fight like wolves.

However it happened, arguing ended up being a somewhat integral part of Rhydian and Maddy's relationship. Most of the time they were happy, of course, but on days when one of them was bounding with post-moon energy, or pissed off with the lack of the presence of the moon, one or the other would pick a fight over something exceptionally stupid.

One time, it was over Rhydian giving Maddy a weird look. Another time, it was because Maddy got a little too talkative the day after the full moon. All completely stupid things, of course, but they all caused screaming matches.

And not just normal, 'god you're so annoying' screaming matches; these were full on screaming matches, teeth bared and eyes glowing as the two of them brought up any and everything they had ever fought over.

There was times it got so bad Tom and Shannon would leave them to fight it out in the darkroom, or they would awkwardly leave a movie night or sleepover at Maddy's because the couple wouldn't stop yelling at each other.

They fought, quite literally like wolves; snarling and growling and shoving..

But they found it impossible to stay mad with each other. What would start as a screaming match would end with swollen lips, and messy hair, shirts done up the wrong way, and hasty excuses to teachers and parents and Tom and Shannon.

Because while they fought like wolves, they loved like wolves too.


Author's Note; So I just really like Maddian, and I don't like posting drabbles, so I've decided to create a collection of drabble-ish oneshots, ie a dumping ground for my Maddy/Rhydian feels. Seriously, kids shows should not get you this obsessed and frankly, upset. Can we have season two yet?

So yeah, feedback is always appreciated.