I did this for my friend I said I would do it for them. I don't know whether it is any good but I hope it is, enjoy!

Kurt was sat at the back of the glee club trying to not be noticed, when his phone buzzed. He looked down reading it trying not to get caught. It was Blaine, he looked to where Blaine usually sits and sighed. 'Hey I'm so sorry I'm not there at the moment, x'. He smiled Blaine still cared even though he was recovering. 'Stop it, it's not your fault x'. Blaine was really upset he was missing Michael week. He was just happy he got to see Blaine after school to help him through the recovery. His eye was badly damaged by the rock salt. No one was impressed. Blaine thought it was kind what Santana done to find out the truth. His thoughts were disturbed once again by his phone buzzing, 'Yeah I know but I can't believe I'm missing Michael week... x' He smiled. Actually he found he always smiled whenever Blaine texted him, it always lit up his day. 'I know you can't keep blaming yourself, now you should be resting. I'll see you after glee club? X' He put the phone down and put his attention back to the matter at hand. He only just realised someone was talking to him... "Blaine? How is he?" It turned out to be Rachel.

"Sorry what I didn't catch that?"

"I said do you know how Blaine is?"

"Oh right, yeah he's okay, just annoyed about missing Michael week."

"Kurt, are you alright?"

"Yes Rachel I'm fine."

"Alright that's it for today but make sure you have your song choices for next time." Mr Schue said and Kurt was the first to get his bags collected and said goodbye to Mr Schue, who nodded. He had to go home first to tell his dad he was going to Blaine's to see how he was doing. "Kurt, what time will you be home?" Burt shouted after Kurt as he left the house rather quickly. "Don't know!" Was the only reply he got.

He got to Blaine's half an hour later Blaine answered the door and was wearing his eye patch. "Blaine!" Kurt hugged him gently not trying to hurt his eye. "You should be resting,"

"I only got up to answer the door if you hadn't noticed no-one else is in."

"How are you? Everyone is asking for you."

"I'm fine, and are you going to come in or stand in the door way?"

"Right sorry, how's your day been?"

"Fine I guess it's only been me here, I went to my doctor's appointment. I should be off of this (Gesturing to his eye) in about a week two tops."

"That's good news, when are you returning to school..?"

"Not long about two days after I get the eye patch off just to make sure the eye's strong enough."

"You sound like that a bad thing, you said it yourself you're lucky the rock salt didn't do any permanent damage!"

"I know and I am but two weeks away from you and school."

"Well I'll come round everyday and see you and if you really want me to I can even collect some work, though I'm not sure why you would want me to..."

"Kurt. You know that wasn't what I meant. I meant I want to see our friends at Glee club. And my friends in my classes."

"Blaine I know..."

"Come on let's go."

"Where are we going, Blaine you need rest!"

"I know we're only going up stairs to watch a film!"

"What film?"

"I don't know what are you in the mood for?"

"No what do you want to watch?"

"I don't know um what about a Disney film?"

"Which Disney film?"

"Um you know the one with the dear and the rabbit"


"Yeah that one!"

"How could you forget Bambi!"

"Give the guy with only one eye a break!"

"Alright I'll get it you go upstairs!"

I hope you did enjoy it and if you did please can you let me know because I really would like to know, thanks!