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What Happened to His Hat

Zelda groaned softly as she slowly opened her eyes. Her light teal-blue gaze took in her surroundings at a glance. She instantly recognized her army tent and easily transportable furnishings. By the near absence of light, she could tell that it was nearing the end of night, just about the still time before the sun graces the world with its warming rays of light.

She shifted slightly, testing her body for the pain that had enveloped it the day before, or at least she hoped it had been the day before. There was still a dull ache, but nothing as terrible as before. She twitched her nose as it began to itch and tried to lift and hand to scratch it but found she could not. Startled, she looked down the length of her cot and saw Link sitting on a stool by her bed, his head resting on the blanketed edge. His right arm, bandaged to the elbow, rested under his chin as he slept. His left hand was intertwined with her own.

Zelda slowly eased her hand out of his sleepy grasp and ran her fingers through his silky dark blond locks. Seeing him there like that made tears prickle in her eyes. She had not been there for him; he had been left alone to suffer. The logical part of her mind told her that she had had no other choice and that what she had done had been the right thing, and had saved many of her subjects' lives. That knowledge however did not make it feel right. Would she never be free of the guilt, regret, and shame that came with that one decision?

"Link, I am so sorry."She felt the tears that had been building inside her start to fall as she said the words that she had wished to say for so long.

His sapphire eyes snapped open at her words, nearly seeming to glow in the early morning light. They studied her for a moment.

"You're sorry," he asked, he closed his eyes and took a breath, "I am the one who should be sorry I-"

"Sorry for what? None of this was your fault, quite the opposite really. Although I did not intend to, I sacrificed your safety and well-being in exchange for the survival of the people of Hyrule, so in a way I sort of did betray you. Please forgive me."

"Well, I was not behaving much better, running rampant around your kingdom like a criminal and breaking all the laws."

Zelda sighed, "Those weren't really my laws so you had every right to break them."

He smiled at her, "there is nothing to forgive. I understand why you did what you did. You really did not have a choice. It's not fair for you to only blame yourself for this. You had it worse I think, having to be the personal slave of that that monster." Then his expression became serious again, "I should have realized what was happening before it grew into such a huge problem. It is as much my burden as it is yours," he said resentfully.

She smiled at him, "I liked your band of outlaw rebels; and it all turned out all right in the end. I suppose the only one to really blame for this mess is the Empress. I am still sorry though," she whispered, "for everything."

"So am I," he whispered back. "On the bright side," he added, "at least you don't have to deeply explain yourself to the solders and the outlaws, they all saw what happened."

She closed her eyes, "Yes, but I will still have to explain myself to my subjects and the council. There are several of them, a few nobles included, who would love to turn this situation around for themselves to get me deposed. After all, during my rule the kingdom has been taken from me nearly twice now. If they bring that up, there will be trouble, I have no doubt... and the sad thing is, that they would have a point." She turned her head away slightly, her eyes still closed.

"No they wouldn't."

She was surprised as she felt a light touch on her cheek as his hand gently cupped around her chin and tilted her face towards him. She knew that he had never been one to stand on formal ceremony, probably due to his upbringing. It was something that she admired about him, it intrigued her, but still, his familiarity caught her off guard. As a princess, she had never been touched in such a manner before, she was used to being admired at a distance or a polite kiss on the back of her hand from a knight or nobleman.

"L-Link?" she whispered stammering for the first time in her life. Confound him for having such an effect on her.

"Where were they?" He asked his soft eyes turning hard for a moment. "Where were your council members when Zant took your throne, and later Ganondorf? Where were they when the Empress came? Who was defending you then? It was because people like those nobles and our council that forced kids like you, Midna, and I to have to fight for our kingdoms. Besides that, you have both the army and my outlaws to back you when you re-claim your throne and once the truth comes out I am positive most of your subjects will also back you. Those few left to oppose you would find themselves in the loosing position."

"But, Link, that still does not discount the fact that I have-"

"A woman who would do anything for her people and her kingdom is a woman I would follow, not an arrogant fool who flees for their own safety at the first hint of trouble." His voice was soft and his smile made her blush deepen further. He was making her feel as if she were nothing more than a blushing village girl just by smiling at her. Perhaps that blast of magic had hit her upon the head a bit too hard.

She was slightly embarrassed that the barer of wisdom had to have sense talked into her by a warrior; no, she amended with a smile of her own, by a friend.

"Thank you, Link," she whispered settling back, "for what you said, and for understanding." She looked down, her hands fisted in her blankets, when she spoke again, her voice was barely above a whisper. "If I could have, I would have taken your place, I never wanted for any of this to happen."

For a long while he said nothing. She looked into his eyes to see that same distant sad expression lingering there. Finally, he spoke.

"I guess all those court manners you tried to teach me wore off in the woods, because I have not even bothered to ask how you were feeling." He said with a concerned but teasing smile.

"Honestly, the best word to describe it would probably be stupid," she replied with a sigh.

"The feeling is mutual, I assure you, your highness," he grinned crookedly at her.

Zelda smiled, and then tried to figure out a way to pose a question to him, one that she was almost afraid to ask.

"What of the battle Link? You said that we won, but I would like to know the price of such a victory."

She listened intently as he spoke and, when he was finished, she did not know whether to sigh in relief or grieve for those who lost their life, for their number of casualties was very low compared to that of the Empress and blessedly there were not many wounded. Link had assured her that the majority of the army would be able to follow behind her when she was well enough to travel and that tents had been set up and some healers would stay behind to tend the injured that were too wounded for travel. Even Uli and Ilia of Ordon had come to lend a hand. Zelda could not help but smile at happy light in his eye as he spoke the names; they were obviously close to him

"As soon as I get back to the castle, I will make sure to honor the fallen and their families for their sacrifice." she whispered softly. "Then I shall repeal all the laws that that monster forced me to make, pardon all of the outlaws and try my best to clear their names, starting with you."

He smiled sadly at her, "Fate seems to quite enjoy toying with the two of us," he teased rather mordantly.

She agreed, and noting that the sun was now up, decided to pose another question.

"Is the Resistance and my generals around, Chefra too? I would like to apologize to them all in person and discus some plans with both you and them about avoiding more calamities like this in the future. I would like to reinstate the Resistance and Chefra." She said as she tried to sit up.

"Ambitious as always," Link teased with a half-smile, "I will see what I can do. Are you sure you're feeling well enough," he asked as an afterthought.

"Quite," she whispered.


About two days after the battle, Zelda rode back to the castle. Her first order of business had been to give an explanation and a formal apology to all her subjects. There was still a modicum of tension between her people, but it was nothing like volatile nature it had been that had nearly forced the kingdom to war. She had reasserted her claim on the throne with relative ease—there were a few disgruntled noblemen and council members. But as Link had said, his, the former outlaws, and the army's full support of her gave her the political high ground.

It was about a week after that, when Zelda had completely recovered from her injuries, she remembered that she had something in her position that belonged to Link. She decided she should give it back; it would also give a perfect excuse to engage him in a conversation. They had hardly had a proper conversation since she had returned to the castle and she desperately wanted to speak with him.

She had, of course, seen Link and spoken with him, but their conversations had been limited to the formal and business based exchanges between a lady and her vassal. Such conversations, before everything that had happened, would probably have satisfied her, but lately she had been wanting more. She wanted to speak alone with him, freely, as friends, not bound by the constraints of proper court proceedings, manners and mincing words. Having made up her mind, she went out in search of him.

After a while, she finally located him standing alone atop the battlements of Castle Town's outer wall. He was watching the sunset, a faraway expression on his face, the breeze gently tousling his ash blonde hair. He smiled happily when he saw her approach. She stood next to him and joined in watching the sun sink behind the outlying fields as it lit the sky in a burst of glowing color.

"The land seems twice as beautiful now that a great deal of the evil has departed. Don't you think?" She mused softly.

He nodded as he continued to gaze over the field. There was a short silence between them as if speaking would break the beauty of the radiant calm that surrounded them. Then, Zelda got up the courage to ask the question that had been on her mind lately. She had mixed feelings about bringing it up because she did not want to bring back painful memories, but she was incurably curious.

"Link," she asked softly, "how exactly did you figure it out, the day we fought? How did you know, about the Empress I mean? You do not have to tell me if you do not wish to," she added hastily.

"It's alright," he said quietly almost as if he was embarrassed. "I guess I figured it out when I knew I had to make a choice. I was hurt and angry and, when I won the battle between us, I knew there were two choices. I could get revenge or I could just walk away. I chose to walk away, but as I did so I realized that I would be angry and bitter forever unless I made another choice, and that choice was to… forgive I suppose, or rather move on in mind as well as body. That was especially hard, but remembering what we were before helped. In the end though, I let my hatred go, not for you exactly, but for myself, to keep the darkness that I felt from taking over my heart. You probably think me foolish," he added sheepishly.

"Quite the contrary," she told him solemnly, "actually I think you were wise, it must have taken a lot of strength. I think that being able to do something like that is an admirable quality."

He stood silent for a moment, his expression hard to read, before he continued, "In the moment I let go of my anger, when my back was turned to you, my ability to sense came back to me fully because my head was finally clear. Even though that ability is not that strong when I am in my normal form—it is still faintly there. When you started to speak again, something didn't feel right. It was then that I knew. I…"

He broke off for a moment, a faraway look on his face as if he were searching for the right words before he spoke on. "I could forgive you because I had loved you, but I couldn't, and wouldn't, forgive your puppet master. That was when I became furious and turned around to attack. I focused all my anger on you to keep whoever was behind you from suspecting that I knew.

"I could feel her cold evil presence as I drew nearer. I could almost see her... I only wish I could have seen her for what she was the first time we met. When I came to the throne room for her trap, I could sense that something was slightly off, like a premonition of danger but I just attributed it to the fact that I was about to take the fall for treasonous actions I did not commit. Senses like mine are not specific; they are just like feelings. Now that I look back though, I think it was almost like she was using her magic to dull my ability a little too, and I did not realize it until recently."

He turned to face her, a pleading look in his deep blue eyes, "I'm sorry that I could have ever believed that you would ever…" his voice trailed off.

She smiled at him, "the sad truth," she admitted regretfully, "is that I probably would have felt the same way as you did, were I in your position. I am just glad that you discovered the truth; I was beginning to run out of hope." She said quietly.

Without even thinking she edged nearer to him and wrapped her arms around him in a hug, and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Then she quickly pulled away, embarrassed to have acted on such an impulse. She felt a little better when she saw that his face was as red as she imagined her own to be.

His mouth was open in a half 'o' of surprise and, for a moment, he looked as if he were about to speak but instead, he merely smiled at her, his eyes sparkling with laughter as he absently traced the spot where she had kissed him with his fingers.

She looked down felling dreadfully self-conscious. Perhaps all the life and death situations she had been through were melting her shields and walls, not to mention her dignity; she had never acted so rashly informal in her life. She was completely at a loss for words before she realized that she had almost forgotten the reason she had come to see him in the first place. She cleared her throat and looked out over the battlement towards glowing field as she spoke. There was only a few minutes of sunlight left before dusk would fall.

"I have just been informed that there is rouge band of bulbins harassing some of the outlying provinces; they have sent a messenger asking for aid."

Link nodded, "I have heard as well. Are you going to send some soldiers to help?"

"I am," she replied. "Why do you ask? Are you thinking of joining them?"

"Yes, if you think they could use an extra swordsman."

"Well, if you are planning on going, I have something that I have been meaning to give you." She smiled as she handed him his hat, "I saved it for you."

"Thank you," he grinned, "I thought I lost that."

As she watched his grin faded and he stared hard at the hat he held in his hand. He looked at her quizzically for a moment, opened his mouth to speak but then closed it again.

"What is it?" she asked concerned, "is something wrong?"

"No, nothing is wrong," he replied hastily.

"You can tell me," she cajoled, "I know something is bothering you."

"Forgive me for mentioning this, but, why does it look like you have been using my hat as a handkerchief?"

"What," she gaped at him.

Come to think of it, she had cried into it quite a lot and had kept it with her. She certainly had not blown her nose in it but, as she stared at it, she realized, with a rush of embarrassment, that her weeping had definitely left its mark. She looked into his face only to see a mischievous glimmer in his eye; he was teasing her. Zelda pursed her lips in annoyance. Damn him and his silly joking, she thought to herself. She had missed his fun-loving attitude greatly during the months of her slavery. Before, she would not have engaged him in his silly jibes, but now, she smiled as she decided join in. One could not be serious all the time. Life was too short and perilous to be governed by such restrictions; the times that could make one smile needed to be taken advantage of, and she intended to. Besides, that particular taunt of his bordered on rudeness and she had no desire to let him get away with it.

"Oops," she said laughing, "I forgot to wash it. I'm sorry, it was the only thing I had to remember you by and the whole situation was just so sad."

"If that's the case," he said pertly "I would like you to have it."

She looked at the expression on his face and couldn't help busting out into laughter, and he joined her.

"You should be honored," she said in a mock imperious tone, "that hat is proof of how much I care for you, despite the fact you are an evil outlaw," she teased, "and besides those are not the nasal remains of some peasant, they are royal."

"In that case I will wear this hat proudly." Then he added in an almost whisper, "After I have washed it several times…with lots of soap," he added as an afterthought.

"I heard that blatant disrespect," she chided as they walked down the battlement steps together still laughing.

"If you really like it, you can keep it and carry it as my colors," he said smiling.

"Link," she said chuckling softly, "gentlemen are supposed to wear the lady's colors, not the other way around."

"We can change that tradition."

"I will carry your colors," she said, still smiling, "if you will carry mine."

"It would be an honor."

The End

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