Hellsing HQ

8:56 a.m.

I felt the warmth of the sheets surround me, and the dim light that came from the candles. I opened my eyes, and noticed a man in red with long black hair sleeping on the chair. Suddenly my mind flashed to the events of last night, and I gasped, scrambling to feel the hole. I sighed in relief when it wasn't there.

"Finally awake boy?" A charismatic voice said from the chair, I turned and saw the black haired man smile at me, his teeth glinting in the light. I gulped. I don't know what his deal is...but he seems like that crazy woman.

That's insulting! I heard in my head. I looked at the man in shock. Telepathy? How the hell can he do that?

You're lucky that I didn't decide to kill you back in that alley! You disgusting little worm, a wannabe demon of the night!

Suddenly a deep and violent rage burst forth and I leapt forward, baring my teeth and snarled. The man smiled, unphased by my act of aggressiveness.

"Sit down!" a voice said. Suddenly I couldn't control my body, and my legs gave out as I sat on the floor, much to the pleasure of the black haired man sitting on the red velvet chair. I felt a hand place gently on my shoulder, and I looked up to see the girl from last night. Suddenly I felt a warmth in my chest, but I ignored it. "You don't want to pick a fight with my master," she said, smiling. "He'd tear your legs off before you could blink." The man chuckled softly, then faded into the background without so much as a twitch of a finger. I sat dumbstruck. What the hell was this guy? And those damn glasses, he wore them all the time! I saw as the girl moved her hair, and I saw those blood red eyes. I panicked, and struggled to break free of whatever magic had grabbed hold of me. The woman saw this, and asked, "What's wrong?" I wanted to run, run away as far as I could. Then...I felt another warmth appear in my chest, but for some reason I couldn't ignore it. It got hotter and hotter, then suddenly I broke free of the spell in a tiny burst of flame. I leapt back, and leaned up against the wall. The woman's eyes widened in shock, but then they went normal.

"My name is Seras Victoria." She said, smiling. I found myself walking towards her, and suddenly she poked my forehead in a childish manner. "How's it feel to be a vampire?"

"A what?" I asked, not sure that I heard her right.

"A vampire...bloodsucker...?"

I looked at the mirror behind me, and saw my face. Normal as always. "Miss Seras I'm afraid you must be mistaken. I'm no imaginary monster."

She sighed, and snarled. "You little worthless piece of shit!"

I growled, clenching my teeth, and my eyes flashed a deep red. I gasped, and then froze as I saw my teeth. I had FANGS. I stood in horror, realizing what I had become. Miss Seras walked behind me, and hugged me. And I unconsciously turned around, and kissed her. She kissed back, and soon we were kissing each other ferociously...like a hunger that needed to be satisfied. Suddenly the door opened, and in came a dark skinned man, he wasn't black...more Mexican. "Oh don't mind me my lady!" he said curtly, changing the sheets on the bed, "Please do whatever it is you're doing with your student, I'll be in and out of here in just a moment."

"No no, please stay Austin." she said, backing up a few feet. A bell went off in my head.


"Yes sir?" Austin said, turning briskly towards me. I looked up and down his body, trying to recognize anything I could to make sure it was him.

"Oh nothing...I'm sorry, you just reminded me of an old friend."

Austin nodded, and turned back to the bed sheets. "Okay kid," she said, turning to me. "Meet me in the combat room in 45 minutes, and we can get you started on training." Miss Seras disappeared into the shadows, and the only sound in the room came from the butler.

"Heheh...Ian, you have changed!" I heard the butler say.

"Dude, holy shit it is you Austin!" I said, giving him a firm handshake. "Where the hell have you been for the last decade?"

"Here of course! I was brought in by Alucard, and he's been telling my what my assignments are. Mainly it's to watch over you."

I became confused, "Alucard?"

"Alucard, the Hellsing Organizations ace of death and demon trash disposal. The man in the red coat and long black hair?"

I snarled, remembering the insulting words that Alucard had said to me earlier. Austin sighed, "You get used to him. He's just like that." Austin looked down at his watch, "Oh my, you'd better get going, you're going to be late."


"It takes half an hour to walk the length of this entire estate. The combat room is on the other side."

I looked at Austin, to see if he was joking. And when I realized he wasn't, I chuckled and said, "Fuck you dude, fuck you."