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Tony never did really talk about his family and who he really was that's because nobody would believe him that his father was Rumpelstiltskinwho became The Dark One. That he went through the portal to be in a world without magic that was made by the blue fairy.

Author's Note: Very AU for both shows. Tony actually has a nice guardian for this fic.

In A Land Without Magic

Baelfire, or rather Bae looked around the forest where he had been dropped by the portal. He had asked to go anywhere that didn't have Magic with his father. When his Dad turned into The Dark One he turned pretty mean towards everyone except towards him. He loved his Dad, but hated what he had become. He hated what his Dad has become and wanted him to change, but he knew that his dad didn't want to. He liked the power more than his own son and knew that he had to take them away from this. He had jumped through the portal holding his dad's hand, but he let go as the dirt was covering him up taking him into the other world. He looked up at the blue and sunny sky. He started walking and walking until he finally found a clearing near a parking lot. He looked around in wonder. He had never seen a world like this. He saw a building where some kind of moving things going around and stopping into little spaces. The people got out and quickly walked out into the building. He also saw them coming out with what little moving vehicles with looked like they had bags in them. They would go to the big moving vehicles and they too would leave the small parking spot. He watched in wonder and made his way towards the road when a car squealed to a stop.

"What are you doing in the road?" Asked a large man.

"What is that?" Bae looked at the large vehicle

"This." The man pointed to the car

The boy nodded. "This is a car."

The man looked at the child in front of him wondering where he came from. He made up his mind and called the police. Anthony DiNozzo was a very rich man and wanted to know if he could foster the young boy. They had brought the boy in and asked who he was. He knew that this was a world without magic and instantly knew that he shouldn't tell him about whom he really was and that he came from a fairytale world a world with magic. They had found out that the boy's name was Bealfire Spinner and the boy's parents had died. When asked he said that they had been living in the woods and nobody knew that they were there. When they looked into it they had found out that there was nobody named Spinner and had wondered if they were living off grid.

He had been living in the big mansion when Anthony asked if Bae wanted to change his name to fit into school when he was enrolled. He thought that was a good idea and wondered what his new name was.

"What about Anthony Dante DiNozzo. That's my name and always wanted a son to have my name."

Baelfire smiled. "I would like that."

"What about me adopting you and having me as your father?"

"I don't know. I already had a father and I loved him."

"You don't have to call me Dad, or even father. You can call me Sir, or Tony. Since I will be Senior I don't want to be called Senior. That way if I die you can have the mansion and whatever money I have and you will be set for life."

"Okay." Young Bae nodded.

Anthony DiNozzo called his lawyer and set in motion the adoption and petition for a name change. Anthony Senior had been teaching him about this world and the things in it. He learned about cars, TV, swimming, movies and other things. He instantly feel in love with movies and wanted to watch all of them.

Bae had been running in yard playing with his new puppy the next day. He loved the little golden retriever who almost tripped over his large feet. The little puppy would follow him everywhere. He fed, watered and even bathed the puppy and played with him. He laughed at the puppy's antics.

They walked out of the courthouse Bealfire had a new name he had yet get used to being called Anthony Dante DiNozzo Junior. He had decided to be called by Tony instead of Anthony. They had gone out for ice cream and later on they went out for brunch.

When they got home Tony took the puppy out after he put on his play clothes. He had a new home, a new name and a new life. He didn't mind it, but he had wished that his father would of came with him. He really did love his father and wished that he would of given up his power to come with him. He wouldn't have to choose a different name to fit in.