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Chapter 7

The moons shone bright in the night sky, it seemed peaceful, but it wasn't. Screams could be heard, people were running from something. There was a being whose eyes were glowing a bright crimson and fangs shining from the glow of the moon.

A vampire.

The vampire was killing people one by one, but the people would come back to life as ghouls. Maria was in the area, looking at the people who ran past her screaming. It confused her and she looked in the direction they were running from. She stood there, waiting for whatever it was that was causing chaos. The vampire walked up, throwing a lifeless body to the ground. It stared at Maria, a smirk growing on his lips.

Maria's eyes widen slightly at the being before her. The vampire went for her and just as she was able to turn around to run, it was too late. The vampire's fangs pierced her neck, making her wince from the pain it brought. She could feel her blood leave her body as her vision began to fog up, getting blurry. She felt so tired, her eyelids began to droop, and she thought she was going to die.

Thank God, she thought, Let me escape this nightmare, let me die... The vampire's fangs were removed from her neck and she looked up at him from where she lay on the ground. The vampire was staring at her in surprise but then turned to anger. "Damn it, you're a virgin! I wanted ghouls, not a vampire with a free will! I should kill you right now!"

He didn't kill me...? What's happening...? Maria was so confused. The vampire picked her up off the ground by her shirt, growling in her face. Tears were forming in Maria's eyes as she stared at him before closing her eyes. She wanted death, she begged for it in her mind. Suddenly, she felt herself fall back to the ground and she opened her eyes to see the vampire turn to dust.

She heard footsteps near and she turned her head to see black boots inches from her face. She looked up and saw a tall man in a crimson coat and hat. The man's face was hidden in shadow but she could see the orange-tinted glasses. A toothy grin appeared on the man's face, revealing his fangs. Maria stared at him. Another vampire...

He leaned down, kneeling next to her. "Do you want to continue on? If not, I will end your life here."

Should she continue? or...should she die?

" continue..." She replied softly and unsure.

"Then close your eyes, rest."

"W-Who are you...?"

If his grin could get any wider, it did. "Alucard."

Darkness covered her vision as she blacked out. Alucard picked her up, letting out a small "heh" and walking away.

Maria woke up in a bed in what looked like an underground room. Lighted candles surrounded the room, glowing brightly. She looked around and came face to face with Alucard. She gasped and moved away from him on the bed quickly. Alucard smirked before standing up from the bed, looking at her. "How does it feel to be dead? To be a vampire. To be one with the night."

She blinked. I'm dead...? But... What did that vampire do to her? Absently, her hand went to her mouth and felt her teeth. Her eyes widen when she felt her fingers brush over her teeth, fangs. She didn't know what to make of her situation and she found herself looking back at Alucard.

"She's finally awake huh?" She heard a new voice.

A man walked in, a small smirk on his face; he had dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. "Sleep well?"

" I and...who are you?" Maria asked, confused and worried.

"The Hellsing Organization headquarters, we are the monsters that protect England against the other monsters," He explained, "and my name is Arthur Hellsing. Given your condition, you'll be working for me and Hellsing."

Arthur walked over, holding a blue Hellsing uniform and placing it by her on the bed. She stared at it. "Do I have to wear this?"

"Do you not want to?" He asked.

She nodded. "I don't want to really, but if I have to...can it be a different color?"

"What color do you prefer?"

"Black, if that's alright."

He stared at her before nodding. "Very well, I'll get you a different color uniform for you to wear."

"Thank you..." She responded softly, giving a small smile.

That was the day that changed everything...Maria thought as she stared at the glass of blood in front of her. So much has happened since then...

Seras stared at Maria as the vampire sat there. She was surprised that Maria told her of her past and how she became a vampire. A small smile appeared on Maria's lips as she turned to face Seras. " you know about me."

The young vampire remained silent, staring at Maria for a moment before talking. "...What happened between you and Alucard?"

Maria turned away from her. "It's not something I'm proud of...You see, I was just following orders, Alucard didn't know about them."

Seras could see Maria didn't want to talk about it, so she decided not to ask anything more. Maria downed more blood and placed the glass down. "We should...probably go..."

The young vampire nodded. The two stood from where they sat and walked out of the bar. They didn't get two feet away from the place before they were met with a bayonet in their throats. The two fell to their knees, hissing.

"What...the hell...?" Maria choked out and went to pull the blade out.

As soon as she touched the handle, she quickly let go with a hiss. Suddenly, she felt two more pierce her legs. Maria looked over at Seras who had some in her back and collapsed on the ground, blood staining her uniform. She narrowed her eyes at the blades and saw a faint glow on them and her eyes widen slightly. Blessed blades...damn it...!

She winced from the pain of the swords as she turned her head to look at Seras. "S-Seras...!"

"It's best if you don't talk vampire," She heard a man chuckle behind her and she tried to look, but the pain was too much.

The sound of foot steps neared but Maria couldn't look. The footsteps stopped right behind her and she couldn't hear any other sound of movement. "Well...It appears not only is the young draculina here, but another blood-sucker is here...I hear you been causing the conundrum."

Maria clenched her fist, angry she couldn't see their attacker. Suddenly, the tip of a bayonet came into her view; she could see if from the corner of her eye. "I think it's time I get rid of ya."

The vampire screamed when the bayonet stabbed into the back of her hand, and she screamed even more when it happened to her other hand as well. Maria couldn't remember a time when she felt pain such as this. She was surprised when she felt tears welling up in her eyes and cascading down her cheeks. The man's chuckling returned but Maria heard a gunshot and the chuckling stopped. She looked up and her eyes widen, in shock and in slight joy at the man not to far.


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