Hey i read online that a drabble was a story consisting of exactly 100 words so here is my first drabble. Leave me a review on what you though of it.

Disclaimer: I do not own beauty pop or any of the characters but I do own this drabble. If i owned BP then the end would have had so much fluff you could have made a teddy bear out of it.

Kiri is in college and is 19 years old, and Narumi has not come for her yet.

Kiri was sitting in her room supposedly doing homework at her desk in her dorm gazing out the window.

It had been two years since she had left.


Kiri grabbed her phone to check her text. She smiled. It was a text from Narumi.

"You better not be slacking off.."

She hit reply.

"So what if I am?"

"You are aren't, you!?"

"I miss you too, Naru Naru."


"Don't call me Naru Naru..."

"Don't call me Mussy-head."

"...You're not cute at all..."

"Neither are you."


"I gotta study."


"..I love you Narumi."

Narumi smiled.

"...Me too, Kiri."

So? What did you think? It was my first try and i know it sucked but My strength does not lie in fanfiction cause i have trouble staying in character otherwise i have a short novel i wrote by myself :3