Jamie was currently chasing a suspect Detectives from the 12th wanted for a robbery. Why they couldn't get him was beyond Jamie, yes uniforms looked for suspects for Detectives but that was for suspects involved in major crimes or homicides. But if he even voiced these thoughts he knew he would have a lecture on supporting all departments of the force.

Jamie was following the suspect dodging people in the busy streets, he'd been chasing the guy for four nearly five blocks and his lungs were burning. Renzulli was somewhere behind, at every corner Jamie via his radio told Renzulli where the suspect was heading. He was slowly gaining on the suspect; Jamie had always been a good runner much to his older brothers' annoyance. They knew there was no point in racing Jamie in the park because as long as Jamie had flat ground in front of him then no one could beat him, not even Danny who was ten years older.

The suspect began to tire and in desperation to get away he began knocking things into Jamie's path, Jamie jumped over the obstacles with ease until a passer-by didn't understand the concept of getting out of the way when a Police Officer is chasing someone. As Jamie jumped over some fallen boxes he tried to avoid landing into the passer-by, he ended up catching his foot on one of the boxes and crashed into the suspect (luckily) and managed to cuff him and informed Renzulli he caught the guy. As Jamie tried to stand up he found he couldn't put any weight on his left foot as shooting pains shot up his leg from his ankle.

"Brilliant" hissed Jamie as he waited for Renzulli as he held onto a nearby wall.

Renzulli caught up "hey Reagan not helping the suspect up?"

"Sarge I can barely stand" ground out Jamie,

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I caught my foot on one of the boxes and must have twisted my ankle"

"Come on Reagan the sooner we get back the sooner you can go home as our shift is now over" Renzulli pulled the suspect up and walked the five blocks back to the squad car.

Jamie leaned on a wall the whole way back having a little trouble crossing the five streets, he sighed in relief when he sat in the squad car. His ankle was now burning with pain, Jamie then groaned when he realized he had walked to work.

While Renzulli took the suspect to Robbery Jamie called Danny.

"Hey kid what's up?"

"Hey Danny, I was wondering if you'd be able to give me a lift home"


"I walked to work this morning and I won't be able to walk back"

"Why not?" Jamie could hear worry in Danny's voice,

"Chasing a suspect I tripped and twisted my ankle and now I can barely stand on it"

"Ok kid no worries I'll come get ya now"

"I'm not interrupting anything important am I?"

"Nah just doing paperwork"

"Ok see you in a few"

"See ya"

Jamie changed and hobbled his way outside and sat on a bench waiting for Danny, soon Danny had arrived and when he saw Jamie painfully making his way over, Danny quickly got out of his car and ran over to Jamie and let Jamie lean on him.


"Thanks Danny" sighed Jamie in relief at least now his ankle hurt less.


Danny and Jamie hobbled into Jamie's apartment; Danny lowered Jamie onto his couch and went to get a packet of frozen peas for the swelling on Jamie's ankle.

"Here you go kid, just what the Doctor ordered" said Danny as he put Jamie's left foot on a stool and placed the frozen peas on his ankle. Jamie hissed in shock from the cold.


"It's ok"

Danny sat next to Jamie handing him a beer, he then switched the T.V on.

"Don't you have to get back? Not that I don't like the company"

"When I explained why I was leaving Jackie and Sarge let me have the last hour off for family reasons. And if they hadn't I still would of stayed"


"Because you're my kid brother and you need help while you're unable to walk on that ankle"

"Thanks Danny"

"No problem kid".

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