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Chapter 1

Alucard stood before his Master, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. The woman sat there, cigar in hand. She had a mission assignment for Alucard, but Integra waited to tell him. Finally, she put down her cigar, and looked at her vampiric servant.

"You need to get to El Salvador in Central America, quickly." Integra explained calmly. "Ghoul sightings have been seen around the Capitol, San Salvador. Where there are ghouls, there is a vampire. You are to search and destroy, don't come back it's done."

Alucard bowed, grinning. "Of course, my Master."

"Take Seras and Pip with you as well." Integra said, leaning back into her chair.

On the plane, Seras and Pip were merely talking while Alucard, who changed his appearance from his crimson fedora hat and long, red overcoat, to a more... gentlemen attire, was enjoying a cup of blood. He wore a grey suit with a long overcoat, that was the same color, draped over his shoulders, and his hair was longer than usually.

Pip smiled at Seras before looking over at Alucard, then back at Seras. "Alucard seems... a bit ecstatic." He stated in his French accent.

"Huh?" Seras turned to look at her Master, and then turned back. "I guess he is..."

"Anyway... So we're suppose to look for the vampire who has been killing people and turning them into ghouls?"

"Yes," Alucard answered, looking over at Pip and Seras. "how much more simpler could it be?"

Pip chuckled nervously. "Well it just seems a bit straightforward."

"So? It doesn't matter to me." Alucard went back to drinking his blood.

After the plane landed, the three walked around the streets of San Salvador. There wasn't very much people around, which seemed strange to them. They continued on and came upon a very abandoned street. It was silent... very silent, until they heard the sound of crying and screams.

Seras and Pip ran to the source; only to be surprised to see a young woman and her baby backed against the wall, and a ghoul making its way to them. Once Alucard got there, he simply pulled out Casull, and shot the ghoul in the head. More then came, blocking off the way they came, the only exit. Thing is, that's all they did. The ghouls didn't attack them, which made them really confused.

"Two vampires and a human? I never would have thought that I'd come across such a sight." A smooth, feminine voice spoke from the shadows behind them.

Pip turned to see the woman they saved, now dead on the ground, and with a pool of blood surrounding her. He also saw the baby the woman was holding earlier in the arms of the vampire. The vampire smiled wickedly before biting into the baby.

Pip gritted his teeth angrily. "This bitch..."

Seras and Alucard turned to the vampire; her black lips stretched into a smug smile as she tucked her long, raven black hair behind her ear. "Well... If it isn't the great Alucard. I never thought I'd see you here."

"Same goes for you..." Alucard stared at the vampire, long and hard. "Maria..."

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