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Things are not so good at Hogwarts. I should have suspected that the school would be taken over after Albus was killed. I could have left so I was not restricted by the implications of being controlled by the Deatheaters but then I remember that none of this children asked for this, none of them deserve this.

Besides what kind if a Gryffindor would I be if I hadn't stayed to look after them?

It's ghastly, this new punishment system. They're using the cruciatus curse on the students, particularly the first years. The Carrow's are in charge of punishment and it makes me sick that I can't help them. I felt so guilty when I found out what was going on. I put a small girl from Hufflepuff in Detention the week before, if I'd known, if I'd just knew, I never would have put her there. I tried to talk to Severus but he simply saw no reason.

If only there was a way to stop them, if only there was a way to help more.

Nobody knows where Potter's gone either, I know in my heart he hasn't left us but I fear the task that Albus has left to him is a long one and I'm not sure how long we will stand united before You-Know-Who brings us down once and for all.

All my love,