She also had a small scar under her right eye. According to her girly brother she had 'thunder thighs' with a scar on her left thigh. Her face could be described as "cute" with a scar just under her right eye. She wore green gauntlets with open slots and orange nozzles on her wrists.

"Ahhh!" Sanji's one visible eye suddenly turned into a heart. "RIN-CHWAN!" in that moment Sanji was able to move again, except gravity got the better of him and he fell to the ground landing on his head. Fast as lighting Sanji was up on one knee with left hand extended upward to Rin and his right hand over his heart. "I am nothing but the humblest servant to the beauty that is Rin-chwan!" He looked up to them with a large pink heart where his left eye should have been.

"You shouldn't have dropped him on his head Sunny." Rin said "I think his brain's out of whack now."

"Ugh." Rin's brother wasn't the least bit pleased. "How vulgar." He said commenting on Sanji's actions. "If anything is worthy of such praise it is Quinn." He held out his arms gesturing to the giant snake "Isn't she beautiful? She is over flowing with elegance; all who look upon her are devoured in an instant. She is the ultimate image of beauty."

"So…is she going to eat me?" Sanji asked

"I don't know." The man said nonchalantly "Though if she eats you it probably would make her sick."

"Really?" Rin said unamused "A strange man flirts with your little sister and instead of threatening him you tell him that he should be praising your pet snake as being the symbol of ultimate beauty more than your little sister?" She crossed her arms over her chest "You are such a diva Sunny."

"What did you call me thunder thighs!?" Sunny demanded

"HOW DARE YOU SAY RIN-CHWAN HAS THUNDER THIGHS, YOU BASTARD!" Sanji roared as he jumped up to kick Sunny in the face only for him to freeze in midair again. "BASTARD LET ME GO AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!"

"I'd rather not." Sunny replied "Fighting make me sweat, sweat becomes grease, and greasy skin is just disgusting. Plus it'll make my hair filthy."

"Stop it you two!" Rin chimed in stopping the two before they could come to blows.

"AS YOU COMMAND RIN-CHWAN!" Sanji yelled whole heartily

"He appears to be lost so we should help him. Tell us Sanji-san, where is Toriko?"

"HOW DOES THAT HELP!?" Sanji and Sunny yelled in unison as they slapped the air.

Meanwhile Luffy, Nami were walking through the forest when Toriko and Komatsu came bursting through the trees.

"Oh, Hey Luffy." Toriko said before he noticed the large piece of fruit that Luffy was carrying "Oooh! Is that Rainbow Fruit? Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!" He began to salivate uncontrollably and reach for the fruit

"NO WAY!" Luffy yelled moving the fruit out of Toriko's path "Me and Nami worked hard to get this!"

"I'll trade you some jewel meat for it."

"Meat!?" Luffy asked "Deal!" SMAK Nami slapped him in the back of the head.

"You'll get some later after the contest is over." Nami said to Toriko and to Luffy.

KABOOOOOOOM All four of them heard a loud explosion and turned to see a large dust cloud form over the wine glass shaped island.

"What was that?" Komatsu asked aloud

"I have no idea." Nami replied

"I think it was Zoro." Luffy said

"Naw, it must have been Zebra." Toriko replied

"Shishishi!" Luffy began to laugh. "It's probably both of them." He said "I'll be they're having all kinds of fun over there."

"I guess it is highly possible that they're just getting to know each other." Toriko laughed "They've got quite a bit in common if you ask me."

SHING Zoro rushed Zebra with his swords ready to strike. "ONI…"

"SUUUUUU…"Zebra inhaled a deep breath of air."SOUND…"

"GIRI/BAZOOKA!" KABOOOOOOOM another large explosion rocked the wine glass island as the two monsters clashed.

"So the other three Kings are here?" Nami asked

"Well I don't know for sure, all I know is that Zebra's here. Sunny and Coco are either already here or they are close." Toriko replied

"We should really throw a big party when this is over." Luffy said

"Yep, we should." Toriko replied "just thinking about it makes me hungry."

GURRRRR as if on cue both Luffy's and Toriko's stomachs growled loudly.

Suddenly the bushes all around them rustled. "Huh?" All four of them looked around at the disturbance WOOOM The quartet found themselves surrounded by one hundred figures dressed in black, navy blue or dark green. They all had the appearance of ninja.

"What the…?"

"Ninjas!? Cool!" Luffy yelled starry eyed

"Target is not here. Kill them all and move on." The leader of these figures

"Target? Wait, Kill!?" Nami freaked out

"Leave this to us." Toriko said cracking his knuckles as he and Luffy stood between the ninja and Komatsu and Nami. "You two just stay behind Luffy and me."

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Nami and Komatsu said in unison as they got behind Luffy and Toriko.

"Weird I'm not sensing any voices from them." Luffy said

"Probably because they're all robots" Toriko replied "They've got a slight hint of a carbon titanium alloy. It's very similar to a GT Robo." The Bishikuya said

"They're robots and Ninjas?" Luffy asked "AWESOME!" he was even more excited now "Robot Ninjas! Robot Ninjas! Robot Ninjas! Robot Ninjas!"

"Calm down Luffy." Nami said while shaking her captain in an attempt to get him out of his starry-eyed daze. "Right now we need you to help Toriko smash them."

"Can't you help as well?" Luffy asked coming out of his daze "Your lightning could be really handy."

"If they are like GT Robos then Lightning would have a minimal effect on them. They're built to handle extreme environments, though it may either fry their systems or it might stun them for a little while." Toriko said "Especially if you get them beneath their exterior.

"GET THEM!" the leader of the Robot Ninjas yelled as they pounced on the quartet from all directions.

Meanwhile with Naruto and the mysterious boy their 'game' of hide and seek had come to an end. Naruto had been found very easily and the mysterious boy gloated in that by sitting on the seven year old's back.

"Wow, you really suck at this game." The boy replied as he stood up from sitting on Naruto.

"Shudup! How do you keep finding me? Are you cheating? There's no way anyone should be able to move that fast let alone find me." A million thoughts were running through Naruto's brain at this moment as he got back to his feet. 'What is with this guy? He teleported right on top of me. Does he know the Hirashin no Jutsu?'

"I never cheat." The boy replied "I just never fail, but like I said before, since you lost …" WOOOM suddenly the boy was hanging upside-down from a tree by the soles of his feet "Hey, I just thought of another game we could play!"

"Don't change the subject!" Naruto yelled

"I'm not; I'm merely keeping my end of the deal." The boy replied with a smirk involuntarily raising his eyebrow for a brief moment.

"Fine, but first what did you do to Robin?"

"I'll tell you if you win the next game." The devilish boy replied "All you have to do is guess my Name."

"That's it?" Naruto asked "How am I supposed to do that?"

"I've dropped tones of hints already." The boy answered now suddenly right behind Naruto and talking in his ear. "All that's left is for you to guess correctly. It's that simple" The boy replied once again hanging from the tree. "You have three guesses." His feet let go from the tree and Naruto was met with a shocking revelation, the mysterious boy was floating in air, upside-down before he turned right side up and landed on the ground gracefully. "Guess my name and I'll tell you where your 'Robin' is. If you can't then we play another game. Now, Let's Play!"

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