George and Ringo stared at what they hoped to be for them. it was a large box with, what they noticed was, multi-colored with each of their favorite colors. Blue for Paul, red for Ringo, purple for George, and green for John. Ringo stared at the red side of the box, he thought he saw a man's face in the reflection.

"What you doin, Ring?" George said squinting like Ringo at the box.

"I...Can't you...a face in the...reflection..." Ringo stammered, "I suppose not..."

George looked over at Paul, he was looking into the box as well.

"What are you doin? do you see a face too?"

"Yes and she's very attractive."

"what...Any way...who is this box for?" George asked.

"I don't know, maybe we should try to figure it out." John said grabbing the other two...wait...where's RINGO?


I was leaning against the red part of the box. i soon kinda fell into it. i found i was in 1887. the face i saw in the reflection was the one and only, Sherlock Holmes. I felt kinda Stupid around him to say the least. it was odd.

"Who are you? You aren't a spy of my brother's, are you?" Sherlock said.

"Uh, no, I'm Richard Starkey..." I don't know why i said my real name, i guess it just seemed right to tell him my real name.

"well I'm-"

"Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. I've read all about you."

"Where have you- WATSON! Have you gone so far as to publish my cases?"

"No, Holmes He's probably read them from the news papers."

"No, i doubt he reads those, no offence but you don't seem like the smartest person." I wanted to kick him in the shins.


I looked at john and told him it wasn't labeled.

"Maybe we should open it!" George suggested.

"Alright," i said trying to open it on the blue side. but then i noticed Ringo's side was all at once white.

"that's weird..." i said to George, "Look at the red side! It's now white!"

"No it was always white!" George said.

"Alright!" i said going back to my side. i touched the blue paper and it rippled, i looked at my hand, and blinked a couple of times. i touched it again, and my hand went through the paper.

"What?" i slid my arm through the paper to see if I've just lost it. I ended up going through it completely, and leaving the world i knew behind me. I saw this small garden with a nice looking girl sitting admiring the flowers, and eating a small sandwich.

"I don't know which is prettier, you, or the flowers."

"and i don't know which is cheesier, my food, or you!"

"What's your name, love?"

"What's your origin, dear?"

"Liverpool, England. what's your name?"

"Jeanne, what's yours?"

"Paul, I think i'll call you Jenny!"

"Would you like to tell me your last name?"

"Oh, McCartney!


"What's yours?"


"Oh, Like Lady De Pompadour! I get it!"

"What do you mean, like? I am!"

"Oh, Well what year is it?"

"1741, why?"

"Well i thought i was in 1964..."

"Really, why would you think that? Have you been drinking, Mr. McCartney?"

"No, I haven't!"