Chapter 27 – Prophecy

Aki's POV

It was a girl, but it definitely wasn't a human, even if the appearance was the same as a normal person. Right behind me was a little girl dressed in a black dress and a matching black hat. She had abundant, long blonde hair, but the strangest of all was that she had raised her right hand in the air and waved her fingers as a marble of pure fire floated over her hand. She was playing with it like a toy. She looked familiar somehow.

"Hey, you're the Fire Sorcerer, aren't you?" Ruka asked when I managed to stand up to my feet again. "You are a Duel Monster Spirit."

She affirmed it, "Yes. And you are…?" her voice faded with wonder.

"I'm Ruka, and she is Aki," Ruka introduced as she pointed me with her finger before she pointed to the only male at the room, "and he is Crow."

"I see," Fire Sorcerer waved her head along with Ruka's hand, making the fire ball tremble. "And what are you doing down here in these dungeons, Ruka, Aki and Crow?" she threw the question with a hint of warning if we tried to lie about it.

Crow grunted. "Trust me, we didn't want it."

She gave him a strange look.

"We were looking for a passage to a certain world, and we found ourselves in here by accident," Ruka answered her and I nodded in agreement.

"Literally an accident," I muttered, rubbing my butt that was still hurting from the fall.

"And why are you passing through the worlds?" Fire Sorcerer was cleverer than she looked.

"We want to save a dear friend of ours and not only-" Ruka answered.

"I see," The Duel Monster Spirit stared at each one of us. "So, where are the others?" she asked in the end and I gasped.

"What?" I blinked in surprise. Is she a Fire Sorcerer or a Psycho Sorcerer?

"What you mean others?" Crow asked, surprised.

"Aren't you the humans from the Prophecy?" Fire Sorcerer retorted. "Like the rest."

"What?" I asked before I was able to stop myself, utterly confused by her words.

"What Prophecy? What are you talking about?" Ruka was as confused as I was.

"A Prophecy. An ancient Prophecy about two women and four men."

"And what exactly is all this all about?" Crow asked a little tentatively.

"You never heard of it?" Fire Sorcerer was now looking at us in absolute astonishment.

We exchanged a startled look.

"No, we haven't," Ruka replied honestly.

Both Crow and I simply nodded our heads.

"Hmm," the girl hummed. "I guess it's because you've never been here before," she concluded and made a sign to follow her. "Let's go to a safer place and talk all together, shall we?"

"Good idea," Crow agreed, but I still had my doubts.

"Are you sure we can trust her?" I asked him quietly.

"I think we can," he muttered. "She saved us from those winged beasts, after all. If she was with them, then why bother?"

"It's alright. She is okay, I can sense it," Ruka assured us.

I waved my head as we followed the Fire Sorcerer. We passed through some tunnels deep in the mountains, trying to avoid unpleasant companies and keep ourselves undercover. Ruka's sense proved to be really helpful, even if the Fire Sorcerer was really clever and knew where every passage went. She led us to a whole underground city.

I gasped from surprise and awe, gazing at the roads and houses from above when she knocked on the edge of the tunnel's walls, or at least I thought I was a wall, until I saw it open, revealing an entry.

"Over here," Fire Sorcerer pointed and marched into the passage, holding some flames in her hands. "Hurry!"

We followed her into a small, but comfortable chamber with some old furniture. There were more people in this room and all of them glanced in our direction with fear and wonder. Even if I wasn't feeling any threat or something wrong, I felt my body tense.

"Who are they?" a man asked the Duel Monsters Spirit.

The Fire Sorcerer shut down her flames and lifted her head with a serious gaze. "I found them in the tunnels," she explained. "Go get the others, I'm sure they will be happy to see them," she said to a little boy, who nodded left the room in a hurry.

Crow frowned. "Who will come? And why they will be happy to see us?"

"You will found out soon," she smiled lightly. "Until then, let me introduce you to the rest," And she moved her hand, showing the entire room.

"What is this place?" Ruka asked after our recommendations and sat down. They offered us some food and water.

"This is a world that is being ruled by the Winged Beasts," a girl, around sixteen named Hanako, replied. "We were living here in peace, but a few weeks ago, everything was turned upside down."

"What happened?" I asked.

"Strange lights and winds," Hanako explained. "The sun disappeared and everything we used to know changed dramatically," she shivered at the memory, "and after a few days, those Winged Beasts appeared along with many other spirits and forced us to come down here and work for them."

"That's terrible!" Ruka exclaimed.

"Some of us managed to escape their control with the help from other spirits," Hanako peeked at the Fire Sorcerer, "and we still live here and we try to protect ourselves from them."

All the eyes in the room turned to the Duel Monsters girl.

"This isn't my original world," she explained and my jaw dropped, "but about one and half months ago, I was absorbed in to a maelstrom and the next minute, I found myself here."

"One and a half months, you said?" Ruka asked with wide eyes and I gasped when I realized what was on her mind.

"Kind of."

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" I whispered to my friends, feeling the temperature in the room fall sharply.

Crow nodded. "It's around the same time when Yuusei started his experiment, or according to Martha, when he started to become weaker."

"So, that means that whatever happened back there affected other worlds and not only our own?" I concluded.

"Of course," Fire Sorcerer waved her hand, lighting up some more flames. "There are many worlds out there and all of them communicate with each other."

"Yes," Ruka agreed, "but what happened here is far worse than what happened to our world."

"Hmmm," the spirit hummed, she was somewhat uninterested.

"I don't know what happened to your world, strangers," Hanako said, "but here, we were a little prepared for what happened."

I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh no, we are not insane," she raised her hands in surrender. "You know, there is a Prophecy about it," she added and everyone in the room started to murmur and nod their heads.

"Fire Sorcerer mentioned it before. But what exactly is this all about? We have no idea of what is happening." Crow raised his voice, "We just want to find a next passage to another world and…and help our friend…and know that once we find it that more things will happen…strange things…And what the heck it this Prophecy anyway?" he paused with a confused look, trying to catch his breath.

"Easy there," I said, a little surprised by his sudden behavior. Apparently he was more stressed than I thought.

"Calm down, Crow," Ruka suggested, "I'm sure they will explain everything."

The girl nodded her head. Crow took a deep breath, looking around awkwardly because of his sudden temper, saying nothing.

"You see, there is a Prophecy that's lived since ancient times," Hanako started, "about those incidents among the worlds. Everyone from this world is familiar with it."

Many people nodded and the girl continued.

"The Prophecy started with this: The time will come, when the white rivers will come together …"

"White rivers?" I repeated, confused.

The girl nodded. "The whole Prophecy is complicated, but more or less, it says that when this happens, no world would look the same anymore."

I knitted my eyebrows with wonder. That's odd, really odd and completely new.

"This already happened, since our world has changed and according to the Fire Sorcerer, her world changed too."

The Duel Monsters affirmed. "In our kingdom, we are also familiar with the same Prophecy."

"Regulus also said things are not well in the Spirit World," Ruka reminded us. We stayed silent for a while, in deep thought.

"That means our world will change, too," Crow concluded in the end. "We cannot allow something like this to happen."

"Not only to our world, but to every world out there," I said flatly.

"You are the ones who will save us all!" Hanako announced and everyone in the room nodded and started to whisper again.

"We are the only ones who can do it," Ruka whispered and I stared at her repeating Ancient Fairy Dragon's words.

"I don't know why she said such a thing. We want to help…It's just…" I looked apologetically at the young girl. "We don't know what to do to stop this distraction."

"Don't give up hope so easily," Fire Sorcerer said. "In my kingdom, we are more familiar with this Prophecy, even if my mistress didn't say much about it. She knows everything, but she kept quiet about it, saying that this Prophecy can be changed as time passes."

"A Prophecy that can be changed?" I wondered, looking at the spirit monster.

She nodded. "Absolutely! According to my mistress, this Prophecy already changed once," she assured.

"We don't know much about it here, but the Prophecy seems to have many different endings," Hanako informed.

Crow huffed irritated. "Why do things have to be complicated like this? Why can't they say: this is what is going to happen and this is the way to stop it?"

I couldn't help but smile and wonder the same.

"Tell us more about what this Prophecy," Ruka requested.

"When the White Rivers cause all this damage, it continues by saying: Five humans will travel amongst the worlds, struggling without a choice. Two women and three men, but neither alone."

"Not five, but six," Fire Sorcerer corrected them. "Two women and four men, this is the change in the Prophecy that took place a few years ago."

I held my breath as my mind explained her words, but stubbornly I refused to believe them. We are the ones from the Prophecy? Impossible!

"We always knew there were five humans," the young girl informed, "but when things in our world turned upside down and I met Fire Sorcerer and some other Spirits, they insisted the Prophecy changed since the last time we heard it."

"Yes," Fire Sorcerer replied calmly.

"So there will be six warriors instead of five," Hanako explained. "You are the warriors."

I gasped upon hearing this, but Crow was the one who reacted first, waving his hands in the air.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! You've made a mistake here. We are no warriors."

Both Ruka and I nodded.

"We want to help and we will at least try to do what we can to save our friend," Ruka said, "but as Crow said: we are no warriors."

"But you are going to fight, right?" the young girl explained. "That makes you warriors, and the Prophecy also says: They fight because only they have powers like no others."

"But…" I started, but Fire Sorcerer didn't let me.

"It doesn't matter if you are warriors or not," she said flatly. "If you are, good! If you are not, you will be. You have to, we need you." Her voice had a hint of sadness. "The Prophecy also says: With their powers they will gain the fate which they can't deny. You will fight back in this chaos and make things right, shielding the White Rivers from causing more distortions among the universe."

My heart must have skipped a beat. "We can't deny?"

"But if we fail…" Crow said with terror.

" The Balance of the Elements will be lost forever," Ruka continued, using Regulus worlds. "This is a part from the Prophecy too, right?"

Fire Sorcerer nodded. "We are not sure about that part yet. The Prophecy can be change again. Although, I doubt and that's why you must hurry before it's too late."

"I'm not feeling well," I whispered, holding my chest and taking deep breaths.

"Regulus knows about this Prophecy," Ruka concluded.

"Every Spirit knows it," Fire Sorcerer affirmed.

"And you said it can be changed?" Crow asked with hope.

"The mistress of my world is really strong and she holds great power, but she is not unmistakable," the spirit explained. "This is a reason of why she is not talking about it. Things can be changed and our choices will affect this."

"And what if you are wrong about us? What if we are not the humans from the Prophecy and you are mistaken?" Crow asked.

"I'm not," she insisted and deep down, I agreed with her.

If Ruka and I are the two women then Crow, Rua, Jack and Yuusei must be the four men. If this was true, then we needed to save Yuusei, not only to stop the energy from the Momentum, but for something even more important and we had to hurry to do it.

"How do you know the Prophecy is referring to us?" Crow doubted her words again.

"You are humans," Fire Sorcerer replied, "the only humans I've ever seen in many years."

Her gaze fell upon us and I have to admit that for a little girl, she was looking really well taught.

"With the exception of three days ago," she added and I held my breath as I heard Ruka and Crow gasp behind me.

Suddenly, a door to our left opened with force, causing us to stand up and I saw the boy from earlier run inside the room.

"I told them!" he announced officially. "I informed them that Fire Sorcerer found them. They looked extra happy and now they are on the way here."

"Who?" Crow and I asked at the same time and the boy opened his mouth to reply, but he lost his chance.

"About time you showed up!" a strong, loud, manly voice made us turn our heads to the left, searching for the owner with mixed feelings.

And I found him standing at the door, looking at us carefully with a slight smile in his lips.

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