It was Monday and I woke up at 8:00am when my alarm clock sounded. Time to get ready for school again, I thought. I felt so lazy getting out of bed but I dragged myself out. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, and everything. I put on my black- colored Vans, grabbed my backpack, and went out the door. I wanted to grab a quick breakfast snack. So I headed to Starbucks before school started. As I got there, the Starbucks door entrace flew open and I fell.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" said the mysterious guy helping me up. The door hit my arm really hard and it hurts so much.

"It's okay." I said.

"Can I get you anything? Ice? A bandage?" He seemed worried.

"No it's okay. Everything's fine." I said, holding my arm. I winced at the pain. Thinking I'm about to get a bruise.

"Yeah... I think you need something to help the pain. Come in, i'll help you."

"Okay but I have to hurry to get to school." I said, following the guy.

"My name is Colton by the way." Colton quicky went to the back of Starbucks and quickly came back with a small bag of ice.

"Thank you Colton." I placed the bag on my arm.

"What's your name? Do you come here often." said Colton. I fidgeting around the bruise on my arm and finally spoken.

"My name is Athena and yes. I do come here... Sometimes." He nodded. I looked at my watch and I knew I had to leave anytime soon for school. I shook hands with Colton and said "Hey, I have to go. I have school."

"Oh okay. It was nice meeting you and sorry about your arm." Colton said.

"It was nice meeting you too and it's okay. Things happen for a reason. Bye Colton!" I said. I barged out the door and ran to school. Colton had a thought came to his mind that says "Athena is one pretty girl." and he smiled.