Sorry this is short I'll make it up

Kurt sat through yet another boring day at school, he was sat in glee club just waiting for it to end. "Kurt, Kurt! Are you listening?!" Mr Schue asked.

"What yes, I am sorry Mr Schue can I leave?" Kurt asked.

"Yes, wish Blaine his best from me. Okay?"


Kurt got his bag and left, days were getting tougher without Blaine there. He didn't know why it was just better with him there. He stopped off at his locker and found Rachel following him. "Look I get your concern Rachel but I am fine, I have to go Blaine is expecting me he's on his own all day everyday now his parents work all day. Goodbye Rachel." He turned to leave.


"Goodbye Rachel."

Kurt didn't wait for a response and left, he got to Blaine's house in 20 minutes. He knocked on the door and was greeted with Blaine. He looked... tired.

"Alright sleepy head?"

"Glee club isn't finished yet. Is it?"

"No I left, been a long day you know?"

"Yeah, sorry, come in"


"So boring day?"

"Can you read me that well?"

"Yep, sorry"

"Don't be sorry. It's a good thing!"

"Do you want a drink or anything?"

"Coffee please"


"Do you want me to make it? You look tired!"

"I didn't exactly sleep well."

"Nor me"

"How come?"

"Well I ended up in the garden at three in the morning."

"Jesus Kurt"

"Yeah I know then I had school! I really wasn't ready to get up in the morning."

"Whoever is?"

"So true."

There was a knock at the door, they looked at each other. "Expecting anyone?"

"No you?"

Kurt walked toward the door, he opened it and was greeted with... Rachel.

"Kurt you just left me there standing by your locker!"

"Yeah Rachel we're busy, can I just see you tomorrow or something?"

"What it's like you just don't want to talk anymore Kurt, what happened to you?!"

"Nothing's happened Rachel me and Blaine are just talking and don't want to bothered"

"Okay" Rachel walked off with a huff.

"I love you!" Blaine said as Kurt shut the door.

"Thanks, I love you too, but what brought that on?"

"You get rid of your best mate just to spend time with me..."

"Oh, it's nothing, but she has annoyed me today."

"Aww poor you!" Blaine leaned forward and kissed Kurt.

Thirty minutes later they each had a mug of coffee in their hands, they were waiting for their dinner to finish cooking that Kurt had prepared.

There was another knock at the door and they both sighed. "If that's Rachel again..."

Kurt went to the door, and for the second time in two days Sebastian was outside Blaine's house. Only this time he was holding something.