-Athena's POV-
I woke up happy and filled with energy. It's our first date together, I thought to myself. I looked at the clock and it's around 10:00am. I took a quick bathroom break and went into the kitchen. I smelled bacon... I saw my mom making breakfast. "Good morning mom! How are you?" I said. "I'm doing good, Athena. There's a bagel in the toaster." My mom said putting the bacon on a plate. "Thanks mom." I grabbed the cream cheese out of the refrigerator and the milk jug. I grabbed a glass and poured the milk into the glass. The timer on the toaster sounded and I grabbed the bagel and put it on my plate. I was glad my bagel wasn't burnt. But I guess bagels taste good when it's burnt too. As I took a bite and a sip of my milk, my phone buzzed on the table. It was Ross. "Hey Athena! Wyd?" The text said. "Nothing much. Eating breakfast." I sent the text and finished my bagel. I forgot I had bacon too, so I took a bite of it. I recieved another text. I grabbed my breakfast and headed to my room. When I reached my room, the text said "Wanna get some ice cream? Like around noon?" I texted back a yes and finished my breakfast. When I was finished, I went to my closet and gave myself a makeover.