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Camp Half Blood to Hogwarts rewritten

Harry's p.o.v.
I sighed contently, sipping from my goblet filled to the rim with sweet pumpkin juice. My favorite part of life: returning to Hogwarts, and getting away from my horrid relatives. Ron and Hermione sat with me at the beginning of the year feast, though Hermione was still angrily eyeing the feast she claimed was made from the blood of slaves. Ginny, Fred and George, and Neville sat across from us, dutifully ignoring the brunette's plight. They had grown accustomed to Hermione's indignant opinions and found it somewhat amusing, not to mention the excited buzzing that was currently filling the room. The kids of all houses were happily chattering about the rumors they had heard over the summer.

The rumors about a riveting happening that Hogwarts was hosting this year. To say that I was curious was an understatement but the main thing on my mind was sleep. After filling up on food, my eyes drifted lazily to a crescent shape.

The only thing that awakened me from the stupor was Dumbledore standing to address the hall.

Silence immediately followed.

"'So!" He called happily, his voice booming before the wide eyed students. "Now that we are all fed and watered, I must once more ask for your attention, while I give out a few notices.

"'Mr. Filch, the caretaker, has asked me to tell you that the list of objects forbidden inside the castle has this year been extended to include screaming yo-yos , fanged frisbee, and ever-bashing boomerangs.'" It could have been my imagination, but I swear the headmaster's twinkling eyes settled on the Weasley twins. They enthusiastically returned the challenging smile. Dumbledore continued, "'The full list comprises some four hundred and thirty-seven items, I believe, and can be viewed in Mr. Filch's office, if anybody would like to check it.'"

He continued to talk about the Forbidden Forest and how we were not to go in it as it were forbidden, but he jovially smiled in my and Ron's and Hermione's direction as he said it.

"'It is also my painful duty to inform you that the Inter-House Quidditch Cup will not take place this year.'"

Instant outrage followed this announcement. The twins were gaping like fish, the rest of the Gryffindor team's expressions not unlike their beaters'.

Dumbledore allowed the hall to regain order before he went on to explain, "This is due to an event that will be occurring throughout the school year, taking up much of the school's spirit and hospitality — 'but I am sure you will enjoy it immensely. I have the great pleasure in announcing that this year at Hogwarts —'"

Before he could continue, a defeating crack of thunder broke through the Headmaster's speech and a man pushed his way into the Great Hall. He limped his way to the teacher's table, greeting Dumbledore before he took his place in the only vacant throne. He sneered at the students who were too obvious in their staring. But other than the frustrated leer, the man with two different eyes ignored the students and began to tear at a sausage.

"Our new professor of the Defense Against the Dark Arts. Professor Alastor Moody."

Almost depressingly, only two people clapped for the estranged man: Hagrid and the Headmaster himself. I exchanged incredulous looks with Ron who also seemed to recognize the teacher.

Dumbledore returned his smile to the students who were still gaping at the new arrival."As I was saying," he said, smiling at the sea of students, "we are to have the honor of hosting a very exciting event over the school year , an event that has never before been attempted. Well, actually the last one ended in a very nasty way, so it was decided that it should never happen again."

Dumbledore kept smiling gaily while our jaws unhinged.

Timidly, Hermione muttered, if its that bad, should we be trying it again?"

"It is my very great pleasure to inform you that Camp Half-Blood will be spending the coming months with us here in the castle." He paused, but when he realized that no one knew what the camp was, he elaborated, "Camp Half-Blood, the home for children of the Greek gods. Ladies and Gentlemen, witches and wizards, please welcome the demigods of Manhattan."

He clapped his hands twice and the doors swung open to reveal a group of about one hundred kids all in orange t shirts. All the houses were shocked. The kids were leaning back, off the benches to get better looks. Some even stood up. Talking suddenly up roared. I tried to yell to Ron, but he couldn't hear me, neither could Hermione so I gave up trying and stared as the uncomfortable group of kids adjusted to being gawked at.

"Silence!" Dumbledore roared. "Because it is a summer camp, and as I understand that for some demigods flying is a potential health hazard, only a few campers have been able to join us. The head counselor of each cabin will be placed under the Sorting Hat and separated into their houses. Professor McGonagall, if you would please."

Professor McGonagall stood up, her usual scroll resting in her hands as she read off the names of each cabin: "Cabin Three of Poseidon."

A boy with disheveled black hair and sea green eyes shifted forward uncomfortably. Every eye in the room was focused directly on him and I could tell he was uncomfortable. But he swallowed his qualms and strode forward with his head up. Ron nudged me in the ribs, looking between the boy and me and the uncanny resemblance.

"Cabin Five of Ares."

A large group, lead by a mean, muscular girl, sauntered after the son of Poseidon. Huge, bulks of teens that wore the same sneer and fiery challenging air.

"Cabin Six of Athena." Blonde haired, grey eyed boys and girls marched behind confidently. Hermione watched them curiously.

"Cabin Seven of Apollo. Cabin Nine of Hephaestus. Cabin Ten of Aphrodite. Cabin Eleven of Hermes. Cabin Thirteen of Hades. Cabin Seventeen of Hecate. And Cabin Twenty of Nyx."

The camp awkwardly stood between the four tables as the wizards and witches observed them like ants under a magnifying glass.

"First, the house rules: you are not allowed to visit other dorm rooms nor are you allowed to divulge the location or passwords of other house common rooms. When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted." Professor McGonagall stepped to the side, revealing the ragged old sorting hat.

"Jackson, Perseus." My unrelated identical twin went up and sat on the stool. The sorting hat barely touched his head and shouted, "Gryffindor!"

We cheered for Perseus and he climbed down to our table, where he observed the others cautiously climbing the stool.

Clarrise and her cabin was sorted to Slytherin, Annabeth and the Athena cabin went to Ravenclaw (which I saw Peseus visibly deflate at), Apollo went to Gryffindor, Hephaestus to Ravenclaw, Aphrodite to Hufflepuff, Hermes to Hufflepuff, Hades to Slytherin, Hecate to Ravenclaw, and the lone girl in the Nyx cabin went to Gryffindor after a long hat session.

Dumbledore stood and again everyone fell silent. "Welcome to Hogwarts."

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