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OK commencing Junjou Romantica fanfiction in 5...4...3...2...1...ACTION!

Misaki woke up from his sleep, feeling hot and suffocated. It felt as if some kind of three hundred pound boulder had fallen on top of him and was crushing him beneath its weight. Even before he had woke up, Misaki was able to feel the tremendous weight that was upon him. At first he thought he was dreaming and attempted to maneuver his body to wake himself up. But it didn't work. Misaki could still feel the heavy object on top of him, signaling that it was not a dream. Slowly opening his eyes, the young man looked down at his chest from his position on his back and immediately saw a messy array of soft silver gray hair matted against his chest. Misaki felt his eyebrow twitch in annoyance. He could remember all of the times that he had told his Usagi, his older lover to NOT sneak into his bed without his permission. It was not that Misaki did not enjoy Usagi's body against his own when he was sleeping, it was just...well frankly the younger man just felt the tiniest bit of irritation whenever it happened. Misaki began to attempt to maneuver his way out from under Usagi's body, which was nearly IMPOSSIBLE. The older man's body was hard and broad over his own. And Misaki's slim and soft frame was just no match for it. After about fifteen minutes of wiggling and squirming, Misaki was able to wiggle free...his arm. His arm felt as though it had fallen asleep, tingling sensation and all. Usagi must have been here for over an hour. Misaki waited for the feeling and coordination to return to his arm and once it did the young man made good use of it...by popping the sleeping older man's head in a quick downward motion. Misaki could feel Usagi move over on top of his body.

"Ow...", Grumbled the older man. He unwrapped one of his arms that were secured around Misaki and brought it to his head. "What an unpleasant way to wake up. Are you always to violent in the morning?", he said in in groggy voice

"It's you own damn fault! How many times do I have to tell you not to sneak into my bed?! I thought I was gonna be die of suffocation!", Misaki shouted annoyed

Usagi slowly lifted his head, his large hand still tangled in the front if his hair. Misaki gulped at what he saw. The author looked as if he had been through hell and back again. He had large bags under his eyes, looking like some sort of disheveled demon. Misaki felt himself stiffen in nervousness at the sight of it.

Oh crap! Why the hell do I keep forgetting how Usagi-san is in the morning. And I yelled at him,damn. I feel as though my life is quickly coming to an end, Misaki thought in horror

"Ah, well", Misaki said laughing nervously. "Look at the time...it's already nine o'clock. I need to go get breakfast started and such...", Misaki said trying to slip out from underneath the larger man's body

The older man still had one arm around Misaki and was still holding him tightly. Usagi still refused to let go. Misaki was beginning to tire himself out by his efforts and soon gave up. The younger man then resorted to whining to his lover.

"Baka-Usagi! Let me up already!", Misaki yelled trying to push Usagi's long arms away from him. But Misaki knew it was no use. Once Usagi had a hold on him, it was near impossible to pry him off.

"Ah? Tsk tsk my little Misaki. Where do you think you're going?", he said with an evil grin on his face.

"Wh-what? I'm going to make breakfast! You need to eat too you know?, for energy! So move!", Misaki said trying to move again but to no avail.

"I'm hungry all right...I need a refill of Misaki,right now in fact", Usagi said, wrapping his arm around Misaki's waist and holding him even tighter. With his free hand Usagi leaned in close and pressed his lips to Misaki's, kissing him passionately.

"Wha?, Misaki said in surprise. "Cut it out! It's not even noon! No It's not even ten in the morning yet and you're already doing this?!", Misaki said pulling away and weakly objecting.

"Mornings are pretty good for me. Now thisis a nice way to wake up", the older man said grinning. Misaki began slapping Usagi's back, signaling him to stop. But this proved to be of no use either. The younger man's hit's felt like butterflies on his back. Usagi chuckled

"That tickles", he said pulling away and smiling

Misaki felt very annoyed at this point. He felt his face go red in his annoyance

Stupid Usagi! It's way too damn early for this!

Just then, Misaki felt Usagi's warm tongue on his neck, causing him to flinch on instinct. Misaki could feel his face go red instantly, and this time not out of annoyance. Misaki actually felt irritation at himself for actually liking the older man's touch and looking forward to it. No matter how much he fought it, the young man knew that he would always give in to it, just as he probably would in the next few minutes. Despite this, Misaki continued to flail and squirm, in an attempt to get free.

"U-Usagi-san! Seriously! Get off already. Your crushing me for Christ's sake!", Misaki protested in annoyance. He was half lying a little

"Oh? Am I now? Misaki you know you're a bad liar", he said laughing again. "I never hear any complaints when we're in bed together", he said, leaning forward even more. "I can prove it to you right now if you really want it that bad...", the older man whispered huskily in Misaki's ear, causing him to shiver. Misaki could feel his body become hot and flushed.

Dammit Usagi! How did he even know I was thinking that?!

Usagi slid his head downwards to Misaki's neck, where he began planting a trail of kisses on it. The mere sensation of the older man's lip's on his sensitive neck was enough to drive him crazy. Misaki began to slightly tremble at the act and could not stop. Still kissing Misaki's neck, Usagi slowly slid his hand between the younger man's legs. Misaki automatically flinched at the contact. The author allowed his long, elegant fingers to trace their way around Misaki's inner thighs. Misaki was past the point of objecting. Usagi had made sure to cease any protests from Misaki's lips with his hot, wet kisses. After running his fingers on Misaki's thighs one last time, he reached between the boy's slim legs and cup his crotch

"Ah, Usagi-san!", Misaki gasped

The older man slowly began to slide his fingers into Misaki's cotton sleeping pants, where the tip of one of his fingers began to slowly enter the younger man's underwear.

"Misaki...", the older man whispered hotly.

"W-wait a minute!", Misaki objected

Usagi began to bring his face down to Misaki's, where he could kiss him and silence any other protests that may come from the younger man's lips. But as he was about to do so, Misaki's cell phone on his nightstand next to his bed had begun to ring.

"Uh...Usagi-san, I should get that", Misaki said laughing nervously.

"Let it go to voicemail", Usagi said in annoyance. The phone stopped ringing after the tenth time, so the older man brought his attention back to Misaki. Usagi's lips were now centimeters from Misaski's now as he continued to lower his head once again. Misaki shut his eyes tight, knowing that there was no way to escape his morning's fate this time. He did think that he would be lucky twice in a row. But this proved to be wrong. The phone began to ring again, this time not stopping. Usagi let out a grunt of irritation, clicking his teeth afterwards.

Misaki saw this as an opportunity to save himself from the older man's lust. Getting one arm free, Misaki fumbled for his cell phone and grabbed it before it could stop ringing. With clumsy fingers, the young man slid open his phone and brought it to his ears, still eying Usagi nervously.

"Moshi moshi?, Misaki said, still feeling suspicious.

"Ah Hello?Takashi-kun?Good morning.", said a mature and smooth sounding voice. Misaki was able to recognize it immediately and his eyes widened in surprise.

"I-Ijuuin-sensei?",Misaki asked, confused.

"Ah...Yes. I'm sorry to be a bother and call you so early on your day off but I was wondering if you could come into work today. It would only be for about two or three hours. I don't want to take up too much of your time", Ijuuin said sincerely.

"Today...Well it's not like I'm doing anything today. B-but may I ask why you called me of all people?I mean it's an honor to work on any task with you but...a - aren't there more experienced workers for you to ask?",Misaki said.

"Ah, well that is true that there are some who are more experienced, but it seems that they have all made other plans for the next couple of days ,and my own editor has been ill and will be out for the next two weeks.There isn't really anyone else that I can ask to do this, and you know my manga so well, thus I thought you would be perfect for the job.", the mangaka said.

"Oh, I see",Misaki said understandingly.

"Plus...I enjoy your company very much", he added finally.

"Ah,well...if it's for your work, then I'll gladly do it",Misaki said,not really acknowledging the mangaka's last statement.

"Great...I'll come pick you up at around eleven.", Ijuuin said happily

"Ah...No!",Misaki said suddenly. "Um...what I mean is...I-I'll just come over to Murakawa myself so you can save yourself the trip.", Misaki said.

"Oh?Are you sure?", Ijuuin asked

"No really, It's fine.I'll be there by eleven thirty.",Misaki said happily.

"Alright, see you then", Ijuuin said and hung up.

Misaki let his phone fall to the carpet and sighed happily. Suddenly he smiled and held the phone to his face and then placed it on his nightstand. He had to admit to himself that he was happy that Ijuuin had asked him to work with him. He did write Misaki's favorite manga.

Oh wow! Wow! This is going to be so cool! I haven't worked with sensei in months! And it's THE KAN! Does it get any better than this?I don't think so! Oh I need to go pick out something to wear! And I can't forget my tools either. I need to send a thank you cake to Isaka-san! Without him I may not have been working atMurakawa. I wonder what volume he's working on now?Maybe he'll let me see it...No. No way. That's waaaay too selfish of a thought! I'll probably just be filing papers or something! But who cares anyway?! It's IJUUIN KYOU!

Misaki felt as though his head was really up in the clouds. He was enthusiastic at the chance of meeting his favorite manga artist over his work. Misaki's eyes were shut tightly, as he grinned from ear to ear, thinking of how he would get to spend a day with Ijuuin, possibly looking over his work for his own interest. But Misaki's thoughts were interrupted by the sudden chill in the air that he felt. It was some sort of looming darkness that stayed in the air for a very, very long younger man recognized it instantly. It had to be none other than Usagi.

Crap,Now this is bad. I totally forget that Usagi-san was still on top of me. M-maybe he didn't hear anything.

Misaki slowly opened his eyes and saw a very irritated and brooding Usagi looming over him. Misaki could see the dark energy that was coming from the older man. Misaki slowly felt his face he was still smiling, the younger man could feel his face transform in nervousness, his eyelids twitching.(you know that weird face Misaki gets when he's smiling but still wide eyed and nervous!_)

"Misaki...who was that on the phone just now?",the older man inquired broodingly.

"Ah...well...",Misaki started nervously. "N-no one important...",he said laughing nervously.

Usagi reached his long arms over and picked up Misaki's phone off his nightstand. Flipping it open, Misaki heard Usagi press a series of buttons. Misaki knew that he was going through his recent calls was inevitable.

"Ijuuin-san", the older man said looking even more annoyed. "And what prey tell would he be calling you about so early in the morning?",Usagi asked looking irritated.

"Um...well...you about 's no big deal really.",Misaki said.

"And what did he ask you to do today? On your day off?,Usagi asked.

"Well,actually...I was asked to go in for a couple of hours and help him with his work.",Misaki answered

" No. Absolutely not",Usagi declared, looking annoyed.

"Huh?You can't say that! Baka-Usagi!",Misak isaid.

"You know how he feels about you and yet you still want to go?",Usagi asked, pressing the subject.

"Me and Ijuuin-sensei have a work relationship and nothing more! When he said all those things to you and me,he was only joking!", Misaki retorted in irritation.

"How dense can you be, Misaki?",Usagi asked. "He's obviously after you!", the older man said in a matter of fact tone.

"No he's not! It's for my job! This is work!",Misaki protested.

"I hardly think Ijuuin-san feels the same way",Usagi said.

"You're the only one who thinks like a pervert 24/7!", Misaki shouted annoyed.

"Hmmmm?.Really?",Usagi said.

"Yes! Now come on let me up!I have to make breakfast!", Misaki said wiggling once again.

"I told you that breakfast can wait",the older man said coolly.

"No it can't! And besides I have to get ready anyway!", said the younger man, still struggling. Misaki managed to get his other arm free and was now pushing his older lover back, so that he could lift himself up. But Usagi still had one arm wrapped securely around Misaki's slim waist.

"Misaki...stay home",the man cooed.

"I already told you I can't! I already told Ijuuin-sensei that I'd be there. So let me hurry and make us some food. The sooner I leave, the sooner I'll be home alright?" , Misaki said irritated. Misaki was startled when he felt Usagi's lips on his neck once again,kissing and sucking on it just as he had before.

"Misaki...",the older man said hotly as he brought his face down again. Misaki knew that Usagi was going to continue kissing him until he said he would stay home. Just as Usagi was about to kiss Misaki, his mouth already open to utilize his tongue,Misaki's cell phone began ringing again,this time gave the phone a death glare.

Uh oh. It looks like I might have to buy another phone in the future. Usagi-san looks like he wants to throw it out of the window!

Misaki began to fumble once again for his phone but Usagi beat him to it. The older man reached his long arm over to the nightstand and picked up Misaki's cellphone.

"Hey! Don't just touch my things!", Misaki cried out, clawing for his phone, while it continued to ring.

"Well, it'll definitely go to voicemail now won't it?",the older man said.

"No way!",Misaki cried. While Usagi was distracted, Misaki reached his slim arms through Usagi''s and caught the phone between his hands. Before the older man could take it away from him again, Misaki answered it.

"Yes?! This is Misaki speaking!", he said.

"Misaki-kuuuuun... Goodmoooorning", said a dreary voice on the other end of the line. Misaki recognized the voice on Usagi's editor. He could tell that she had not gotten any sleep the night before, maybe even in the last few weeks.

"A-Aikawa-san?uh...g-good morning.",Misakisaid.

"Misaki-kuuun...will you put Usami-sensei on the line pleeeease?"she asked sounding like a ghost.

"S-sure...", Misaki answered.

Misaki put the phone in Usagi's hand, but he did not grab onto it like he was supposed to. Instead he just loomed there looking bored at the phone. He was obviously not interested in talking to his editor. Misaki did the next best thing. Moving his finger upwards, Misaki pressed the button that put the phone on speaker and waited. After a few seconds of hearing shallow breath, there was a shout on the other end.


The sudden outburst from the older woman cause Misaki to open his eyes in surprise. But he should have been used to it by now. Usagi was always giving Aikawa grief when it came to him meeting his deadlines.

"It's almost done, so stop bothering me", Usagi said nonchalantly.


"I will when it needs to be done...", Usagi said again

"YOU DAMN TWO BIT WRITER! GET IT DONE TODAY!, she yelled at the top of her lungs

"Yes, yes", Usagi said in a bored manner. "I'll start working on it...in another six to seven hours", he said

"USAMI-SENSEEEEEI!", she yelled into the phone

Usagi took the phone from Misaki and turned it off. His attention was now back on his younger lover. There was an evil smile on his face now. Usagi reached his hand downwards and slid it under Misaki's shirt, touching his stomach.

"Wha! Usagi-san! I told you to let me up!" Misaki yelled.

"I know what you said. You just need some persuasion to stay home today", Usagi said smirking.

The older man was about to kiss Misaki again when suddenly there was a loud slamming sound from downstairs, Both of the heard it. Then suddenly the bedroom door swung open violently, and in the doorway stood a fuming Aikawa. Even from far away, Misaki could see how horrible she looked. Her eyes were red and her hair was a frizzy mess. She was still in her overrsized night shirt, and wearing fuzzy cat slippers. Misaki always thought that Aikawa looked very pretty when she got up with no makeup on. But today she looked like the devil. There was murder in her eyes. Her eyes narrowed to the scene of Usagi over Misaki. She slowly walked over to the bed and gave the older man a chop to his head. The older man winced in pain at the impact on his head. He raised himself up, holding his head to glare at Aikawa.

"USAMI-SENSEI! GET YOUR ASS UP AND START WRITING! NOW!", she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Usagi clicked his tongue, clearly annoyed. "Oh shut up. How did you even get in here? I thought I changed the locks and the entrance code", he said


"Oh that...maybe it was the rats", Usagi said coolly.


"I'll start working...as soon as me and Misaki are finished... talking", Usagi said grinning down at Misaki, who was still beneath him. "So how about giving me fifteen...no thirty more minutes alone with him", Usagi said facing Misaki. He gestured for Aikawa to leave the room. The older man leaned his face lower and was about to kiss the younger man, but felt hands on his shoulders.

"OH NO YOU DON'T! YOU'RE GOING TO GET YOUR DAMN MANUSCRIPT DONE! NOW!, Aikawa yelled, as she pulled the older ,man off of Misaki in one violent jerk. Usagi laid on the floor, looking annoyed and unimpressed. All the older man could do was click his teeth once again in his irritation. He had definitely lost this battle with his editor and apparently she was going to get her way. Misaki let out a long breath. He could finally breath again without his lover's weight on top of him. Misaki looked up and smiled embarrassedly at Aikawa.

"G-good morning Aikawa-san", he said smiling.

"Ah, Misaki-kun! Good morning", she beamed. She walked over to Misaki and gave him a warm hug, which Misaki returned, smiling. "It's always good to see you", she said smiling. As they were talking to one another, they both heard a husky sigh from an annoyed Usagi, who was still lying on the floor. Aikawa took two small steps, and with one steady movement, she kicked the older man in his hip.

"Alright then! Now let's start working on that manuscript!", she said enthusiastically.

All she got in response was another groan from Usagi on the floor. He seemed to be feeling lazy today.

"I'll get it done today, so will you just leave already?", Usagi said.

"Ha! I don't think so! No, no. You're not going to brush me off. Not this time. I'm going to stay here until you get it done!", she said.

Usagi clicked his tongue again.

"Aikawa-san", Misaki spoke up. "Would you like me to make breakfast for you too?, he asked smiling.

"Sure! Your cooking is always the best!", she said. Misaki turned to look at the clock on the wall. Aikawa noticed the way Misaki was looking at the time.

"Oh, but you don't have to if you're busy with something else.", she said.

"Oh, no I'm not really that busy", Misaki said laughing nervously.

"Really? You keep looking at the clock", Aikawa pointed out.

"Oh...well, I guess I do have somewhere to go...I guess. But don't worry I can still make breakfast", Misaki said as he put his slippers on and walked to the door. He could feel Usagi's eyes following him.

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