Jamie and Renzulli were two hours into working the graveyard shift; recently some people had been breaking into warehouses and stealing anything they could find. So they were currently driving their squad car around the edge of a group of warehouses to either catch the group or by just being in the area stop the group from attempting to break into anymore warehouses.

"Sarge" said Jamie, something just caught his eye, he could see a faint light in one of the warehouses.

"I see it" replied Renzulli, he stopped the car and they got out silently making their way into the warehouse, they wanted to see how many were in the group before they decided to take on the group.

As they entered the warehouse they drew their guns and Renzulli nodded his head to the left telling Jamie that was where he suspected the group to be. Jamie nodded; they crept through the hall going towards the main space of the warehouse. They stopped by a large container and poked their heads around and counted five men moving around the space.

Jamie leaned more toward Renzulli and whispered "I reckon we need back up Sarge"

Renzulli nodded, they slowly backed away from where they were standing when suddenly Jamie's cell phone began to ring.

The group of men turned to see the two cops in a moment of shock, Jamie and Renzulli were about to react when two more members of the group came up behind them and before Jamie or Renzulli could do anything they were shoved into the metal container they were stood next to, when the doors banged shut Jamie's ringing cell phone went silent.

Jamie and Renzulli looked around in fear to see they were now locked in an industrial freezer; the cold was already biting into them and they pulled their jackets around them more and zipped them up.

"How cold do you think it is?" asked Jamie,

"Probably about -12°C"

"And how long do you think we'll last?"

Renzulli looked Jamie in the eye and replied "maybe a couple of hours"

Jamie's eyes widened in fear, but then he tried to compose himself. He then remembered how they ended up in this situation.

"I'm sorry Sarge"

"What for?"

"I should have made sure my phone was off or at least on silent!"

"Hey there's no need to blame yourself!" insisted Renzulli as he gripped both of Jamie's shoulders,

"Yes there is! It's my phone that went off and got us in this mess!"

"Well who was the person that called you?"


"Just check"

So Jamie pulled out his phone and checked his recent calls. He smiled and at Renzulli's questioning glance he replied "Danny".


When the dial tone cut out Danny put his cell phone back on his desk.

"No answer?" asked Jackie,

"Nah he must be busy"

"And not sleeping?" joked Jackie,

"I know he's not sleeping because like us he is working the graveyard shift. Although I bet his shift is more interesting as with no case we've been stuck with paperwork"

"Oh to be a beat cop" sighed Jackie dramatically. Danny just chuckled, but he couldn't help but agree even though Jamie would have to fill in paperwork it wouldn't be as much as the amount Danny had to do after a case.

"So you gonna call Jamie again?"

"Not yet, if he had to hang up before answering he's probably busy. I'll call him in half an hour" replied Danny, as he returned to his paperwork wanting to get it out the way as soon as possible, not knowing the real reason why Jamie didn't answer his phone.


Jamie and Renzulli had been in the freezer for 20 minutes and were shivering. Renzulli was walking around the freezer trying to keep warm, but Jamie was huddled on the floor leaning against the side. He felt cold, so cold, he couldn't move. He knew he should be doing what Renzulli was doing, but he just couldn't find the energy to do it.

"Reagan?" asked Renzulli worriedly when he turned to see Jamie on the floor.

Jamie couldn't even find the energy to answer Renzulli.

"Jamie?" asked Renzulli as he crouched in front of Jamie.

Jamie looked up at Renzulli and said "I-I am s-s-so c-co-cold Sa-Sarge"

"I kn-know ki-id" Renzulli pulled Jamie to his feet and more or less dragged Jamie around the container trying to keep Jamie at least a little bit warm.

Come on Danny! Jamie needs you to find him soon! Thought Renzulli, he knew Jamie being smaller than him would mean Jamie would the first to fall unconscious and for his body to slowly shut down. By now he knew Jamie must be at least suffering from mild hypothermia and he himself would be heading in that direction. He estimated that Jamie may have only another half an hour before he fell unconscious and by then would almost certainly have moderate hypothermia.


It had now been half an hour since Danny had tried to call Jamie, Jamie still hadn't called back so Danny picked up his cell phone and called Jamie and immediately he heard "I'm sorry but ther person you are calling-"

He frowned at Jackie, something was wrong. He got up from his desk and without a word Jackie followed him to the tech room.

"Guys I need to get a location on a cell phone"

"Got the number Danny?" asked Jacobs, one of the tech guys.

Danny rattled off Jamie's number and while Jacobs worked his magic he asked "so whose cell phone are you trying to find?"

"My kid brother Jamie's"

"Why?" asked Jacobs not looking up from what he was doing.

"Because I just know something is wrong" snapped Danny, his worry for Jamie making his already short temper shorter.

"Hey no need for that!" calmed Jacobs, from the corner of his eye he saw Danny about to apologize, "don't worry I know how you feel. My younger sister and brother, who are twins, are both beat cops so I worry to and if I thought something was wrong I would do the same as you"

Danny nodded and waited for Jacobs to get a result.

"Got a location" stated Jacobs, "I have been able to find your brother's location by triangulating the location of the phone when you rang him"

"Where is he?" asked Danny,

"Your brother was in a warehouse on the corner of Greenwich Street and Vandam Street"

"Was?" asked Danny,

"His phone is either off or has no signal I was only able to get a location from the phones last position when you called him"

"Thanks Jacobs" said Danny as he ran from the room,

Jacobs called after him "good luck Danny!"

Running to his car Danny was trying to ignore the worst scenarios that were running through his mind. Jamie was fine, that was it he just needed some help. There. Was. Nothing. Wrong.


Jamie and Renzulli had been in the freezer for 40 minutes now, and by now Renzulli had lost the energy to walk (and drag) himself and Jamie around. They were sat on the floor and Renzulli had his arms wrapped around a shivering Jamie, he was shivering himself, but Jamie was shivering more severely and Renzulli now couldn't get a response from Jamie except the odd blink.

"C-co-come on-n k-k-kid, y-yo-you go-tta st-stay with m-m-me. Da-Dann-y's go-n-na be on hi-his w-w-way b-y n-n-n-now"

There was no response from Jamie, Renzulli shook Jamie a little and looked down, Jamie's eyes were shut.

"N-n-no k-k-kid s-st-stay wi-th m-m-me!" Renzulli shakily broke a hand to Jamie's neck and felt for a pulse, he found one, but it was weak. If Danny took 15 or minutes he would be too late to save Jamie.

A few minutes later Renzulli felt himself drifting towards unconsciousness with Jamie still wrapped limply in his arms and then he heard banging.

"Jamie? Tony?" called a voice that sounded like Danny's, "Jamie! Tony! ... JAMIE!"

"D-D-Da-nn-y!" yelled Renzulli weakly.


"I-I-In he-re!"

Soon the door was pulled open and Danny charged into the freezer with Jackie by the door in case it closed on them.


"G-g-get Jam-Jamie out n-n-now!"

Danny nodded and then took hold of Jamie and picked him up and carried him out. Jackie then came and helped Renzulli out. Danny laid Jamie on the ground and was frantically rubbing Jamie's arms to get some warmth into him. Jamie's lips had a blue tinge to them and Danny knew that if he had come any later he would have been too late.

"Jamie can you hear me?" there was no response.

Renzulli wandered over sluggishly, "he's been unresponsive for about ten minutes".

Danny looked back down at Jamie, "come on kid wake up!" Danny shook Jamie a little and was awarded with a groan. "Jamie?" Danny took hold of Jamie's hand and squeezed it, "squeeze my hand if you can hear me" Danny let out a sigh of relief when Jamie squeezed his hand. "You'll be alright kid", Jamie squeezed his hand again.


Jamie attempted to open his eyes now he was slowly becoming conscious. As his eyes flickered he only saw blurry shapes, but he knew one of them was Danny, he had known Danny would find him and make sure he was alright. This was why Jamie wanted to open his eyes, he wanted Danny to know he was ok, because he could feel Danny's worry radiating off him in waves. There were new voices approaching, the only voice Jamie knew was Danny's and his seemed to rise in annoyance and Jamie didn't know why. Then the hand in his was being removed and his safety link was being taken from him. He tried to call out to Danny, trying to get him to come back. Suddenly a comforting hand was gently running its fingers through his hair and he knew it was Danny and relaxed and once again fell into the depths of unconsciousness knowing Danny would keep him safe.


Danny was sat next to Jamie, it took some arguing (which didn't really work) and Jamie to get the EMT's to let him sit with Jamie. Danny remembered the relief he felt in seeing Jamie flickering his eyes open. But the EMT's came over and managed to pry his hand from Jamie's. He had protested loudly, but to no avail.

"Hey listen to me! My brother needs me so I'm staying right here!"

"Sir we need to help him and I understand that you want to stay next to him but we need you to move out of the way!"

And Danny had been moved away. But as soon as Danny's hand had been removed from Jamie's, Jamie whimpered from the loss of contact and he began to panic with his eyes only open to half slits. The EMT's tried to settle Jamie, but it didn't work. Danny could see Jamie was getting worked up and went over to Jamie's head and comfortingly ran his fingers through Jamie's hair, glaring at the EMT's daring them to make him leave.


Soon they were travelling in the ambulance; Jamie was wrapped in a bundle of blankets.

"Shouldn't you be wrapping him up in a heat blanket or something?" questioned Danny sharply, not quite ready to forgive the EMT's for making Jamie panic.

"No, when someone has suffered hypothermia it is dangerous to warm them up to quickly" replied the EMT, ignoring Danny's sharp tone.


When they reached the hospital and Jamie was being treated, Danny was left alone with his thoughts. How had Jamie and Renzulli come to be locked in an industrial freezer? Danny knew why Jamie and Renzulli were patrolling areas of warehouses but why would a group of thieves lock two cops in a freezer? There had to be a reason.

"Excuse me Detective Reagan?" asked a Doctor.

"Yes?" replied Danny, realizing this wasn't Jamie's Doctor.

"Sergeant Renzulli would like to speak with you" Danny nodded and followed the Doctor; maybe he could get some answers.

He entered Renzulli's room to see Renzulli propped up against some pillows.

"How you feeling Sarge?"

"Like I've been locked in a freezer"

Danny chuckled, "what did the Doctor say?"

"That I got a case of mild almost moderate hypothermia. How's Jamie?"

"Doctor says he's got moderate hypothermia"

"Don't know why the kid's got a worse case than me" wondered Renzulli

The nurse checking his charts said "because Officer Reagan is smaller. He has less body fat to keep him insulated"

"So you're calling me fat?" questioned Renzulli with mock seriousness.

"Not at all Sergeant" smiled the nurse,

"Do you think she is?" asked Renzulli to Danny,

"Yes, probably because you eat one to many donuts" laughed Danny, the nurse left the room laughing silently to herself.

"Anyway your Doctor said you wanted to speak to me" said Danny as he took a seat next to the bed.

"Yeah, as I knew you would need my statement so I figured I'd get it over with while it's all fresh in my frozen brain".

Danny chuckled and sat back in the chair.

"You gonna get a notebook out or what?" asked Renzulli,

"Oh Tony! Don't be so old school! I'm gonna record what you say" smiled Danny.

"Don't you 'old school' me Detective!" warned Renzulli jokingly.

"You gonna tell me what happened or is your brain to frozen?" smirked Danny.

Renzulli ignored Danny's comment and began telling Danny what happened. When Renzulli finished he turned to see an appalled looking Danny.

"What's wrong Danny?"

"What's wrong?! You're asking me that? It's my fault you got put in the freezer!"

"It wasn't your-"

"Yes it was! I called Jamie and so the group knew you were there!"

"Look it's nice feeling the love from you Reagans every once in a while, but there's no need to blame yourselves!"

"Wait, is Jamie blaming himself?" asked Danny in disbelief.

"I'll let you ask him yourself I need to sleep"

"Alright catch you later Sarge".

Danny walked out of the room to find himself standing in front of the nurse from earlier.

"You can see your brother now"

"Thanks" and Danny followed the nurse into a room two doors down. He stepped into the room to see Jamie hooked up to wires and a machine with his eyes closed. Danny sat in the chair next to the bed and took Jamie's hand. He was pleased to see Jamie had more colour to him and that his hand some warmth to it. Jamie then began to stir.

"Sorry if I woke you" apologized Danny,

"No you didn't I was only dozing" replied Jamie in a hoarse voice, Jamie looked around and then back to Danny and stated "hospital"


"How's Sarge?"

"Fine, got a mild almost moderate case of hypothermia. Bit miffed that the nurse hinted he was fat by saying that's the reason he didn't fall unconscious"

Jamie laughed, "as long as he's ok".

Danny then remembered what Renzulli said about Jamie. "You better not be blaming yourself about what happened kid"

"How did you know?"

"Never mind that! Why are you blaming yourself?"

"Because it is my fault! I should have had my phone off or at least on silent! If I had the group wouldn't have known we were there!"

"I'm the one that called you!"

"And I'm the one who didn't turn their phone off!"

"Right we're going in circles here. Last comment. It's both our faults ok? And you and Renzulli are ok so let's drop the blame game ok?" Jamie nodded.

"It's funny" said Jamie after a moment.

"What is?" asked Danny,

"Deciding to become a cop I always knew there was a risk I could get killed on duty by being shot or stabbed. Never thought of freezing to death in a freezer though!"

Danny smiled slightly, he had to agree with Jamie though, freezing to death in a freezer definitely didn't spring to mind when thinking about the risks of being a cop. But again Danny was reminded of how close he came to losing another brother.

"Glad you didn't" said Danny,

"Glad I didn't what?"

"Freeze to death"

"Me too, would have been embarrassing if I had" said Jamie in an effort to lighten the mood.

"Yeah it would have been. One Reagan brother shot on the street doing his job, the other froze to death defending warehouses"

"Really sounds embarrassing when you say it like that" laughed Jamie. Danny joined in the laughter glad he still had Jamie around to laugh with.

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