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Chapter 1: Through Time's eyes

Gundam Wing Universe

AC 198

"Usagi!!!! Come on! We're beyond late!!! Mamoru-san is already waiting for us!" screamed Setsuna from downstairs. She gave an angry look at a panting Usagi, as the moon bunny ran the stairs down, towards her, several bags hanging on her shoulders.

"Gomen Setsuna-mama! I was making sure we didn't forget anything."

The green haired woman just nodded and took her own luggage and gave a final look around the house they shared. All the furniture was covered with white linens: they were moving away for the next 8 months at the Sanq Academy. She opened the door and saw Mamoru, one fist hanging in the air for he was about to use it to knock on the door. He dropped it, had the decency to blush slightly and smiled at the Guardian of Time.

"Konnichiwa Setsuna-san! Ready?"

The green haired woman smiled and lightly nodded as the Earth Prince picked up her bags. But his gesture was suddenly interrupted as a gold flash past by Setsuna and aimed for his heart...

"Mamo-chan!" screamed Usagi, as she glomped him, making the poor guy dropped the lugagges.

"Usako!" the midnight haired man replied, giving her a quick peek on her forehead. "Are you both ready?"

Turning for the Senshi of Time's approval, the bubbly blond nodded and ran outside, leaving her older friends alone. Mamoru's gaze followed the Tsuki no Hime while he chuckled at her behaviour, before looking back at Setsuna, eyes glittering with admiration.

" look great with your hair up."

Instinctively, the young lady blushed and touched the back of her neck, where her normally flowing green hair was twisted in a loose bun. Because Mamoru had told them he had rent a convertible for their trip to the Sank Kingdom, Usagi and her had tied their hair, in hope they would not annoy them. Still blushing, the ageless Senshi's lips drew a shy smile and whispered: "Arigatou".

"Setsuna-mama? Onee-chan? What are you guys doing inside??? We're going to be late!!!" wailed Usagi from outside, thankfully breaking the embarassed silence between the Guardian of time and the Protector of Earth. They both laughed at the thought of Usagi, Miss 'everytimeIgosomewhereIamlate', reminding them of their own lateness. Picking up Usagi's luggage, Setsuna gave her house a final look before locking it for 8 months.

'8 months' she nervously thought while sitting down in the passenger's seat, 'so much can happen in 8 months...'

"Sank Kingdom Academy, here we come!" smiled Mamoru, his deep blue eyes twickling with excitement.

"Yeah! All right!" was Usagi's noisy answer, making the Time Senshi chuckled. Even if she was in another dimension, with no memories whatsoever, the Tsuki no Hime's behaviour hadn't changed at all...except for a few things...

Once on the highway, Setsuna closed her garnet eyes and a small sight escape her ruby lips as she recalled their arrival upon this dimension. She had choose it because time was passing a lot slower here: a month here was the equivalent of a day in their original dimension. Gaining more time was definitely a advantage in the eyes of Chronos'daughter. Fearing that missing parts in their past would attract to much attention on themsleves, Pluto had created a life for each 'travellers'. Hotaru, Minako and Rei were 'born' in the same small town, and their 'parents' were part of the same group of friend, explaining the deep bond the girls shared. And conviniently, the three of them were accepted at the Sank Academy for their college years. As for Mamoru and Usagi, they were gave up for adoption in the nursing house were Setsuna had 'work'. Once she was 'old' enough, she adopted Usagi, while Mamoru left the orphanage to live by himself. Schoolarship grant supported him until he was accepted at the Sank University for a master in nuclear physics. Usagi's grade were good enough to make her a freshman at the Academy, while Setsuna had been accepted as an history teacher for the high school part of the Academy. Everything seemed perfectly under the Senshi of time's control, except for one huge detail, the relationship between the Earth Prince and the Tsuki no Hime. Somehow, the life-time lovers had harvested a very deep, close relationship, but more as in a brotherly way instead of a lover's one. It seems that growing together in their childhood had altered their perception of each other. Worried, she had shared her fears of not seeing the royal couple together in a near futur with Luna and the others. After debating over the reasons and the actions to take, they settled on not meddling with Mamoru and Usagi's relation, but not without keeping a close eye on it. The Inner Senshi believed that in need of comfort and support, their Hime would seek it and find it into the Earth's Prince's arms. But as for the moment their were still only friend, as a sudden shake broke Setsuna thought's. The green haired woman turned around to meet twickling cerulean blue eyes.

"Were you talking to me, Usagi-chan?"

"Hai Setsuna-mama! I was asking you why you weren't dating Onee-chan. You are both older, responsible and educated and..."

As Usagi went on with the reasons why Mamoru and her should be together, the ageless Senshi felt her cheeks burning with embarassment. It was not the first time Usagi tried to set them up. Despite the fact that they both told her that were just friends, the Legendary Senshi was still nagging and teasing them. Setsuna gave the Mamoru a side look, only to see him eyes locked on the road. But the light redness of his cheeks betrayed the fact that he had been listening to her conversation with Usagi. The garnet eyed woman looked down as she felt another hot flush overwhelming her. 'You cannot fall for the Prince' her reason whispered, strangely sounding like Haruka. 'Don't forget....there is plenty of cute fish in the sea...' continued another voice, much like Michiru's one. Indeed, she answered to herself. She could take advantage of her time in this dimension to meet new people. She had been so lonely since the beginning of time...alone, no friends, only foes as she guarded her territory. Setsuna closed her eyes and a soft smile drew itself on her ruby lips as she thought of all the opportunities that were unfolding before her. Then she slowly drifted into Lala-land, her dreams strangely filled with beautiful and calm green eyes...

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