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Post-canon story.

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Six years after Team 5D's split up, each member has moved on to chase their dreams...

Aki had just finished her medical study and now works as a doctor at a hospital. She is doing her best to become better so that one day she can make Yuusei proud. However, she plans on going back to Neo Domino City and stay there soon.

Crow continues dueling as a professional team duelist with two other teammates. Currently, he doesn't have any plans to go back and stay there yet, though he visits Neo Domino quite often to see Yuusei and the orphans.

Jack had become a professional duelist too, but he duels alone and is the King of Ride Ace Dueling League. He also plans to go back to challenge Yuusei again; only if he manages to defeat him will he be able to consider himself as the true Duel World King.

The twins are still living with their parents in London. Rua is taking his first steps as a Turbo Duelist while Ruka is studying art in college as a freshman. She really loves the subject and is doing her very best.

And of course, Yuusei is still living in the same garage which is filled with fond memories. He is a scientist at the same place as his father once was.

Everyone is living their life to the fullest.

But for one of them, the time is up and the countdown begins...

Can his friends save him in time? Even if that means that they have to travel through space and time?

Chapter 1 - Ruka's Nightmare

Ruka's POV

"Ruka? ... Ruka?" a familiar voice resounded in my head.

Am I... dreaming?

I didn't know where I was or what was happening. I just knew that I felt dizzy and tired, though I remembered saying goodnight to my brother, Rua...

It was late; I wanted to sleep after a long and exhausting day but he didn't want to. I recalled seeing him sitting comfortably on the sofa, eating a slice of pizza—what was he doing with all that food on the table though?—and watching some turbo dueling shows on television. It was his dream to become a Turbo Duelist like Yuusei, Jack and Crow one day.

I know I should've convinced him to sleep as well—otherwise he wouldn't wake up in the morning, as always—but this time, he was watching one of Crow's duels and I'd decided to let him watch it without disturbing him with my you-have-to-sleep-now speeches. As much as I wanted to watch Crow's duel too, I was really tired; my eyelids were drooping —a sign that sleep would come to me anytime soon.

With that, I washed up and hopped onto my bed, spending one more moment to relax, trying to find a comfortable position, before falling into a deep slumber...

Until a nagging voice roused me from my sleep...

"Ruka? ... Ruka?"

It was that voice again...!

I tried ignoring it.


"Ruka? ... Ruka?!" it called again; this time, with more assertiveness.

It just wouldn't give up, would it?

With a mental sigh, I allowed my brain to focus... and felt a strong breeze sweep across my face.

I was acutely aware that I was no longer in my bedroom...

Cautiously, I pried my eyes open, vision slowly adjusting.

What's happening? Where am I? What is this place? — These questions immediately filled my head. I was pretty sure that fear and confusion were apparent on my face by now.

Standing up and looking around, I realized that I was in the middle of a forest. I felt somewhat familiar with this place, as if I had been here before but I couldn't remember it. My brain didn't help me at all and everything seemed like a blurred memory...

Another mighty wind ruffled my hair and caused the trees to sway forcefully.

The forest was angry.

No, this can't be happening... It had been years since the last time I was here. If only I could remember...


I stiffened at the voice calling my name. "Who's there?"

"Have you forgotten about me already, Ruka?"

"W-who are you? H-how do you know my name?" I inquired, voice trembling.

"You are running out of time. You must hurry."

"What are you talking about? Who are you? Where am I?" I demanded once more.

Alright, so by now, I was totally freaking out. Its words were disconcerting and I began to grow uneasy as I remained in its presence. The time is up? What is that supposed to mean?

"You and your friends are the only ones who can do it."

The wind grew more powerful and my heart began to beat faster. I wished I could remember...

This forest, that voice...


NO! It can't be... It couldn't...

The answer had struck me so quickly that I didn't even have the chance to close my eyes. I just stood there, shaking in fear.

No, this can't be happening. Not again... Not after so many years...

"Ancient Fairy Dragon?!" I cried, "Where are you?"

"Follow my voice, Ruka."

But her voice was getting softer by the second...

"No, wait! Don't go! Tell me what's happening!"

"I can't tell you; you must see it for yourself, Ruka."

I stood like a statue, not daring to move an inch or a muscle. I had an unsettling feeling about the whole arrangement, because for one thing was absolutely positive: something terrible is going to happen, or worse, is happening already.

"Come, Ruka," the dragon urged.

After a few minutes to calm myself down, I was finally able to gather up my courage and walk towards the source of the voice. I was afraid of what I would see if I stepped out of the forest, but I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. Ancient Fairy was calling for me and I simply had to follow. She wanted to show me something, but I had a strong feeling in my heart that whatever it was, I wouldn't like it.

I began to feel a formidable force coming straight in front of me; I knew that the answer was only a few steps away...

"No!" I yelled, stubbornly shutting my eyes. And despite knowing that no one would be able to help me, I continued to beg, "Rua...! Help me! Call me back!"

I didn't want to see this...

I was a coward...

I was afraid to face this...

I was never a brave one...

But just then, a soothing voice comforted me. "You can do this, Ruka... You have to see it."

I can to this; I have to. I can be brave like the others. I must stand up... on my own... without Rua's help.

With my newfound determination, I took a deep breath and slowly opened my eyes. However, my face was filled with immediate horror at the scene unfolding before me. There it was; an ancient battle, more than five thousand years ago. I had seen this battle before. Five dragons were fighting against the familiar enemies once more. Nothing was unknown to me. The Crimson Dragon and his servants were battling the Earthbound Gods.

The dragons, our dragons... I saw Stardust, Yuusei's loyal companion; Red Demon's, Jack's very soul; Black Rose, Aki's ace monster; Ancient Fairy, my protector and friend; and, lastly, Life Stream, the last dragon which the Crimson Dragon released from Power Tool Dragon when he gave Rua his own Birthmark.

They were all there fighting the Earthbound Gods. But how was that possible? The battle took place more than five thousand years ago and we had already faced and defeated the Gods. A few years had passed, but a lot had changed. First of all, none of us was a Signer anymore. In our last ride together, the Crimson Dragon took away our Birthmarks and I hadn't spoken to Ancient Fairy after that time.

Her searching for contact with me could only mean that something important was about to happen. But I couldn't find out what was wrong this time just by showing me the past... Did it mean that the Dark Signer would appear again? I saw the scene which Ancient Fairy had put her body as a shield and got caught in the stone. Even now, I knew what had happened; it was still a painful memory to see. After all, it wasn't the first time I saw this battle, but it had been years since the last time I saw this.

"Why are you showing me this, Ancient Fairy?"

There was no reply, but instead, the scene changed. Everything seemed the same at first, with our dragons fighting again and all, but it was actually a different battle. I saw our dragons; however, this time, my eyes caught something new.

Yes, I was sure of it. A new dragon was there and I knew exactly who he was. It was Black Feather; Pearson's card which he entrusted to Crow before he died. But there were still five dragons. And if Black Feather appeared, then who was missing?

I tried to look more closely...

"Oh no!" I gasped, feeling a slight twinge of pain in my heart. "Stardust…"

All the others were there, at the same place, but this time there were no enemies. The Earthbound Gods weren't there, but if that was the case, why were our dragons fighting? And more importantly, who were they fighting with? I hadn't had the slightest clue of what was happening, but I could feel it. Something was completely wrong this time; it was different in many ways. I saw the ancient battle twice in my life, but now, this was something new. Could it have been possible? The… no, I didn't want to think about it...

This fight was sharp and compulsive. The Crimson Dragon was in pain and it wasn't the only one. Ancient Fairy was crying while Black Rose was in terrible sorrow. Every Dragon was suffering; even Red Demon's allowed a single teardrop to fall from his eye.

"Ancient Fairy, what's happening? Is this the future?"

She didn't answer and just kept crying.

"Where is Stardust?" I questioned, growing restless.

Still, there was no response.

"Please tell me," I begged.

"You must hurry, Ruka."

"Ancient Fairy…"

"You are running out of time. One of us... one of you is in a terrible danger. He may not make it."

"Who is in danger?" I implored. My heart pounded loudly in my ears, as if ready to jump out of my chest anytime now.

"He is looking for him."

"Who is?" I asked again.

"The last enemy."

I was afraid to ask who that might be, but I had to. "Who is the last enemy?"

Again, she didn't reply.

My mind was in a total frenzy and I tried to recollect my thoughts about what had just happened. Someone is in danger... someone dear to me. But who is the enemy now?

In my life, I had to face many of them; the Demonic Monkey King, the Dark Signers, Aporia. I fought with everything I had but I was never alone; Rua was always with me, as well as Ancient Fairy, Regulus, Torunka, my friends and the Signers too. We fought together as a team. We were able to defeat any threat and we would do the same now.

"Just name him and we will fight him together. We are a team, we split up, but with or without our Birthmarks, we are still connected with the bonds of friendship. We'll beat him like all the others," I assured her, trying to sound confident. But deep down, I knew that this time, it wouldn't be that easy.

"You cannot defeat him; no one has ever defeated him before."

"There must be a way to win."

"You can only trick him, Ruka, and gain more time... But you'll never win a battle against him."

"Is there such rival? Does it even exist?" I asked.

But she ignored my question, yet again. "You must hurry. You and your friends are the only ones who can save him."

"But who is he?"

"The last opponent in a man's life."

My mind couldn't think straight right now. After a long silence, I cleared my throat, opened my mouth, but swallowed my words again. In the end, I could only utter a soft "Ancient Fairy…"

"You must hurry…" Her voice grew to a small whisper. It was not long before her figure began to drift further away from me as well...

"No, don't go..." I murmured, realizing that my time in the Spirit Word was almost over. Chasing after her shadow, I called, "Tell me more. What can I...no, what we can do to save him?"

"Regulus will visit you." Her voice was barely audible above the howling sound of the wind. "Wait for him."

And with those last words, she vanished into a blast of wind and left me standing there alone.

"I will, Ancient Fairy, I promise..."

Without noticing myself, tears began rolling down my cheeks.

One of my friends was in danger and there was only one dragon missing from the battle...

Only one wasn't fighting, and that could only mean...

"Yuusei…" I breathed as I closed my eyes, fearing for the worst that will happen in the future.

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