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Rise of the Kaizoukage

XLIX: Poison Tellers and Lost Boys

Meanwhile with Naruto and the mysterious boy their 'game' of hide and seek had come to an end. Naruto had been found very easily and the mysterious boy gloated in that by sitting on the seven year old's back.

"Wow, you really suck at this game." The boy replied as he stood up from sitting on Naruto.

"Shudup! How do you keep finding me? Are you cheating? There's no way anyone should be able to move that fast let alone find me." A million thoughts were running through Naruto's brain at this moment as he got back to his feet. 'What is with this guy? He teleported right on top of me. Does he know the Hirashin no Jutsu?'

"I never cheat." The boy replied "I just never fail, but like I said before, since you lost …" WOOOM suddenly the boy was hanging upside-down from a tree by the soles of his feet "Hey, I just thought of another game we could play!"

"Don't change the subject!" Naruto yelled

"I'm not; I'm merely keeping my end of the deal." The boy replied with a smirk involuntarily raising his eyebrow for a brief moment.

"Fine, but first what did you do to Robin?"

"I'll tell you if you win the next game." The devilish boy replied "All you have to do is guess my Name."

"That's it?" Naruto asked "How am I supposed to do that?"

"I've dropped tones of hints already." The boy answered now suddenly right behind Naruto and talking in his ear. "All that's left is for you to guess correctly. It's that simple" The boy replied once again hanging from the tree. "You have three guesses." His feet let go from the tree and Naruto was met with a shocking revelation, the mysterious boy was floating in air, upside-down before he turned right side up and landed on the ground gracefully. "Guess my name and I'll tell you where your 'Robin' is. If you can't then we play another game. Now, Let's Play!"

All the robot ninjas pounced on Nami and Komatsu from behind. KLACK Their mouths opened up revealing nozzles. PYEW There was a brilliant flash of light as beams at Nami and Komatsu.


"Busoshoku: Koka!"

KABOOOOM when the dust from the terrific explosion cleared a large black fork arched over the duo while an additional fork arched horizontally around them, protecting them from the attacks. No sooner had they appeared that the forks vanished into thin air and standing protectively in front of Nami and Komatsu were Luffy and Toriko.

"TORIKO-SAN!" Komatsu cried

"LUFFY!" Nami yelled

"EVERYONE AT ONCE! WHILE THEY'RE VULNERABLE!" recovering almost immediately from their last onslaught the robots all leaped in with weapons drawn and mouths gleaming with lasers.

FWOOOM Luffy's right hand lite ablaze and with the swing of his wrist he amassed a large amount of flames around his body spiraling outward from his feet. "Enkai…" The flames fanned out yet none of the flames touched Nami, Komatsu or Toriko "HIBASHIA!" Luffy yelled as the flames shot straight upward in a massive pillar of fire. KABOOOM the flames caught the robot ninjas and blasted them back.

"Urgh…So…strong…" One of the robots said as it struggled to get back up.

DOOM Toriko's right arm flexed and his veins popped as he cocked back. "30 Ren…" The robot turned to him at the last second "KUGI PUNCH!" D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DOON Each hit forced the robot back further and further, but it remained resistant enough to survive the strike. The concussive force from Toriko's punch managed to strike several other Robot ninjas who weren't anywhere near the attack, all of which were blasted away. With his back turned the other robot prepared another mouth beam.

"Jet Rifle!" KA-THWAM Luffy landed a powerful punch to the left side of its head, forcing it to fire upon its allies instead of Toriko.

"Thanks Luffy, now…Get Down!" Toriko growled as his features took on a more beast like appearance. He held out both his arms, his left hand was in a claw fashion while his right was in a chopping formation. Luffy, Nami and Komatsu all hit the ground. Toriko's arms hulked up DOOM. "FORK! KNIFE!" Fifty forks and knifes materialized seemingly out of nowhere and struck their targets true. Half of the Robot Ninjas found themselves mortally impaled on the teeth of the forks while another dozen had been diced up in a variety of ways decapitation and bisection. The remaining ones were impaled on large knifes.

"Oi, Nami!" Toriko yelled "Now's the best time to strike!"

"Right!" Nami said getting up and pulling out her Sorcery Clima-Tact "The forecast calls for Lightning," She swung her staff upward releasing a stream of black clouds which merged into one large could. "Thunderbolt Tempo!" KRAK-BOOOOM Lightning fell from the clouds and struck all the Robots, those that were unfortunate enough to have been impaled by Toriko's forks and knifes found themselves turned into lightning rods before the electrical overload forced them to explode.

"That bitch…Take her out!"

FSSSSS SHEEN Luffy pumped the blood in his arms making them steam before they both turned shinny and black. "Gomu Gomu no…" FWOOOM He cocked his arms back before they became engulfed in fire. Luffy leaned backwards as the remaining Robot Ninjas Leaped at him with their weapons drawn. "VULCAN GATLING GUN!" KABOOOM explosions ripped through the robots adjacent to where Luffy's fists struck.

"That was a little too easy." Toriko said

"They were not impressive Robot Ninjas. Naruto's a much better ninja." Luffy said placing his hat back on his head.

"Something isn't right here." Nami said "They were looking for someone or something."

"Who could it possibly be?"

"Whoever they're looking for it better not be anyone who's part of my crew." Luffy said as he cracked his knuckles "Otherwise I'm going to have to kick their ass."

Over on the forested fork a large man walked through the forest. He was tall, standing at253cm (8'3"). He wore a skin tight grey shirt that showed off all his well-defined muscles. Brown pants, black combat boots and a black veil around his waist. His brown hair was cut very short, making him virtually bald. On his forearms waist and legs were compressed grey springs that acted like bands.

"Tweet!" He glanced down to see a small little bird had fallen out of its nest, breaking its wing making it unable to get back.

"Me save you." He said as he cupped his hands around the bird. He raised the bird to eye level where it tweeted happily at him. SPLOOOSH the man squeezed his hands together around the bird popping it like a balloon and sending its blood and guts everywhere.

"Oi! Bushō!" The newly named Bushō turned around and came face to face with an equally tall man who was rather grotesque in appearance. He had a muscular build, except for a bulging fat stomach; interestingly he had six muscular arms, the extra four growing out of his shoulder blades. He wore black pants over his muscular legs with no shoes and a custom made black open vest showing off his vulgar appearance to the fullest as well as a yellow circle over a yellow cross. His eyes were large and solid black and he also lacked a nose and a mouth. "Ya find de' Kyubi yet?"

"Not yet…" Bushō said "Too busy saving things."

"Me to!" Hōshoku said "I saved an entire pack of strange cows on my way over here~~!"

"You mean ate." Bushō said "Why you no look for Kyūbi?"

"Same difference." The fat six armed man said wiping saliva from his mouth. "There is one to two of us on each Island…"

Over above the Gravy Volcano a large muscular figure stood on a large bat. He circled the 'Volcano' high and low, trying to not miss a single nook or cranny.

In another part of the Island another lone figure was moving quickly and quietly though a system of caverns and tunnels beneath the archipelago.

On their ship was another member of their group, wearing a skin tight navy blue spandex suit covered in white balls. In the same room 3000 other individuals controlled all the Ninja Robots in their search for the Kyūbi.

On the spoon Island a female was walking across the fresh waters of the Spoon Lake. Every step she took froze a little of the lake.

Walking through a rocky field a tall imposing figure strode. Each step he took cracked and slightly cratered the ground.

All these individuals were searching for the same thing or person in this case, and none of them were going to stop until they found it.

"Shimaru say we find Kyubi if we split up." Bushō said pointing north "Me go that way." He then pointed east "You go that way."

"GURAAARR!" both men turned around to see two immense beasts.

The beast on the right looked like an Iguana that stands on two legs, only it had no legs rather just one long serpentine tail with a rattle growing out of it. It had six eyes and pale grey skin and a blue sail like fin on its back.

[Rattleiguana – Reptile – Capture Level: 81]

The other beast was a Minotaur with the lower body of a horse. It had two extra arms and its fingers formed from hoofs. Around its neck was a necklace of human skeletons, too many to count. A large Bull ring was visibly pierced through its bovine nose.

[Cen-Taurus – Mammal – Capture Level: 79]

"Care to save these things?" Bushō asked

"Save? No, they look too tasty for that." Hōshoku said while wipping away a large stream of saliva.

"MOOOOO!" The Cen-Taurus Bellowed as it galloped toward them while the Rattleiguana slithered equally as fast.

"GLUTTON TONGUE!" Hōshoku's empty space that was supposed to be his mouth tore open and a large tongue shot out at blinding speeds towards the Rattleiguana, SHOOOM the moment it touched the beast the tongue consumed the creature, leaving behind only the pieces of the beast it didn't touch. "Heeheehee~~! Delicious!"

Bushō stood his ground as the Cen-Taurus charged. The Man got into a stance and waited "PEMBE KUBWA!" He yelled. BOOOM the Bovine Beast's body was completely blown out as its arms, legs and blood went flying all over the area. Through the gore a large hulking mass could be seen behind where the beast had been only moments before, before it shrunk down to its original size. "Rest in Pieces for you is saved."

"And now we separate. You go save more things, I go and eat them." Hōshoku said as he vanished from Bushō's sight.

Bushō continued to walk through the forest, knocking over trees and overturning boulders in his path. He pushed through, unrelenting and emotionless slaughtering anything and everything in his path. He knocked over two trees and entered a clearing.

In the center of the clearing there was a tree with golden apples, oranges, bananas and every other kind of fruit growing on and up it.

"Snack do me good." Bushō said as he walked closer to the tree. RMMMM the instant he took a step forward the ground began to rumble and shake. "What happen now?"

Meanwhile just a little ways away from the clearing Usopp, Franky and Brook heard the sound of the shaking Earth

"Gyahhhhh!" Usopp and Brook both Screamed as they jumped up into Franky's arms, who soon after dropped them both onto the ground.

"Sometimes I think you two seriously need to grow a pair of balls." Franky said

"Yohohoho!" Brook laughed "That is impossible for me Franky-san for you see I am nothing but a skeleton.

Usopp waved his hand in front of his face "That's easy for you to say Franky; your balls are made of steel."


RMMMM Suddenly the ground began to shake violently "What was that!?" Usopp screamed

SHOOOOM peeking over the tops of the tree lines an object came flying at the trio. "What the… LOOK OUT!" Franky yelled as he grabbed Usopp and Brook before jumping out of the way. CRASH the object hit the ground hard, barely missing the trio.

"What is it?" Brook asked

"Looks like a tree trunk." Usopp said as he crouched down to inspect it. The Trunk was abnormally large, even for a tree. The most intriguing part was that it was shaped like a Dragon's head, complete with an open maw, bark resembling scales and branches doubling as horns and spikes. "No, more like a wood carving of a dragon."

"I think it's a wood dragon." Franky said

"Why?" the sniper asked

"Because of those" Franky pointed over to the direction the trunk/head came from. Usopp and Brook looked and their jaws dropped when they saw what Franky was talking about.

Dozens (if not one hundred) of Wooden Dragon heads towered over the trees. Their bark resembled scales and branches growing out of their heads doubling as horns and antlers. Several heads had long moss beards.

[Xýlinos Ladon – Dragon Plant Hybrid – Capture Level: 93]


"They seem to be wooden Dragons" Franky said nonchalantly

"YOU DON'T SAY!" Usopp yelled

Several heads went flying up in the air suddenly while others were seemingly obliterated.

"Ahhh…ahhh…ahhh…" Usopp looked back to the dragons in sheer disbelief.

"Maybe we should see what's going on over there." Franky suggested

"ARE YOU INSANE!?" Brook and Usopp yelled

"GURAAAAA!" Robin turned around and found herself completely surrounded by a pack of monsters. They were all different shapes and sizes, not one looked the same but they all had sharp teeth and looked extremely hungry.

Robin crossed her arms in preparation to fight, though she knew that even her max couldn't take them all down due to their size and strength. In that moment all the beasts pounced at once.

Suddenly Robin was grabbed by a large arm belonging to a grotesque monster with seven fingers on that gigantic arm. It had two heads; the one on the left had a split jaw with a tongue hanging out, while the one on the right had a pair of horns. Both heads had only one eye but they shared a neck. Its skin was emerald green and covered in warts. The Monster's left arm was short and stubby compared to its other.

The creature raised Robin towards its mouth but the woman vanished in flurry petals. The creature looked around confused before four arms grew out of its shoulders and grabbed a hold of its necks and the backs of its heads. SNAP The arms twisted the heads in two opposite directions, making the beast collapse to the ground like a ton of bricks.

Four more large monsters charged at the archaeologist "Mil Fleur Cuatro Manos" four large arms sprouted around Robin and grabbed ahold of the beasts "Slam" WHAM WHAM the arms lifted the beasts and slammed them into more oncoming monsters before bowling them like large balls. "They just keep coming." Robin said as more beasts rose from the sands surrounding her.

"GURAAAAA!" A dozen or so beasts pounced at Robin claws and fangs poised for the kill. The Archaeologist crossed her arms in preparation

"Perhaps you require a little assistance." A voice called out from above her.

[Insert Doku Wo Ayatsuru Bishokuya Coco]

"KAAAW!" The Shadow of a large avian passed over Robin and the Monsters, luckily one could call it reinforcements. The beasts closest to Robin stopped in midair and collapsed to the ground completely unresponsive. A figure jumped off of the beast and landed in a crouch right in front of Robin. He was holding his right bicep in his left hand; his right hand however was purple with small dark purple droplets dripping from his fingertips

"Did I interrupt something Robin-chan?" The man asked

This man was tall, 200 cm (6ft 6). He wore an all-black suit with green bands wrapped around his wrists, shins, biceps, waist, neck; over his outfit he wore a white cloak. His ears were pierced with a purple stud and clasp that were connected with a purple chain in his left ear. His right ear had a gold stub in the earlobe and an industrial piercing in the scapha of the same ear. He wore a green turban on his head that was kept together with a purple pin in the shape of a "P." Under the turban his black hair was rather well kept, he also had thick black eyebrows and brown eyes.

"Not at all Coco-san, Mr. Gentleman of the Four Heavenly Kings" The Archaeologist replied with a smile as she uncrossed her arms. All the beasts froze and looked at Coco before backing away as if afraid of him. "I see you're still as deadly as ever Coco-san."

"If anything I'm even deadlier than before." Coco replied as his right hand turned completely dark purple, immediately all the monsters bolted away from Coco and Robin. "I guess they sensed it as well." Coco replied nonchalantly as his hand returned to normal. "I thought I saw three sets of electromagnetic waves in this desert. One of which I recognized as yours, why are you alone out here? There should have been two others with you."

"I don't know, but I need your help to find them and quickly. One of my crewmates is in grave danger right now." Robin said "We met with the worst possible person imaginable."


"He's an evil criminal wanted by the World Government for heinous crimes including the kidnapping and supposed murder of over one hundred children."

"Don't you know his name?"

"His name was erased from history due to those heinous crimes."

"In that case…PHWEEE!" Coco placed his fingers in his mouth and whistled.

"KAAAW!" A large Crow descended from the skies and landed next to Coco and Robin. The Crow was covered in lustrous black feathers and a proud purple beak, thin black legs with purple talons and piercing red eyes. The large crow had an impressive wingspan of 6m and was 5m from beak to tail feather standing at roughly 3-3.5m tall.

"We'll take Kiss." Coco said as he offered Robin a hand in mounting the large bird.

'Hang on Naruto, I'm on my way.'

"Think hard and carefully Naruto." The boy said "I'm only giving you three guesses as to what my name is."

"Is it OK if I ask you 'Yes or No Questions?'" Naruto asked "Cause in all honesty three guesses is nowhere near enough, I've got to at least narrow down my options

"Be my guest, not that it'll do you much good."

"Are you a Marine?"


"Are you a pirate?"

"No I'm not." The boy replied as an apple appeared in his hand "Though I tend to like fighting Pirates myself."

"Are you famous?"

"My name is quite well known, though I don't know how much meaning it still has after fifteen years."

"Are you from the North Blue?"


"South Blue? East Blue?" The boy just shook his head "West Blue?"

"I did come from the West but not from the West Blue. The region is quite lovely actually, you should visit it sometime."

"Are you from the Elemental Nations?" Naruto asked skeptically. 'If I remember correctly we had to sail east to leave the Elemental Nations, so if this guy is from the west

"The what? Never heard of those. I was born of the Grand Line, about a West as you can get." The boy said giving Naruto an equally confused face or a sarcastic one, it was really difficult to tell. "You really don't seem to understand this game." He folded his arms across his chest in frustration. "I pretty sure there are not many world famous sixteen year olds that have been world famous for the last fifteen years. Now, guess my name."

"So I take it you are not a ninja?"

"Not really, no." The boy responded. "I have studied the ninja arts a little bit over the last two years. Thank you, Boss. I wouldn't consider myself a ninja."

"ARGH!" Naruto gripped his head in frustration "You're hardly making this fair, there are like a billion names that could be yours. And you are only giving me three guesses."

"Fine, I'll give you five guesses." The boy rolled his eyes. "Now can we please start?" his tone was getting more irritable.

"Fine, is it Jeremy?" Naruto asked

"Nope, I have no idea where you got that from." The boy replied raising his left eyebrow

"How about…Leopold?" The boy shook his head grinning "Tyson?" another head shake "Percival?"

"heh heh, my name's not Percival." The boy chuckled as he put his hand on his face. "But My God where the hell are you getting these names from? They sound completely ridiculous HAHAHA" After a short laughing fit he regained a serious composure. "Be careful, you have one guess left. Make it count." He added before he began to hover off the ground.

'Think Naruto, think! Sixteen year old boy, not from the Elemental Nations, Likes to play games, very famous name, not a pirate but fights them, can fly, he's been sixteen for the last fifteen years… why is this so familiar?' Naruto scratched his head trying to think. 'I am positive I read this in one of the Books Robin gave to me, but what was it?'

"Come on now I am on a tight schedule" The boy said. "Give me your answer now!"

"If I'm right, you promise to tell me where Robin is?"

"Of course, I always keep my word, it comes with the power."

'Powers?' Naruto thought "What kind of powers?"

"I can't tell you, if I do then I'll be at a disadvantage. Now, stop stalling and Guess my Name." He said in a tone that ended all arguments.

"Alright, alright I'm going out on a far limb here." Naruto said holding his hands up in defeat "Is your name…Peter?"

"Sorry but…what did you just say?" The boy replied sounding surprised

"I said is your name Peter?"

"What makes you think my name is Peter?"

"Well for starters you look like a peter, and everything about you resembles the character Peter Pan." At this the boy smirked.

"Congratulations, you guessed my name correctly." The now newly named Peter said though his smirk "Now to properly introduce myself, my name is Peter Pan."

"Alright I guessed your name correctly, now tell me where Robin is!"

"The Devil's Child? Oh she's alive, though alone against the beasts of this Island I doubt she'll be alive for much longer."

"You bastard" Naruto growled as he held out his right hand, slowly forming a blue sphere before is became surrounded in yellow flames. "You'd better pray to whatever god you worship that she's OK." FWABOOM Naruto rocketed himself with his yellow fox flames at Peter with his Rasengan ready to strike. "EAT THIS! KITSUNEBI RASENGAN!" KABOOOOM the Rasengan expanded into a massive yellow flaming sphere, consuming all in front of Naruto. WUMP the attack never reached its target as Peter was now gripping Naruto's wrist very tightly. KRACK Peter squeezed and broke Naruto's wrist.

"You've got a real fire in you, I like that. Try not to die after the boss finishes with you, I'd like to have a little more fun with you before this is all over."

"Grrrr…" Naruto growled angrily "Who are you really?"

"I guess you never heard of the real Peter Pan." Pan said "It's quite the gruesome tale, though I doubt you'll be hearing it." FWOOOM Suddenly yellow flames erupted all over Naruto's body forcing Pan to let him go. The flames formed long fox ears over Naruto's normal ears while a flaming yellow tail formed out of his backside. "You're different than what Shimaru-sama said you'd be. But I can see clearly, you really are the Kyubi Jinchuriki, Uzumaki Naruto, or should I call you Namikaze Naruto. Seriously which is it? Did your father join your mother's clan? Oh that's right her clan was wiped out decades ago. Hahahaha!"

"Don't you dare mention those two to me, ever again!" Naruto demanded as his eyes turned red with slit pupils and his whisker marks got thicker. "Now tell me where's Robin!" Naruto crouched down on all fours FWOOOM his tail erupted into a burst of flames that propelled him at the devilish boy. Naruto's right arm was cocked back; yellow flames surrounded his hand and formed an open fox claw mimicking his hand's position. "Kitsunebi Burst!" FWABOOOOM Naruto thrust his hand forward and released a torrent of yellow flames at Pan. When the flames cleared nothing but ashes and charred earth remained in the path of the flames.

"Clever trick now let me show you one of mine." SNAP Suddenly with the snap of his fingers a bracelet appeared around Naruto's wrist and instantly the flames all vanished and Naruto's features returned to normal. Not only that but Naruto felt instantly weak.


"Sea Stone? Yes." Pan replied "Anyone who wants to fight me seals their fate before it even begins."

Naruto felt his strength fade quickly. "KageBushinno Jutsu…" POOF a large puff of smoke appeared around Naruto, when it cleared he was surrounded by at least a hundred clones. "Get him…"

"Sure thing Boss!" one of the clones said as they all charged Pan. Naruto meanwhile was trying to take the Sea Stone Bracelet off, but it was getting tighter the more he tried to remove it.

"Pathetic." SNAP Pan snapped his fingers and suddenly all the clones found themselves impaled on large spikes of earth.


"You're already in my Neverland. Here I can control everything." WHAM a pillar of rock jetted out of the ground into Naruto's stomach. Pan stretched his hand out over the ground. A gun materialized out of the dirt and flew into the boy's hand before he pointed it at Naruto's forehead. "Make it into whatever I want" BLAM BLAM BLAM Pan pumped three lead shots into Naruto's shoulders and stomach.

Naruto hunched over and tried to cover the bullet wounds with his hands. 'I-it…won't…heal…? Is it…because of the…Sea Stone? Did he make those bullets Sea Stone as well?'

"I can do whatever I want, and be everywhere in it." WUMP Suddenly Pan was right behind Naruto "Everything I decree is law in my Neverland." WHAK the boy chopped him across his neck, knocking him out. "No one can resist the power of the Sōzō Sōzō no Mi." He slung the boy over his left shoulder and pulled out a Den Den Mushi "Netami, this is Gōyoku. Tell the boss I've captured the Kyūbi."

Pan looked at the unconscious Naruto before a smirk crossed his face. He held out his right hand and summoned Naruto's Katana out of thin air. "I think I'll leave a little present for The Devil Child to find."

"What is it?" Shimaru said into his Den Den Mushi as he and one hundred of his Robot soldiers followed him.

"Sir, squad 15 was just annihilated." The voice on the other end answered. "Their last location was about 1 km due West from your current location."

"Netami,I'm on my way there now. Let everyone of the Shikishi know that there are people on the Island strong enough to defeat our drones. Show no mercy."

"Yes sir, oh and one more thing." The snail said in Netami's voice "Gōyoku has captured the Kyūbi Jinchuriki, and is heading for the rendezvous point."

"Excellent. Tell him I'll meet him there as soon as I check on Squad 15's last location."

"Yes Sir! CLICK"The Den Den mushi closed its eyes and went to sleep.

"GUURAAR!" Shimaru glanced up as a large monster pocked through the trees at him and his squad.

"I have no time for this." In the blink of an eye Shimaru was behind it with his sword drawn. SHWAK-SPLOOSH The beast was sliced to ribbons as blood and guts flew everywhere. 'Those drones are a composition of both the Bishokukai's latest GT Robos and The World Governments Pacifistas. Who or what could possibly be strong enough to defeat them.'

Here ends the chapter


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Busoshoku: Koka – Color of Arms: Harden

Enkai – Flame Commandment

Hibashia – Fire Pillar

#-Ren Kugi Punch – #-Fold Spike Punch

Pembe Kubwa – Great Horn

Xýlinos Ladon- Wooden Ladon

Mil Fleur Cuatro Manos – One Thousand Flowers Four Hands

Kitsunebi Rasengan – Fox Fire Rasengan

Kitsunebi Burst – Foxfire Burst

Sōzō Sōzō no Mi – Imagine Imagine Fruit