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Chapter 8

Crowley POV

I was beginning to wonder where the hell that fucker Cullen had been hiding; I was losing my fucking patience with him. It was going on five days in a row since that the goddamn slacker hadn't answered his phone for work. The Chief might have thought he was one of the best around, but he didn't have to deal with his shitty attitude or his disregard for direction.

I sighed and tried his cell again.

Nothing, straight to voicemail…again. And while I would leave another one, I couldn't because it was fucking full.

"Hey boss, you might wanna come listen to this," Officer Blake called from behind me.

I rolled my eyes but appeased him, and walked over to the phone he was holding out over the edge of his desk. I picked up the receiver listening to the frantic caller and the nine-one-one operator talking.

"The smell, it's bad and my dog just wouldn't relent, he took off over to my neighbor's as soon as I let him out for a run this morning, and kept scratching and barking at the front door. Something's wrong there, I just know it. And no matter how many times I knock no one answers."

The operator went through her list of questions and proper etiquette before telling the gentleman caller that we would send a car by shortly.

But when the guy on the phone rattled off the address I knew where it was immediately. I knew it well because it was the same house I had driven by last night.


No matter how much of a dick that asshole was he never missed a shift and four in a row was sketchy. When I saw cars in the driveway, I didn't go to the door, because I thought he was just being a prick ignoring his job, but no, now I knew for sure that something was up.

I went with my gut feeling and rounded up my crew, Newton, Eric, and Angela before heading for my car.

When I arrived on scene the responding officer was throwing up outside the front door.

"What the fuck happened here?" I asked, getting out of the car.

"You better put a gas mask on, sir, before you go in there," Officer Danis said, holding his stomach and groaning. "They're in the master bedroom at the back of the hall and it's fucking gross as hell."

I shook my head and charged through the open door. I'd seen and smelt many heinous crime scenes in my time and not once had I lost my lunch over it. Maybe I was a cold-hearted asshole or maybe I was just used to the sick world we lived in.

But one step inside that house made me wonder if today was going to be the day I broke my record.

I slowly made my way through the house, checking things out as I went, but when I entered the bedroom, I was floored at the scene before me…there were trails dried blood everywhere.

I found Cullen lying on the floor not far from the bed with a knife sticking out of his neck, and on top of him, a woman with a knife protruding from her chest, both of them completely naked and surrounded by pools of dried blood. The scene looked like something out of a horror movie, one of the worst, most gruesome, I'd ever seen. Their bodies were starting to decompose but I'd know that fucker's hair anywhere, but the girl… I was guessing she might be the hot girlfriend I'd heard some of the guys say Cullen had, but she was yet to be properly identified.

I quickly radioed for more people knowing it was going to take some time to clean this place up. "It's Cullen, bring in the off-hours team too, we have to clean up one hell of a mess," I muttered, surveying the destruction all around me.

Once I had confirmation on the order I walked back outside to get some fresh air.

The cleanup took days. That Cullen was a sick fuck. He had newspapers, maps and plots of dead people from all over the county. The only good thing about finding him dead meant that we finally had our rabid serial killer laid to rest.

Though my heart ached for the poor woman that we found him with; she checked out to be, Isabella Swan, a highly-respected teacher at a local school and who was reported missing a few days before the nine-one-one caller reported the smell.

Shit like that shouldn't happen is Sacramento.

Sick bastard.

I've never killed off any main character before, but I knew with these two, this was their only HEA. They were sick and twisted. And if Edward wasn't dead, he'd be on a fast track to jail.

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