"Good Morning Losers!"

The intercom projected inside a stadium, with a theater around stage and the least 20 bleachers on each side. The entire contestants from the Total Drama series woke up. A young woman with a flower on her head said

"Ugh my head is spinning.. Huh? Hey Mike where is Cam-" Mike, a tan lanky guy with a teal t-shirt and spikey brown hair yelled in an angry old man's voice "YEAH, you young looking old punk! Where is the brainy whimper snapper?"

The taller Latin woman scoffed proudly "Who CARES?! Just tell me where my Alejandro is?"

LeShawna the big boned dark skinned woman and Bridgette a blond with a ponytail both said at the same time"You are just pathetic..."

The tall light brown girl said rudely "Well, excuse me miss tongue stuck on an ice pole and best friend of the boyfriend kisser. I am actually glad that neither Duncan or Boyfriend Kisser are here. Hopefully they die- ".

LeShawna, having enough of Courtney slapped her in the face and said"GIRL! That is IT! I knew you could be a little brat, but I did not EVER think you would go this far over a creep! Just like I told Noah in the first season, you need to learn some respect!"

Courtney held her face as she growled. Suddenly a poke 'ball fell from the ceiling. Linsday cutely skipped to the poke 'ball

"Awe, it is SO cute! It is like an apple button"

Sam, Noah and Harold noticed the ball and bellowed


But Linsday already pressed the button. A Charmander appeared and she naively but sweetly said

"IT IS SO CUTE! I'LL call you Tomato Sauce!"

Courtney then snarled "Ugh! Whatever! It looks as ugly as Duncan's pimple! Yeah! I am on to you." The Charmander's eyes glowed yellow before he spewed a blast of fire at Courtney's face.

Everyone kept screaming and running around as the Pokémon was amok.

Eventually Chris's voice said"Okay, that is enough, Charmander"

The Pokémon happily returned to his Poke 'ball and Chris rode a rope downwards from where the ball fell from.

In the middle of the stadium he said cheerfully "I am glad I got your hot attention. Laugh out loud! Anyway, you must be wondering why you losers are here and the win-"

A short Indian kid wearing a blue collared shirt and short pants replied interrupted "You OBVIOUSLY wanted to show us a challenge based on the winners of the past four season for some kind of epic battle to the death involving fictional characters based off of an anime that may currently DIE in the possible next years or such, now can I please go home now?"

Chris rolled his eyes and said kindly "Sheesh, do you have to ruin the fun? Oh, porygon..? use tri attack."

A virtual paper crane bird appeared from cyber space and struck him with a yellow ball that galvanized him, a red ball that ignited him and a blue ball that froze him solid. It laughed as it disappeared.

Dawn exclaimed "NO, the bird of virtualization was called forth by the evil source and used fire and thunder to turn him into a shell of ice as cold as its heart!"

Everyone looked at Dawn like she was crazy silently before Chris broke the silence.

" As I was saying the winners have been chosen to enter in the Pokémon Tournament called the TOTAL DRAMA POKEMON TOURNAMENT!"

Suddenly two Lopunnies began to do a Kirby dance with Chris as the PWT tournament music played for a while until the rabbit Pokémon disappeared.

"Now before we brought you here, we had to send Owen, Gwen, Beth, Alejandro, Lightning, Duncan, and Cameron to the unova region to catch six Pokémon of their own!"

Courtney Cried "NO FAIR! MY LAWYERS!"

Chris then snapped "If you want to try to sue, realize you signed a contract to abide to my contest and their rules. Since you were never in the final two, you can't play!"

Chris then smiled as he said "Please look at the happy screen for the pairings!"

The TV appeared and showed the eight contestants.

"Tomorrow, at 8am the quarterfinals will begin with The Athletic over achiever versus the Party Guy!"

Izzy said in frenzy "GO BOY FRIEND! KICK HIS A**!" While Jo said "Jockstrap CRUSH THE FAT CRAP!".

After this the two girls began to fight while Chris yawned as he snapped making a panpour used water gun on the ladies.

"Next at 12pm, we have the Wannabee VS the Ultimate Villain"

Everyone in the audience gasped except Courtney "Yeah! Stomp on her glasses and blind the ugly thing!"

Linsday glared at her

"Shut up you dirty sl*** little mean Tr***! Tomato Sauce, use fire blast to burn her to the air and while she is airborne use iron tail to efficiently slam her to the floor without hurting anyone else because they are my friends and I love them!"

Everyone said awe as the Charmander shockingly appeared out of his ball, shot a blast of fire on Courtney's anus shooting her in the air and the Charmander jumped in the sky and turned his tail into metal as he swiped her own her spinal cord in the back making her land on the floor.

Chris laughed and Linsday asked politely to Chris "Um… Cringle, may I please keep Tomato Sauce? He is so adorable, warm and cuddly, PLEASE?!"

She held him in his arms and the Charmander gave Chris puppy dog eyes and Chris yelled

"FINE! But not until the TDPT is over, got it?"

She danced and said "I GOT A TOMATO!" then Charmander gave a strange look before he went in his poke 'ball.

"OK, LET ME FINISH! At 3pm we got the queen bee Versus delinquent, and lastly at 8pm The Bubble boy Versus the Loner!"

Now, who will win, who will die and will Courtney ever shut up? find out in the quarter finals!