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Note: This is the sequel to my first FanFiction, Secrets in my Heart. While it does not necessarily have to be read, as a short summary exists below, I would recommend that you read it first to fully understand the entire story.

Part I

Prologue –

Beast Boy and Raven, though best friends, often get into many fights. On one occasion, the two were fighting about Terra. They later reconcile and discover that they have hidden feelings for each other, though each keeps it a secret from the other. Later, Beast Boy brings Raven to the music store, where he shows her his favorite song, a melancholic love song called "Lovers' Tears". In a spur of the moment, he asks Raven to be his girlfriend, which she tearfully rejects, saying that she has a secret that would prevent them from being any more than friends. Not fully understanding what she was saying, Beast Boy decided to forget the entire incident.

A week passes and Beast Boy forgets about his feelings for Raven. In the middle of the night, Raven conjures a portal in her room and teleports to Azarath, accidentally transporting Beast Boy with her. Having nowhere else for him to go, Raven brings him to the home of her friend, woman named Seraphina, whom Raven fondly calls "Auntie". After Raven leaves, Seraphina explains to Beast Boy that Azarath is broken into thirteen sectors, each with a representative sorcerer or sorceress. These thirteen "Fathers" and "Ladies" are the most powerful sorcerers in Azarath, and a new Father was being ordained that night. Seraphina's servant, Jane, reveals to Beast Boy that Raven was a Lady. Beast Boy, accompanied by Jane, then travels to the capital of Azarath, Sector 1, and attends the ceremony.

During the banquet, he sits with Raven and many others and impresses them all by giving a speech on living life to its fullest and taking risks. After the banquet, Raven is escorted away and taken to a private room. Beast Boy follows her and is shocked to see she is getting married to a cold, spiteful professor named Seymour. Interrupting the wedding, Beast Boy is captured and Seymour threatens to kill him and other people who were attending the wedding for unknown reasons. Raven demands that he gives her "the cure," but when she realizes she was tricked, Raven manages to free the people and she and Beast Boy escape to Earth. Inspired by his speech on living life and taking chances, Raven kisses Beast Boy and starts a relationship with him.

Things complicate their relationship, however, when Raven encounters Terra, who tearfully confesses that she still loves Beast Boy. Guilty over taking Beast Boy away from Terra and tortured by a secret that she has been hiding, Raven breaks up with Beast Boy but suddenly falls into a deep coma. Many weeks pass, with no sign of recovery, but after Beast Boy visits her privately and confesses that he acts like an idiot because he is secretly very insecure, Raven awakens. She follows him towards the beach and sees him reunite with Terra. Not knowing that Raven was watching them, Beast Boy kisses Terra. Seeing this, Raven runs away and loses control, transforming into a monster and calling herself "Paen".

While the other Titans fight off the monster, not knowing it was Raven, Beast Boy goes into Raven's room to search for any clues. He somehow contacts a man named Raphael, who was a close friend of Raven's from Azarath. He informs Beast Boy of Raven's secret: all her life, she was inflicted with a curse called Paen. While Paen was kept under her control for many years, it feeds on her negative emotions like anger and sadness and slowly gets stronger.

Breaking up with Beast Boy caused Paen to get the better of her and had caused her coma. Seeing Beast Boy kiss Terra made Raven completely lose control of Paen and transformed her into a gigantic monster.

While Beast Boy leaves to inform the other Titans, Raphael goes into the castle in Sector 1 of Azarath to retrieve the Crystal Sword, said to be the only weapon with the magical capabilities to destroy Paen. Though he was intercepted by Seymour, Raphael manages to transport the Crystal Sword to Earth. Beast Boy sings Lovers' Tears to Paen to calm it down and distract it and then stabs it with the Crystal Sword, destroying Paen forever.

Upon Paen's destruction, Beast Boy and Raven fall into an inter-dimensional realm of non-existence called the Void. Anything that falls into it will eventually fade away and disappear unless someone else in the Void thinks about that person. Another person's thoughts and memories are the way that anyone could survive the Void. While Raven was thinking of Beast Boy, not knowing he was there, Beast Boy failed to think of Raven. Nevertheless, the two manage to exit the Void and go back to Earth.

Beast Boy leaves the other Titans to go talk to Terra, telling her that he was dating Raven now. Raven listens in on Terra and Beast Boy's conversations, but, not hearing the entire conversation, believes that Beast Boy still loves Terra. Running away, Raven accidentally travels back in time and begins to disappear, as Beast Boy had failed to think about her when they were in the Void. Walking into Titan's Tower, Raven goes into Beast Boy's room in hopes of seeing him one last time before she disappears, but fails. As her body fades away, Raven writes a message to Beast Boy on his desk, telling him that she loves him, and dies. As her body disappears forever, so do everyone's memories of her. Beast Boy and the other Titans no longer remember anything about Raven.

Many years later, Azarath is on the brink of destruction. Using the powerful Time Travel spell, the few remaining Fathers and Ladies succeed in sending Raphael back in time to the Void when Raven and Beast Boy were in there. Raphael thought of Raven and thus prevented her from disappearing, changing the future. Raven and Beast Boy reunite on Earth and as Beast Boy informs Terra that he has feelings for someone else, he and Raven's future seems bright. However, as indicated by a burning timer magically imprinted on Raphael's hand, there seems to be immense danger ahead.

"Beast Boy! Hurry up!" shouted Robin.

"I'm coming! Geez," the green boy sighed. "Come on, Robin. What's the rush?"

"Dude, we're supposed to be at the hotel in ten minutes!" Cyborg returned.

"The girls are already there," an irritated Robin added.

"Alright! Alright!" Beast Boy grumbled as he pulled his luggage out of the airport.

It's been nearly a month since the Paen incident and the Teen Titans were being "rewarded" for their miraculous victory by being invited to teach a seminar for young superheroes for the next three months at New York City. Because there was a shortage of criminal activity in Jump City at the time and because he would jump at the chance to share his crime-fighting knowledge, Robin immediately agreed, forcing the rest of the Titans to follow suit—Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Terra—who had rejoined the Teen Titans upon the insistence of the others, and…


Beast Boy couldn't help but smile. It was such a beautiful name. Raven… Raven… He felt like he could say it for hours. Raven… Such a strange name. And yet it was perfect at the same time. Such an odd name. And yet it fit her perfectly. Even more so than 'Rachel Roth'. True, Rachel was beautiful as well, but it didn't quite display the same kind of beauty as the name Raven did. Raven…

Riding the taxi to the Hotel, Beast Boy stared out into the sky. So many things have happened a month ago. From the time he showed Raven his favorite song, "Lover's Tears" to when he asked her out. From the time she took him to Azarath to their first date at the Jackal. Even when he had to fight her as Paen and when he and she escaped the Void. All those things—all those memories—he didn't want to forget. All these memories, he'll cherish forever.

He remembered a conversation they had back then. "Maybe someday I will go back to Azarath. Maybe someday I'll never return to Earth. Maybe someday I'll disappear and never see you again," he remembered Raven saying. "And maybe then, you'll cherish the memories we had together." Beast Boy didn't quite understand what she meant when she said those words back then, but now he did understand. And he does. All his memories of her, he'll cherish forever. They'll never leave him, even if all other memories do.

As the trio of Titans arrived at the hotel, they nearly ran inside. Robin ran inside because he couldn't wait to contact the head of the seminar he was about to teach. Beast Boy ran inside because he couldn't wait to see Raven again. And Cyborg ran inside because—well, the plane ride absorbed all his energy and he absolutely HAD to crash into a nice, warm bed.

Robin hurriedly signed them in and the three boys brushed by the lounge and raced into the elevator. "9th floor… 9th floor…" Robin whispered excitedly as the elevator rose up. "Room 317, 9th floor…"

"Raven… Raven…" Beast Boy said in his head. "Sweet, soft, soothing Raven…"

"Bed… Bed…" Cyborg thought. "Sweet, soft, soothing bed…"

The elevator opened with a ding and three men dashed out as swift as a coursing river. Finding their room, Robin dove onto the hotel-provided laptop and Cyborg dove into the nearest bed. Chuckling, Beast Boy knocked on the door of the girl's room, number 318.

No answer.

Weird… Beast Boy knocked again.

Not the slightest noise came out. "Hello? Anyone in there?" Beast Boy called. "Huh, I guess they're not—"

"Hmmph!" he heard.

He paused. "Raven?" Suspicious, Beast Boy morphed into a fly and flew in through a tiny gap under the floor. It's all right, Beast Boy thought. Everything's gonna be all right. Don't get all scared for nothing, Beast Boy. Another "Hmmph!" convinced him otherwise.

Entering the girls' hotel room and morphing back to human form, Beast Boy felt his heart stop. The room was a mess; everything was decimated and torn up. Pieces of the ceiling and walls were burnt and pieces of wall lay strewn across the room. A struggle had taken place. But where was—

"Starfire!" a horrified Beast Boy shouted, for his friend lay bound to a chair with rope and a piece of tape across her mouth. She looked very beaten up and injured. Carefully untying her and removing the tape without hurting her—a process that was far more difficult than it looked—Beast Boy noticed something was very wrong. "Where's Raven?" he asked in horror.

As tears began to emerge in her eyes, Starfire pointed towards a piece of paper placed on the bedside drawer. Slowly walking towards it and picking it up, Beast Boy read the note with trembling hands. The note read:

"Raven will die at midnight tonight.

The Taboo."

~Memories in my Heart~