home sweet home.

"Mads, can you get the door?"

"I would." Maddy panted. "But I don't have any hands."

"We should have just left it open."

"And have someone rob all our stuff?"

"Its unlocked anyway!"

"Just shut up and open the door Rhydian."

"Small problem Mads, I CAN'T." Rhydian said, trying to shift the boxes he was carrying around so he could open the front door of their new flat.

"I have an idea." Maddy said, and using her hip, she pushed down the door handle of the flat, nudging the door open.

"That worked." Rhydian said, following her into the flat. There was boxes scattered everywhere, and he could hear Maddy's dad and Mr Vaughan talking in the bedroom, attempting to assemble their ikea bought wardrobe. "Though, we could have just asked them."

"That would have been a more logical decision." Maddy said, and shrugged. "But meh."

Rhydian dumped the boxes on the floor, his arms aching.

"Don't break anything Rhydian!"

"They're boxes of clothes Mads."

"How do you know that?"

"Its written on the side of the boxes."


Rhydian didn't reply, looking around the flat instead. It was small, the kitchen and living room one slightly bigger than tiny space. There was one bedroom, a bathroom, and not much else. But, there was a great view of the local park from the living room window, so that was something.

Rhydian and Maddy had just moved to Newcastle to go to university, Maddy agreeing to go despite her dislike for cities. She had wanted to try something, and Rhydian had happily agreed to go with her. He loved Stoneybrook, but he needed to live somewhere different for a while to really appreciate the town.

"I can't believe this is actually where we're going to live for the next four years." Maddy said, looking around. "Its our home."

"Its uni accommodation Mads."

"Its home." Maddy ignored him. "Our home." She grinned, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Yeah, I guess it is." Rhydian smiled, leaning down to kiss her. Their lips had barely touched when they were interrupted by Daniel yelling.

"Oi! You two! No smooching. We're not doing all the unpacking for you."

Maddy rolled her eyes. "Of course not dad!"

"Just think about it Mads," Rhydian said. "In a few hours, they'll be gone, and we'll have the place to ourselves."

"I'll hold you to that Rhydian Morris." Maddy beamed, grabbing one of the boxes of clothes, and bounding over to the bedroom.

Rhydian watched her for a couple of seconds before moving to grab one of the other boxes.

Home sweet home.


Author's Note: .. I'm actually so sorry this has taken so long. School's been a bitch as of late, and to be honest, if it weren't for Amy and those lovely anons on tumblr basically telling me to update or else this would have taken a whole lot longer.

Anyway, thanks a million for the prompts you've been sending me! I have a list the length of my arm (okay slight exaggeration but there's a lot) and I'm going to try my absolute best to update a few times a week from now on. Its a lame excuse I know, but it's my last year of school and the workload is horrendous.

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