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Usami opened the lids of his eyes and was irritated to see the thin lines of sunlight peaking it way from the slightly opened curtain in his bedroom. He desperately wanted to get up and close it so that he could be in peace in complete darkness but his body refused to move even an inch in his bed. The man could barely bring himself to turn his own head, let alone get up to close a curtain. He had grown lazy in the last month. He knew that, still he did not care. So instead of trying to force himself, he took the latter and abruptly turned his back to the window and angrily pulled the sheets over his head as he did so. Once again, the man allowed his eyes to close and he could feel the sleep washing over him. Just as he was about to drift off again, he could hear the most annoying sound he could think of. Somewhere in the quiet room, there was the awful and none ending sound of a phone ringing.

From underneath his sheets, the man let out a loud moan. He really wanted nothing more than to get up and throw the damn thing out the window, but he body betrayed him. The silver haired man blindly fumbled around above his head until he felt another pillow in his fingers. He quickly took the large pillow and pressed it against the other side of his head. It gave him some relief. The ringing had become quieted and easier to ignore. He could feel himself getting tired again. But then again, when did he even put a landline phone in his bedroom? The only phones in his condo were a landline in the living room and his personal cell phone. Not the mention the fact that he hated phones to begin with, so why the hell would he even put one in his bedroom? The phone kept ringing. He pressed the pillow harder onto his ear. Still, it didn't stop.


Oh god just shut up….., , Usami, thought, shutting his eyelids tighter.


Dammit…Just let me sleep, he thought.


"Shut up!", the man said, raising himself in his bed. He wasn't really talking to anyone. There was no one in the room with him. Usami put a hand to his head and could practically feel his brain pumping against the insides of his head. The ringing had finally stopped. With a sigh, he plopped himself back into bed, pulling the sheets over him. He was about to close his eyes when he heard another noise. This time it was a beep.

Oh, for crying out….

Before, he could even finish his thought; he could hear Isaka's voice on the phone. Usami rolled over onto his back and pressed the pillow against his face, desperately wondering why it had to be him who had to call him of all people.

"Akihiko…..", he heard Isaka say in a stern voice.

"I hope the phone I left you works fine", Usami heard him say.

Of course…., Usami thought, irritably.

"Let me get right down to the point…As I recall, last week I told you that we, yes that includes you, will have a meeting. Well I'm here to tell you that the specific meeting I was talking about is today. Yes, now take a moment to look at the clock on the wall and see that it is past noon you lazy piece of shit. I took the liberty of rescheduling the meeting to be in the late afternoon because of you problems", Usami heard Isaka scoff at the end.

"I told you that your ass would be there and I damn well meant it, even if I have to drag you pathetic ass there kicking and screaming. I swear to you that I am not afraid to use a stun gun on you if I have to. I will be at your place at 3:30 and you had better be showered, shaved, and nicely dressed by the time I get there. I am not playing around with you on this, Akihiko. I honestly don't give two shits about the your problems, especially when you brought them on yourself. I am not going to let you screw anything else up, got it?So get your fucking act together!"

The phone beeped again. The message was over. Usami slowly pulled the covers from his face. Isaka…was serious this time and he had every right to be. He had been none caring about his job before, but this time he had really messed up big time. He should have been fired a while back, come to think of it so this definitely had to be the last straw on his part.

He took a moment to let his eyes wander to the white ceiling hidden in darkness. What was really the point of going to work? Well he did have to feed himself, even if he had not been doing that recently; He had to get on with life, at least take care of himself to live. Just because Misaki had left, that didn't mean his life was over. The silver haired man felt a sharp pain in his heart at the thought of the small brown-haired boy. Usami reached out and felt the empty side of the bed where Misaki once slept beside him and he could still feel tears welling in his eyes. Who the hell was he kidding?

An hour and a half later, Usami was sitting in his kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. It was a little strange. He was sitting in his kitchen, casually drinking a hot beverage when the kitchen looked as if World War Three had taken place. Broken plates and cups scattered the floor, as if there had been some sort of a struggle. He still hadn't cleaned up the mess…well one of the messes that he had made and he really couldn't bring himself to care in the first place.

What he did care about was how irritable he was feeling right now and the not so pleasant feeling that he could feel growing in the pit of his stomach. That dick of man Isaka could not seem to understand that him going to the meeting where Masayoshi would be was not going to be a pretty thing to see. Usami was dreading their encounter with every fiber in his body. He didn't even want to get within five hundred feet of him if possible but Isaka, as he so clearly said in his voice mail, didn't give two shits about it.

The author was feeling his anger towards Isaka but at the same time, it was directed at himself for getting himself into this mess to begin with. Maybe him going to the meeting was one of the many punishments that he deserved for what he had done to Misaki. Usami didn't even know if he could reconcile with his beloved anymore. So much time had passed since he had last seen the green eyed boy. He had talked pretty big about how he would bring Misaki back to him but he wasn't so sure about that anymore. He wasn't sure about anything he was doing anymore. Right now, it felt as if he were just feeling around in the dark, waiting for an answer to miraculously come to him. He was too scared and confused to do anything else. So here, he was sitting in a kitchen that was practically destroyed and in shambles, feeling as if he were a convict on death row waiting for his lethal injection that would make him atone for his sins.

Usami took another sip of his coffee and frowned. For some reason he couldn't help but think that it tasted a bit…weird. He knew it the reason that it tasted strange to him was because Misaki had not made it for him. Nothing felt right with the younger man gone and out of his life. The author couldn't help but still miss the boy. He missed his expressive emerald green eyes…his soft brown hair…his warm and soft body…everything…he missed everything about him. Oh god…he couldn't take it anymore. Usami put a hand to his chest and clenched it over his heart. It still...hurts. Why did it still hurt? Was it the guilt that was eating away at him every single day or was it the fact that he knew he had pushed Misaki out of his life on his own and that he couldn't place the blame on anyone else but himself?

How many times had he fallen to sleep and woke up thinking that Misaki would be there laying right beside him? How many time had he come home to his empty and desolate condo thinking that Misaki would be there waiting for him to say welcome home? When was he going to come to terms with the new reality that he had made for himself? It was his fault so he should at least own up to it, right?

He put his head in his hands and hunched over on chair. The silver haired man began to take steady deep breaths. In and out…in and out…He shut his eyes tight, trying to stop the tears from falling once again, even when they so desperately wanted to be released. How could he even think to attend a meeting in the condition he was in?

Usami stood up from the counter and made his way into the living room. The moment he saw the large sectional couch, he threw himself onto the first place he could find. He lay on his back and put his arm over his eyes to block out the rest of the things that surrounded him. At least was in a different place this time. His room had too many memories for him to to handle. In fact, maybe it would be better for him to move all together. He could find a different place to live…a new place to start over…somewhere he wouldn't have to be constantly reminded of all the mistakes that he had made…But he didn't want to forget any of it really. The condo was the only thing left that linked him to his former lover. If he gave that it up, then he would be forced to let go of Misaki, and he didn't want that…ever.

He stayed there for a while, letting his thoughts wand about anything that he could think of…anything to make him stop thinking about Misaki. But the only thing that he accomplished was giving his tears time to build up before he let it go. It was only a couple minutes before he felt his tears trickling down to his ears. He tried his best to stay quiet, but his efforts escaped in hiccups and sniffs. When had he become so pathetic?

Another half an hour passed before he heard the buzz from the front door. It was Isaka, of course. Instead of going to answer the door, as he should have, the author simply turned on his side, putting his back to the entrance. He did not intend to move from the couch. If he had enough energy left in him, he would have gone upstairs back to his room. The door continued to buzz and after a while, he could hear loud, aggressive knocking. That soon turned into the sound of someone's foot kicking the door, to the point where he thought it would break. Then there was silence, which didn't last long.

From where he was, Usami heard, another buzz sound, this one quieter, followed by a click. The author groaned to himself, too tired to even do that out loud. The next thing he heard were the sound of fast moving footsteps coming towards his direction. He didn't even look up when he felt the presence of someone looming over him.

"Akihiko, get up…now", he heard, Isaka say, in an angry voice.

Usami ignored him.

"The meeting is in half an hour, so get a move on", Isaka growled.

This time the author glanced back of the other man irritably, his eyes hard.

"Get the hell out", Usami said.

Before he knew what was happening, Usami felt his arm roughly pulled so hard it felt that it would become dislocated from his shoulder. The next thing he knew, he was on the floor with Isaka towering over him with an angry look on his face.

"Get your ass in the damn car!", Isaka said.

Usami just looked at him as if he didn't ever care.

Isaka grabbed, Usami's collar and pulled him off the floor slightly.

"We are leaving", He said.

Usami shrugged.

"I'm, not going anywhere", He said, mater of factly.

"Yes, you are!", Isaki said, grabbing his arm and pulling him to the door.

Usami jerked his arm away from Isaka before glaring at him.

"Get the hell off of me!", he growled.

Isaka's eyebrows furrowed in anger.

He grabbed Usami's collar and pushed him up against a wall. The author felt the shock from the impact around his entire body. Isaka stood there in front of him, this time not letting go. He tightened his grip on the author's collar, making it difficult for Usami to breathe and looked him in the eyes.

"What do you want?", Usami growled.

"I want to know what the hell you think you're doing", Isaka growled.

"Nothing", was the only thing that Usami said.

"That's my point exactly. You need to get it together, Akihiko. You're not going to any of your signings, you won't answer company calls, and now you can't even go to a meeting to secure the book deal we've been working at for nearly three years?", Isaka said.

"I don't really care", Usami said.

Isaka grabbed his collar tighter and banged Usmai's head against that wall. The author looked at him in anger but didn't say or do anything.

"Well start caring then, dammit! People have been working their asses off for you to make sure everything goes well and now you're just going to screw everyone over?! You haven't even tried to write ANYTHING for the last month!", Isaka said to him.

"You don't know anything so get the fuck off my back already!", Usami yelled, pushing Isaka way from him.

"Don't you dare, Akihiko! You of all people don't have a right be upset anything, especially when everything was your own damn fault!", Isaka yelled.

"And what the hell is that supposed to mean?", Usami asked, his eyes heated.

"You damn well know what I'm talking about, Akhiko. I'm talking about Misaki", Isaka said.

Usami felt his breath catch in his throat.

"Don't talk about him", he said, in anger.

Isaka scoffed.

"And why not? Don't want to own up to what you did?", Isaka said.

Usami clenched his fists.

"Shut the hell up", he growled.

Crossing his arms, Isaka sneered and shook his head.

"You just can't, can you? You can't really admit to what you did", Isaka said.

"You don't know what you're talking about", Usami said, looking away.

"Oh I think I do, actually…you made a boo boo. So who cares? Get over it and move on with your life already", Isaka, said.

Usami clenched his teeth.

"Oh what's wrong? Can't do that either? Well you're pretty much out of options right about now, Akihiko. After all, I don't see Misaki waiting around for you.

The author's eyebrows furrowed in anger.

"He's moved on already, so why don't you?", Isaka said.

Misaki? Leaving him behind…to be by himself…no. Something in Usami screamed to be let out and it took everything in him to hold it in. He wasn't going to break down, not in front of Isaka. But it was really over between them wasn't it? There was nothing he could do to change what he had done. He already knew that but the reason in him had left a long time ago. Before he knew what was happening, his lips were moving on their own, saying something that was nothing more than a wish.

"I'm…going to get Misaki back", Usami said.

Isaka looked at him like he had gone crazy. He angrily walked closer to Usami.

"Are you freaking kidding me? Listen to yourself! Why should he come back to you? There's no good reason for him to.", Isaka said.

"I'll make it happen", Usami said, more sure this time. He was trying so hard to make himself believe what he was saying.

Isaka shook his head again.

"No you won't", Isaka said.

"You're only fooling yourself, Akihiko.", he said.

Usami looked away again. He didn't want to hear it, he didn't want to hear the truth about it. He would bring Misaki back to him, make Misaki love him again. He would go find Misaki and speak to him alone, he would apologize a millions times and beg for forgiveness, and then he could come back to him. He had to. There was no other way that he would be able to go on. If there was no hope that Misaki would come back to him, then what did he have? He became angry with Isaka for being there in the the first place. Why was he trying to bring him down and crush his hopes? He had no right to be there in the first place.

"Get the hell out of my apartment", Usami said before turning his back to Isaka.

"He's not going to come back, Akihiko", Isaka said, following Usami into the kitchen.

Usami ignored him.

"Chibi-tan may have loved you but everyone has their limits!", Isaka said.

Why was he still talking? Why was he still here? Usami bit his bottom lip, doing his best to hold in his emotions that were dormant. Isaka stood still for a moment and looked at Usami carefully.

"It's not like you really loved him in the first place, right?", Isaka said.

At that moment, Usami felt his insides boil with rage. He spun around to face Isaka, his eyes full of anger.

"What the hell do you know about it! I love Misaki and there's nothing that you can do are say to change that! You damn bastard!", Usami said, heatedly.

"I wonder how Misaki feels, then", Isaka said, this time using the brunette's real name.

Usami wanted to say something but the words caught in his throat. What could he say? He hadn't seen or spoken to Misaki since he came to get the rest of his belongings from the condo. There was really no telling how he felt. However, the author knew that he must hate and resent him for what he did. Usami just didn't want to admit that to himself. He kept clinging to the notion that maybe…just maybe Misaki missed him and would forgive him when they got the chance to speak.

"I don't need to take this shit from you. Get out", Usami said, walking away again.

"You FUCKED another man!", Isaka said loudly.

Usami flinched, remembering.

"Do you think he would honestly want you back after that?", Isaka, asked.

Usami bit his lip again.

Isaka spoke again.

"So tell me…How hard was Chibi-tan crying when he saw the two of you together, huh? Did that look like the face of someone who would even want to forgive you?", Isaka said.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!", Usami bellowed.

"You don't know anything, nothing! You don't know how I felt, how I'm feeling! I know, ok?! I know I fucked up! I made a mistake! It doesn't mean I don't love him! So get the hell off my back, already!", he said.

"Why don't you stop acting like you're the damn victim! No one told you to sleep with someone else! YOU made the choice so now YOU have to live with it. But I don't give a damn about it! It's true I feel bad for Chibi-tan but that has nothing to do with you right now. He's not the one who has a book deal to close. He's not the one who has other people's asses riding on whether or not he can get his work done, YOU are. And I refuse to let you screw up things any more that you already have. Now get your ass out the door and we can get this over with already!", Isaka said.

All of a sudden, Usami felt the energy drain out of him. He was so tired of everything that was going on in his life. Everything that Isaka had said was true. There was no use fighting it anymore. There was no point in fighting anything anymore. How long did he expect to stay in denial? Misaki coming back to him? Now that was a real joke, almost laughable. He had become pathetic to the point it hurt to look at himself in the mirror. What was he going to do with himself? Usami didn't even hear Isaka come beside him. In a cold voice, he heard Isaka speak.

"Get in the car, Akihiko", Isaka said.

The car ride to Murakwa publishing was a blur. Usami just vacantly stared out the car window the entire time. Before he even realized it they were parked and the building loomed in front of them, tall and and ominous looking. Usami didn't remember it being so big that last time he was here. Isaka got out of the cart and began to walk towards it. He looked back once at Usami and gave him a look, signaling for him to follow. He had already decided that he would not fight what was coming to him any longer. He took a deep breath and exited the car, following Isaka.

Into the building and up the elevator, past a few gossiping and blushing women, and down a corridor where all the meeting rooms were. Their room was just up ahead. It was of course the largest one that he always had his boring meetings in. It was supposed to be one of the perks of being the number one bestselling author at the company but to Usami it was simply a larger cage for the next couple of hours. The only difference was that he would have just the smallest bit more room to wiggle his toes maybe. Up ahead in the hallway, they saw, Aikawa talking to a group of people, enthusiastically. The minute she laid eyes on Usami, she scowled and turned away. Even fifteen feet away, she still hated him.

They were only a few feet away from the door that was slightly ajar. From outside they could see about twenty people in the room, chatting among themselves no so quietly. They would be the last ones to arrive, which is not out of the ordinary. Isaka glanced around before he grabbed Usami by the arm and pushed him against a wall near the room, surprising him.

"What now?", Usami growled.

"Don't screw this up, Akihiko", Isaka said.

"What are you talking about? I'm here aren't I?", Usami said, pushing the other man away, irritably.

"I mean don't drag your feet in there. We talked about this before. Don't let your personal life interfere with work. Put on that charming fake ass smile that you learned fool people with so well. We want to close this deal so get it together.", Isaka said.

Usami sighed.

"Let's go then", he said.

"And I want you to actually speak this time", Isaka warned him.

Usami had to glare at him for that. He was really asking a lot from him today. They both took another moment to straighten their collars and ties before plastering their charming smiles on their faces and entering the room. As soon as they walked in, all eyes turned to them. They did the usual greetings, threw a few smiles at the ones who spoke to them, shook a few hands, and engaged in a little small talk just to set the mood right. Usami and Isaka were both glad that they were the last ones to arrive since it meant that they wouldn't have to engage in the menial pleasantries before the actual meeting took place.

"Alright, let's start this meeting", President Murakwa said.

People hurried to find their seats and gather their folders filled with information. Like last time, Usami was asked to sit next to the president, Aikawa and Isaka on either side of him, and the manager from the other company on the other side. Like that, the meeting began to take place. It was half an hour into the meeting that Usami realized something strange was afoot. Something didn'feel…not right. At this point, everything felt ok.

In truth, Usami had been trying his hardest not to look up at from his papers since the meeting started. Even when he spoke and answered questions, his eyes were either on his folder or focused on a wall. Now he took the time to glance around the room and noticed that someone in the room was missing. Masayoshi was nowhere to be seen. He was sure that the silver-eyed man would not have missed the meeting, especially when it would have given him the chance to taunt Usami with his condescending stare. But the author didn't feel the man's presence in the room today with him. Their sexual encounter they shared must have meant as little to Masayoshi as it did to him. Usami sighed, relieved that he wouldn't have to see the man, at least not today.

The meeting went on for something hours. Most of the time Usami was playing tic-tac toe in his notebook and blankly staring up at the ceiling fan. But hey, he still answered the questions in detail when asked any. In fact, he even initiated conversations himself. He had to keep Isaka happy or then his life would really be hell.

Talk, answer questions, joke a bit, and smile. That was what Usami did for the next two hours. He explained his book idea and theme, while others gave proposals on how many copies should be published and what should be on the cover. By the time the meeting was over, they had closed a six-figure book deal with an overseas publishing company, and with that, the meeting was over. People were once again talking and shaking hands, saying goodbye. Usami let out a breath and leaned back in his chair. A thick red manila folder plopped down in front of him on the table. He looked up to see Aikawa standing over him, her eyes distant.

"Usami-sensei, here are the changes that I discussed today. I recommend that you go through your manuscript one more time and apply them before we meet in another two weeks. See you then", she said, before walking away. Usami saw her speak to a few people before exiting the room herself. Isaka walked up to him.

"Ouch. I think I felt a chill", Isaka said.

Usami gave him a look.

"Ok, I guess I deserved that glare", Isaka said.

Usami turned his attention the red envelope and picked it up.

"Still not talking to you, huh?", Isaka said.

"I don't even want to talk to me right now", Usami responded, sullenly.

Isaka looked at him for a moment before answering. He sighed

"Why don't you go home for now, Akihiko?", Isaka offered.

Usami looked at him. This was the first time that Isaka was offering him to go home early. Most of the time he would make him stay an hour after the meeting to mingle and even sometimes drag him to parties that he didn't want to go to.

"And how the hell am I supposed to when you kidnapped me in your car?", Usami said.

Isaka jingled a set of keys in his hand.

"No worries. I had your car driven here. I decided that if you were good today then you would get to go home by yourself", Isaka said.

"And if I wasn't?", Usami asked.

"Then those Italian Forziers you're wearing had better be sturdy. It's a long way to walk home, you know", Isaka answered.

Usami snatched the keys from the other man's hands.

"Try not to harass me this week", he said.

"Alright, but I have your ass marked down for the week after", Isaka said.

Usami quickly exited the room and walked down the hallway. He stopped and made a right turn onto another one that led to the bathroom. He had been trying so hard to make a good impression for Isaka that he had neglected his own bladder. He passed a men's room and kept walking. He hated multi stall bathrooms. There was no privacy. Usami stopped when he saw a single men's room at the end of the hall and went inside. He did his business and went to the sink to wash his hands. The man couldn't help but glance in the mirror as he was doing so. He still looked tired and drained. He needed to find a way to get back on track, to improve his life even when he had messed it up so badly. He dried his hands and opened the door to leave. He was horrified to see the person that was in front of him.

Silver eyes stared back at Usami in surprise, which soon turned into dark delight. Masayoshi looked at Usami, waiting for a greeting. Usami, of course simply turned his eyes away in anger.

"Why hello to you as, well, Usami-san", Masayoshi said.

"What the hell are you doing here?". Usami asked

"Oh that's right. We missed each other at the meeting. I had to give a tour today. But I'm happy I've run into you. I mean, what luck.", Masayoshi said.

"Don't come near me", Usami, said, darkly.

"Good to see you, Usami-san", Masayoshi said, smiling.

"I wish I could say that same thing to you", Usami spat back.

Masayoshi laughed.

"Now is that any way to treat your superior, Usami-san?", he said, flashing his usual charming smile. Usami felt sick just looking at him.

"You are completely right. My apologies sir. I will be taking my leave now", Usami scoffed, turning away. As he was about to push his way past, the older man stepped further inside stopping him.

"Move", Usami said, angrily.

"What's the hurry? I would like to speak with you. We're just seeing each other again after…you know", Masayoshi said, giving him a look.

"Get the hell out of my way", Usami said, moving past him again.

Again, Masayoshi moved to block his path.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Usami-san. Where are your manners? I only said I wanted to speak with you", Masayoshi said.

Usami looked around.

"In case you haven't noticed this isn't really the most appropriate place to have a conversation", Usami said.

"It is for a private chat", Masayoshi said.

"What the fuck do you want?", Usami said, glaring.

"There you go with that language again, Usami-san. I just wanted to…see how you were doing.", Masayoshi said.

Usami ignored him.

"How's Misaki doing?", he heard Masayoshi ask with a smile in his voice.

"That's none of your damn business!", Usami said, facing him.

"I take it things aren't so great between the two of you", Masayoshi said, placing a hand under his chin.

"Quiet unfortunate", he said.

Usami gritted his teeth.

"Are you done yet?", Usami asked. There was no way that he was going to let that bastard get to him.

Masayoshi's eyes softened a bit.

"Are you alright then?", he asked.

"That's also none of your damn business", Usami spat.

Masayoshi fully stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind him before Usami had the chance to react.

"What do you want?", Usami asked, angrily.

"To talk to you…about us", the silver eyed man said, taking a step closer.

"What the fuck is there to talk about?", Usami said, raising his voice.

"Everything", Masayoshi said.

"There is NO us", Usami said.

"Then what the hell was that night about?", Masayoshi said, getting angry himself.

"It was a fucking mistake!", Usami said.

Masayoshi's eyes glowed.

"You're calling what happened between us a mistake?", he asked.

Usami shook his head.

"Yeah and then some. I'm calling us ever meeting a mistake, I'm calling what happened between us a mistake, and I'm calling you a mistake, so get out of my way. I really can't stand looking at your face any longer.", Usami said, venomously.

Usami put got his hand on the door know before Masayoshi pushed him away further into the bathroom.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?", Usami said.

Masayoshi just stood there for a moment before he spoke.

"Nothing, really. I just feel like teaching you a lesson, is all. He moved back in the direction of the bathroom door and locked it from the inside. On instinct, Usami took two steps back from the older man. Masayoshi put his briefcase down and rolled up his sleeves to his elbows. Usami looked at him irritably.

"I don't know what the hell your problem is but it has nothing to do with me", Usami said, moving towards the door. Before he could even get to it, he felt Masayoshi large hand grab his wrist and pull him towards him. The silver-eyed man was now holding Usami to his body, his strong arms securely wrapped around his shoulders. Usami felt vomit churning in his stomach when he felt a large erection against his butt.

"Actually, Usami-san…it has everything to do with you.", Masayoshi said in a dark voice. Usami couldn't stop a shiver from going down his spine. He gulped on the inside. Something was not right with this man. He took a deep breath to himself before talking.

"Get off me", Usami said.

"No", Masayoshi said, simply.

"Get the fuck off me or I'll make you", Usami, said, angrily.

Masayoshi wrapped his arms tighter around Usami and pulled him in closer. He leaned forwards slightly until his lips brushed Usami's ear.

"Make me", He said.

Usami then slammed his foot on down on Masayoshi's, stunning him and then elbowed him in the stomach. The older man stumbled back surprised. Usami began to walk to the door before he felt Masayoshi grab his wrist again. Usami spun around to to use his free hand to punch the older man. Masayoshi caught it in one hand and pushed Usami against a wall, both hands secured in his own.

"Nice try", Masayoshi said.

In another second, he brought his lips down in Usami's in a forceful, passionate kiss.

Usami felt himself gag on the inside. It took a moment for him to realize what was happening. He tried his best to wrench free, but Masayoshi's grip was much too strong. He flinched when he felt the older man's tongue slide down his throat. For a moment, Usami was able to break away from the kiss but in another second, Masayoshi had his head up against the wall, ramming his tongue in any free space of Usami's mouth that he could. Masayoshi loosened his grip on one of Usami's hands and kissed him harder. The author decided to use this opportunity to deliver a right hook to the man's temple, which proved to be another mistake. He didn't know how, but somewhere in between the struggle, Masayoshi somehow pinned both Usami's hands behind his back.

"Why do you run? Both of our bodies know what they want", Masayoshi said, kissing him hard.

The man detached himself from Usami's mouth, which was covered in mixture of both men's saliva just long enough to look at him with anger burning in his eyes. In another moment, his lips covered his once again.

Usami could feel himself getting dizzy. The author flinched when he felt Masayoshi's large hand pull down the zipper of his pants.

Oh…god…., Usami thought in horror.

Usami flinched in disgust when he felt long fingers reach down into his boxers. Usami fought harder, wiggling and moving from underneath the older man's grip but the only thing he managed to do was hurt his shoulder. He felt Masayoshi's hand grip his manhood, instantly making his body become tense. With his hand in an up and down motion, the older man began to slowly stroke Usami, gradually picking up speed as he did so.

Usami let out a grunt, and was horrified at the fact that he had made any type of noise because of Masayoshi's actions. Masayoshi smiled when he heard that Usami was reacting to him, despite the fact that he hated him. He kissed Usami again and gripped his hands tighter. Quickening his strokes, Masayoshi kissed him harder.

Usami breathed in. This couldn't be happening. Masayoshi pressed his body up closer to Usami and with one final stroke, the author felt his body shudder. He had climaxed. Masayoshi removed his hands from Usami's underwear and held it up for him to see that it was wet and slick with his own ejaculation. The man looked at Usami.

"Is there anyone else who can make you feel this this…Akihiko?", Masayoshi asked.

Usami looked at him disgustes at what had just happened. He felt so vile and sick on the inside, and yet his body betrayed him, tingling and wanting more. He felt like he could throw up. He couldn't move so that only thing that he could do was look away from the man in front of him. If only Masayoshi would disappear, his life would go back to being the way it used to. How he hated him! Usami turned to look Masayoshi in the eyes.

"Go to hell", he spat.

Masayoshi pushed Usami to the floor and got on top of him. The silver haired man tried to move but Masayoshi banged his head against the bathroom floor.

"Get off-", Usami started to yell but was cut short when Masayoshi roughly put a hand over his mouth and with the other hand pressed down hard on a pressure point in his arm, causing him to grunt in pain.

He knew where this was going now, maybe because he had done it to someone himself. The author didn't wait to see if he was right. He pushed, scratched, and punched as best as he could manage. Not once did Masayoshi try to deflect his blows. He let Usami hit him as much as he wanted and when he was done, there wasn't so much as a scratch on the older man. Usami felt like he were hitting a brick wall. Masayoshi had no intention of moving either.

Usami looked up when he heard, the sound of Masayoshi unzipping his own pants.

"Do you really think that I'm the kind of man you can just have a one night stand with and be done with?", Masayoshi said, reaching for Usami's boxers and pulling them down to expose his erect manhood. He got hard the moment Masayoshi's lips touched his.

"If that's what you think, then you're sadly mistaken", he said.

Masayoshi looked down and smile.

"It's just as beautiful as I remembered.", Masayoshi said, looking at Usami exposed.

"It makes me want to have a taste.", he said, before bending over and taking the throbbing organ into his mouth.

Again, Usami punched and kicked, but nothing worked. He felt his body shudder again. Masayoshi raised his head up to look Usami in the eye.

"Did you think that I would be happy with a one-time fuck?", Masayoshi said. He took three fingers and rammed them into Usami's ass, causing him to moan in both excruciating pain and pleasure. Masayoshi took no time to prepare him at all. It was a punishment, a way to show Usami that he had the power to hurt him if he wanted to.

"That's not how it is", Masayoshi said, before positioning himself over Usami and looking at him again. His eyes were full of hunger.

"You said you hated me so how low do you have to go to be with me? Can't you stoop down to my level? Let me foul you up so you'll never leave me", he said, putting his tongue down Usami's throat. He felt a series of kisses on his neck. Despite his hate for the man, Usami couldn't stop the noises that were coming from his mouth in between cursing. Masayoshi skillfully unbuttoned Usami's shirt with one hand and his mouth found his way to his already hard nipples. Masayoshi took him into his warm mouth again, this time sucking harder and biting down whenever he felt resistance for Usami. He sickenly came for the fourth time. Usami was still. He stopped moving. There was no point in it anymore. It didn't matter…nothing mattered.

"So we're finally behaving ourselves", Masayoshi said, trailing his fingers along the kiss marks he had made.

Usami looked at him, nothing but hate and disdain in his eyes.

"Yes…like that keep looking at me….", Masayoshi said.

He opened Usami's legs.

"I'm not going to be gentle with you this time around", he said.

Without another word, he penetrated Usami with his organ and began quick movements of thrusting. Usami closed his eyes and tried his best not to vomit. The friction was too much for him to handle. With every movement, Usami felt his body become hotter. The older man kept thrusting, not even looking Usami's way anymore.

The author tried his best to blink back tears of hatred…towards himself. How can his body betray him like this when his hated this man so damn much? He was the root of everything that had gone wrong in his life. Why couldn't he send that message down to his body? With every movement, even if it was just a lift of the finger, his body reacted to it. He could feel himself getting close to another climax now. His breath quickened and he felt hot all over. With one final thrust, he and Masayoshi came together. They stayed like that for a while, both of them breathing hard like wild beasts. Usami was tired but also relieved, thinking that it was finally over, but the older gentleman grabbed Usami by his sore and weakened hips and turned him onto his stomach and stood him on his knees. The author tried to crawl away buy was simple pulled back again.

"We are not done yet", Masayoshi said, entering Usami from behind. He began to thrust and again, Usami closed his eyes, praying to god that this was just a nightmare that he would wake up from at any moment. He could feel Masayoshi smiling from behind him, the son of a bitch. Usami gritted his teeth. He wasn't going to let him win. The older man realized what Usami was trying to do.

"I could do this all night., Akihiko", he said.

"If you want me to stop, you have to cum", he said, grabbing a handful of Usami's hair.

Just then he heard the sound of the bathroom door know shaking, followed by a series of gentle taps.

"Anyone in here?", the man called from outside.

Usami was actually thinking it may be a plausible idea to cry out and yell for him to get help, anything that would let him get away from the man that had him trapped. Before he got a chance to however, Masayoshi jammed two fingers down Usami's throat, making it impossible for him to speak.

"Wouldn't it be bad for someone to see you like this, Akihiko?", Masayoshi said, teasingly.

Usami bit down on his fingers hard in response. He could taste blood on his tongue and see it dripping from Masayoshi's fingers. The man grunted in pain but didn't move.

"Fine then…shall I let him in?", Masayoshi said.

Usami felt like he could topple over. That would be the most humiliating thing that could happen him right now, for EVERYONE to know that he had slept with his boss. The fact that it was a man was not that main issue here. Worst of all, what if…what if the news somehow reached Misaki? He felt sick to his stomach. Usami loosened his teeth on the fingers and slowly shook his head in defeat.

"Good. Now hurry up and cum. There's no use trying to hold it it", Masayoshi said, and thrust twice more, this time penetrating him so deep that Usami could feel it in his stomach.

Usami shuddered and came on the bathroom floor, as Masayoshi climaxed behind him.

More knocking.

"Anyone in there?", the man asked again, obviously hearing the noise.

"Oh I'm sorry. I should be out in another moment", Masayoshi said to the door.

"Hey no worries. I just have to clean the bathrooms on this floor, need to see if anyone's in there. Take your time", the man said, and left.

"How convenient", Masayoshi said, smiling, smugly.

Masayoshi pulled out of Usami and stood. He grabbed a handful of paper towels and threw that at the author.

"You should clean up a little. No need for anyone to clean up all of your mess", he said. He went into the stalls for a couple of minutes and came out looking like nothing had happened to him. Usami sat there for a moment in shock as what had just happened before slowly pulling his clothes on himself. He raised his hand and saw that it was shaking. His entire body was shaking. Masayoshi moved passed him and walked towards the door. Straightening his tie, he looked at Usami.

"Always a pleasure, Usami-san", he said, before he grabbed his briefcase and walked out.

It was a while before Usami would bring himself to move an inch from where he was standing. He felt like a stone sculpture that has been broken but was left to look over his own ruins. He looked around him and saw the fluids that he and Masayoshi had made. That was when he felt the bile rise to his throat. He ran to the sink and gagged.

The next thing he knew he running out the Murakawa entrance and towards his car parked in the street. . It took five tries before he could make his shaking hands put the keys in properly and start the car. It was hard to drive with the hot tears that were welling up in his eyes and blurring his vision. The minute he parked in the garage, he ran up to his apartment and punched in the entrance code. Slamming the door behind him, he threw the envelope and his keys to the ground and ran up the stairs to the bathroom. He didn't even have the energy to take off his clothes or shower. He simply turned on the cold water and and sat down, clothes and all. The only warmth that he felt came from the tears that were streaming down his face.

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