Animejessi here with a Izaya/Namie story again. Sorry it's so short. I hope you like it. Please read and review!

Namie has always wondered what it would be like to try on Izaya's fur coat. She had to fight the temptation to try it on every time he left it on his chariot on the table. She wondered just what had made him like the thing so much. Was it because it was soft? Was it warm? Did he wear it because it was comfy? Or maybe it was simply for fashion.

Slowly, Namie made her way to the discarded jacket Izaya had left on his chair. She moved her finger tips along the soft fabric of the jacket for a few minutes.

'Well, it was soft,' she thought as she picked it up on started putting it on. 'It is warm an certainly quite comfy.''

A smile played on the edge of her lips and Namie made her way to the mirror in the apartment. When she saw herself in the mirror, her smile grew bigger.

'I must admit, Izaya has a great sense of style,' Namie thought as she noticed how well the jacket fit her.

Namie turned away from the mirror and walked back to her desk. She still had a lot of paperwork to get done before Izaya got back. He wouldn't be back for awhile, so Namie decided to wear his coat a bit longer. She really liked the way it felt.

Namie was too busy to notice the door open and close, and didn't realize that Izaya was home until he spoke, "Are you wearing my coat?"

Namie stopped everything she was doing and froze. Izaya wasn't supposed to be home yet. She must have lost track of time when she was trying Izaya's coat on.

Namie finally looked up at Izaya and she was surprised at the expression on his face. It wasn't angry; it wasn't annoyed either. Just curiosity .

"It was cold and your coat was there," Namie stated simply. She didn't know what else I say. What could you say when you boss finds you wearing his jacket?

Izaya nodded and headed for his own desk. Namie could almost swear she saw a smile appear on Izaya's face, but it was so faint, she couldn't be sure it was there at all.

Namie was mildly surprised that he didn't demand that she gives it back. He loved the thing, after all. But then again, Izaya didn't seem to mind that she was wearing his jacket at all.

When Namie was finished, she gave Izaya his jacket back and excused herself from the apartment and headed home.
The next day, when she arrived at the office, Izaya was already up and getting ready to leave like normal. Except… Izaya wasn't wearing his jacket, he was holding it. As he became close enough to touch Namie, Izaya took his coat from his hands and wrapped it around her shoulders.

He smirked at her and said, "So you don't get cold," and went on his way.

Namie's face turned red and she hurried into the apartment. As soon as she shut the door, she looked down at Izaya's fur coat and smiled softly.